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Glyph #8

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Dr Jean LoganThis is a glyph that can bring rapid improvement to any situation.

Glyph #8

‘Release all Blocks’ from the healing manual Unlocking the Power of Glyphs, is a glyph that helps remove blocks to allowing in the Light to any person, anywhere. Just state your intention on a piece of paper and place it on the glyph. For example you could write “I intend that the directive of this glyph be delivered to every man, woman and child in the country of Libya.”

The following is the directive of this glyph:Glyph08Lg

“Employ a golden ball of Divine energy to release all blockages of body, mind or soul that prevent the establishment of Light at the center of the core. Clear the KA Channels of any and all obstructions by transmuting the blockages to Light. Clear the genetic coding of the DNA of any genetic mutations and damage from life experiences. Restore the axis alignment to the multidimensional aspects of the Higher Self to the extent safely acceptable to the user. Employ any needed frequencies to release all denial, judgement and other blocks within the body and the auric field to allow the Light of the Creator to fill all the channels and spaces.”

Please share this freely with everyone.



Jean Logan is an ordained minister, has a doctorate in Holistic Nutritional Healing and is president of Holy Ground Farm, a nonprofit that provides services to indigenous children. She has an extensive knowledge of many types of energy healing. Jean is the author of Unlocking the Power of Glyphs, Sacred Symbols of Light, Symbols of the Dawn and Sacred Symbols Healing Cards (books now in over 80 countries) with profits going to provide opportunities for needy children. Her web site is www.drjeanlogan.com and the web site for Holy Ground Farm is www.holygroundfarm.org . She is a conscious channel for more than 15 years.




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