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Health Issues and What They Can Tell You

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Ann PeckhamI wonder what is going on with the health issues of the population because I believe that I have experiences similar to others to ensure that I have genuine empathy.

You see not only have I injured my lower back and knees, but to exacerbate the pain involved with that I also have a cold which makes me cough which hurts my back, and in addition to that I have had a headache for the past three days.

Now what is really interesting about that is that earlier this week I was kind of boasting that I hadn’t been ill, not even a cold, for seven years. And look at me now multiple illness and injury all at the same time!

What is all that about?

I feel that, as with everything, there are several messages in this and they are as such: that I must have adequate water every day. This really is vitally important as it is something that I have been teaching about and to not be following that advice enthusiastically is hypocritical.

I know that the most common, and mostly unreported, cause of death is dehydration and the vast majority of the population are seriously dehydrated which can manifest itself in a myriad of health problems, such as;

Mild dehydration

  • dizziness or light-headedness
  • headache, (which was what I had been suffering with)
  • tiredness,
  • dry mouth, lips and eyes,
  • dark, concentrated urine, and
  • passing only small amounts of urine, infrequently (fewer than three or four times a day).

Moderate dehydration causes you to lose strength and stamina and is the primary cause of heat exhaustion.

If dehydration is chronic (on going) it can affect kidney function and may lead to the development of kidney stones. It can also cause:

  • harm to your liver, joints and muscles,
  • cholesterol problems, and
  • constipation.

Severe dehydration

As well as severe thirst, you may also experience:

  • dry, wrinkled-looking skin,
  • an inability to urinate,
  • irritability,
  • sunken eyes,
  • low blood pressure (hypotension),
  • a weak pulse,
  • a rapid heartbeat,
  • cool hands and feet,
  • seizures, and
  • a low level of consciousness.

I had also started a fascinating course on line with Mike Nash (connect with him on Facebook for information) and I haven’t managed to get further than week one so far as there is so much fascinating information about water  in the first week. In that information I discovered about Dr Patrick Flanagan’s amazing discovery and subsequent creation and that is “Mega Hydrate”. He had discovered that the Hunza people of Pakistan lived in good health until they were at least one hundred years old, and on investigation he discovered that the water that they all consumed had a lower surface tension which meant that it could enter the human cells much more readily, hydrating them and flushing out the toxins.

So I ordered Mega Hydrate to ensure that I absorbed much more of the water that I do drink.

Now something interesting happened then, I discovered that the people I had purchased it from were on holiday, which meant that it gave my body the time to let me know without any doubt that I have to improve the quality and the quantity of the water that I absorb and this cold, headache and injury are enough to prove that to me. I WILL pay attention or else I will get an even more damaging wake-up call.

I also feel that the injury to my back tells me that I have to exercise to ensure that my “core” is strong. I have to have really strong stomach and back muscles to protect me from further injury.

This really was proved to me during this injury time as any form of bending caused a lot of pain and as I had posted this on my Facebook page I got a lot of support and advice. One in particular from Livia Suver,  who I knew to be a fitness person having coached her last year, suggested that I needed to pull my stomach muscles in each time I lifted anything. That made sense to me and as I bent or lifted the wood basket or laundry basket I tensed my stomach muscles and wow what a difference it made to the pain levels! So thank you so much Livia. Within all of this as well I realised that although I knew what correct lifting procedure was, that of using the legs rather than the back, I hadn’t really incorporated this. However, I couldn’t lift anything at all with my back injury unless I did it correctly.

Through all of this I have proved to me that everything is speeding up and information that is transformational is coming thick and fast and what is really important is that I don’t just give it lip service  I NEED TO LIVE IT!

I realise that inertia and procrastination are the bane of humanity and I have become more determined that I am not going to be hampered by it any more.

It is funny, or maybe alarming, that in the back of my head as I wrote that I heard a voice that said “Who are you kidding”. That is the voice of the “critic” the one that is installed in each of us that has caused untold anguish to both me and the people at large.

Like the distraction information that came through, I feel that this information isn’t just for me and even though I didn’t write it up immediately as I had planned to I have done so now.  I was thinking that I shoot myself in the foot all if the time by not being instant, but if I depend on Source Energy to help me with all of this I do not have to struggle to achieve any of this on my own. I have always known that Source Energy has perfect timing and that fretting and giving myself a hard time is never a necessary component.

I would love to help anyone who would like an authentic, straightforward approach to understanding how to get the best out of life so please contact me to let me know that you would like to find out more.

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