Grounding: Physical and Energetic Benefits of Connecting to Nature

I was just reading an interesting article about some of the physical benefits, or rather physiological benefits of grounding. It talked about the importance and benefits of going barefoot. Also,  I remember in my herbal training, we talked a good bit about how the feet absorb minerals from the ground and grass.  That’s a pretty cool idea and absolutely makes evolutionary- biological good sense.

Another benefit to walking barefoot is also physiological.  Or perhaps anatomical?  When we walk over uneven ground, especially if we are barefoot.. we use our muscles and our bodies very differently.  Walking over uneven ground, and walking barefoot over natural ( not man-made/ paved) surfaces allows us to use more of our muscles, and stresses the feet and joints less.  I played around with this, shifting back and forth between the sidewalk, and the grass next to it.  I definitely sensed the distinction. Of course, it probably looked a bit silly, but I was pretty immersed in the changes in sensory information.  Walking over the grass also felt more relaxing, satisfying, in some way…have you tried it? You might be surprised…

Anyway- I was also reading some other interesting information about the benefits of grounding.. which suddenly is being used in very different terms than those that healers have always meant when they reference this concept.. more on that in a minute.

This study ( Dr Mercola’s site) found various benefits from walking barefoot.  Some of these include improved heart rate, decreased skin resistance ( tissue tension(?), and decreased levels of inflammation.

I’m not entirely sure what component might contribute to the benefits to the heart-rate, perhaps the added relaxation and decrease in over-all body stress..? I can easily imagine that the decreased skin resistance and decreased levels of inflammation could come from the added layer of muscle suppleness that occurs when the foot and body can perform more naturally, rolling gently over uneven ground, perhaps loosening up the fascia ( tissue that is woven throughout the body, through muscles), as well as just working muscles in a non-repetitive fashion.. such as walking on pavement.. more even steps, the exact same points used repetitively as we habituate into walking patterns.  to corroborate this.. I used to be good friends with a PT who also did a lot of Chinese medicine.  He could look at your shoes, and tell you your life story.. it was extremely impressive, albeit a little freaky.

One other benefit of “grounding”  comes from the healer’s more traditional aspect of the term.. Many people involved in holistic modalities talk about grounding.. connecting to the earth, nature, the spirits, whatever.. in some deeply mystical way that eludes many, and alienates more.

But there are some very fundamental functions served by spending some time out in natural states..

One major benefit to grounding.. especially regarding direct contact with the ground, is that it recalibrates the body. If you consider alpha, beta, gamma etc.. frequencies.. the earth “beats” or resonates at 6.8 (? it’s been changing.. no surprise there:).. beats/ cycles– this is right in the middle of the human relaxation frequency. So the planet acts as a tuning fork, re-tuning the body back to its “natural” state. In today’s culture there are some 200,000 competing frequencies. And when the body is living at the top of the bell curve of stress, the body does not perform its other functions well. it is saving them for fight or flight. It doesn’t digest, heal, think or even burn calories (diet, anyone?:).. well. so make a point of spending some time out on the ground on a regular basis..  As the weather improves, the sun gets stronger.. it helps the body to shake off the stress of winter.

Anyone have any great grounding experiences or stories?  share below. 🙂



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