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Feel and Perform Like a Much Younger Person

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Ann PeckhamI had erroneously believed that following a vegetarian diet since the age of 15 would give me some magical protection from all of the age related illnesses that plague the rest of the population.

Then on the 7th April 2006 I went for a medical through work. I was aged 48 and it was just before my birthday. The results alarmed me to say the least. I weighed in at 76.9Kg which is over 169lbs so the one issue that I hoped my vegetarian diet would protect me against, obesity, was looming on the horizon especially if I did nothing about it.

My body fat percentage was 40.5% and my BMI was 28.6 with my body fat being “poor”.
My Diastolic Blood pressure was 90 and my cholesterol was at 6.53 both of which were elevated.

Although the blood pressure and cholesterol were not at critical levels at that point the alarming weight issue would guarantee that those figures would continue to rise year on year if I did nothing about it.

Needless to say I tried many different types of diets; including:

  • Weight Watchers
  • The Special K diet
  • The Low GI diet
  • and several other faddy type eating programmes

Although I lost a little weight with all of these, each time I returned to my usual eating habits not only did the weight pile back on again but more joined it.

I discovered that dieting does not work and this is why.

This is because diets rely on failed concepts and theories that utilize dehydration, starvation, and stimulation to coerce, prod, &/or push weight off of our bodies – often times only to have it return with an increase in fat retention.

Let me tell you WHY they do not work:

  • Dehydration, popularized by the Hollywood diet & the result of using a fruit juice fast to eliminate water – provides a dramatic 1-2 lb per day water weight loss. This is dramatic – however, it does not include any fat loss and may include side effects like constipation, headaches, and ultimately a rebound effect returning you to your original weight or even heavier.
  • Starvation is what is triggered by caloric reduction and carbohydrate restriction. When our cells do not receive enough nutrients or calories, they trigger a defensive survival instinct which allows the body to exist on fewer calories and store all excess calories as fat. Once you return to normal eating patterns, your new metabolic rate will guarantee that you will gain more weight than you have lost.
  • Inside of every person’s cells are receptor sites for nutrients and antioxidants, when those receptor sites are satisfied or full, then cravings for food are eliminated. When those receptor sites are partially full or empty, then the hunger signals increase.

Most people gain weight because they fail to fully satisfy these cellular needs and thus fight food cravings that ultimately lead to excess consumption of high calorie, but nutrient deficient foods.

It’s a vicious cycle and is largely responsible for the current state of obesity around the world.

Once our cells are satisfied, hunger signals are reduced and our need for “calories” becomes less significant – allowing our body to utilize our stored fat for energy since the body is no longer stuck in a starvation response mode.

  • Stimulation – Other diets use caffeine, or in the past Ephedra and other herbal, natural, or chemical stimulants, to “accelerate” the metabolism and trigger fat burning…however many negative side effects, including lack of sleep, irritability, accelerated aging (wrinkles, etc), have been reported. Of course once you stop taking these stimulants, the effect goes away and you are much less healthy as a result.

I then found the raw food movement and found that the move over to that lifestyle was easy to do once I had overcome my dairy addiction. (I was a cheesaholic!) And the weight started to drop off.

Through becoming involved in this movement I discovered that I drank far too little water and so having read the marvellous book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by F. Batmanghelidj (http://www.watercure.com) this is what I added into my daily regime

Here’s what I discovered that would start the body flowing again;

  • Drink 2 pints of filtered, body temperature water on rising and leave half an hour before you have any breakfast or anything else. You may add freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice for flavour. (The way that I make it body temperature is to add some boiled water to a glass of filtered water, filtering the water is really important as there are so many issues with ordinary tap water)
  • Drink another 2 pints of water in half an hour at lunch time
  • Then for every 25 lbs you want to lose drink another pint spread throughout the day

Now you may feel that is a lot of water to be drinking but it is the amount that it is recommended we drink anyway, just spread in a different way throughout the day.

I maintained a steady weight loss and tried to encourage others to adopt a raw vegan lifestyle. But I found that most people are so stuck in a rut as far as making major lifestyle changes that most were not able to achieve it in the same way that I had.

So I spent many years searching for the ideal way of helping others to lose weight easily, healthily and permanently.

Then I took my eye off the ball and found that despite my raw vegan lifestyle I had become lazy and the weight had started to creep back on again. I know that I was eating oat cakes every day and drinking beer most nights so that is hardly surprising! I had been at 8st 13bs for several years but as I was approaching 58 now I discovered that I had gone back up to 10st 3lbs.

So like most people I started trying to lose weight again, only to find this time that it wasn’t budging. So I needed an easy way to kick start my metabolism and keep the weight off permanently once and for all.

I would still go back to my usual habits and I knew that I had to put an end to this and change my eating habits. I wanted to lose weight quickly and efficiently.

I thought there isn’t an easy way out until one day I stumbled across a method that is incredible and magical.

First of all everything is organic. No artificial products, no chemicals added, everything is safe and clean.

This transformation guarantees 5-15 pounds in just 10 days, this had to be worth a try! And if you would like to see the videos of how I felt during the 10 days the links are at the end of this article.

One of the most incredible aspects of this particular transformation are the amino acids. Most people are unaware that the human body gets its protein from amino acids, and if you try to get protein from meats then your body wastes energy breaking it down to reuse it. What the transformation contains is pre-digested 100% vegetarian protein which is comprised of non-soy legumes. It is absorbed by the muscles within 23 minutes and keeps the muscles active, thus preventing the body from using the muscles for fuel making it turn to the fat cells instead, which is one of the reasons it is so brilliant! What it means is that your body cannot use the muscles, so it burns fat instead which is what I needed it to do!

At first I thought that I am just going to starve myself and I will not be able to make it through the 10 day transformation. But I was really shocked to know that you are not actually going to starve. Because the snacks and the power shake provided will make you full and you will not feel the need to eat something. Though if you do feel the need to eat there are something called “Flex Foods” that you can eat up to 3 times a day and include things like 1/2 avocado; 1 Organic Apple; and sliced cucumber, and herbal teas.

All the quality and healthy products given in this 10-day process worked well for me, and everything is organic!

This was brilliant for me because it saved time and money. It can be very frustrating to buy and to prepare the ingredients.

This power shake is so great because it is all natural, it contains ingredients that are rich in nutrients and vitamins, it helps burn fat and builds muscles, it can help you control cravings and appetite, and it increases your energy, strength and endurance.

You can expect to lose

  • 5 – 15 pounds in just 10 days!
  • PLUS – reset your metabolism and break your addiction to food.

Your body can live without a lot of calories, but it can’t live without a lot of nutrition. The concept behind the transformation is really quite simple. They use nutrient-dense super foods, slow-burning carbs and highly digestible protein. All vegan. All natural.

This was it, I had found it. And not only would it help me to lose those extra pounds easily they would also provide an ongoing programme where I would have access to the highest quality nutrients on the planet.

What this means is that instead of reaching for the oat cakes when I am peckish I can instead, in a matter of 2 minutes, create an amazingly tasty and highly nutritious shake!

During my 10 day transformation I made a recording of how I was feeling and have put them together as Days 1-6 and Days 7-11 which you can find on my website – link below.

Many of the so called “age related illnesses” have being overweight as a contributing factor, namely:

  • A impaired immune system, which leaves you open to all manner of infections
  • Gastrointestinal issues, which lead to obesity, so contributes to the weight issues.
  • Stress leads to increased cortisol which leads to weight gain.
  • Hypertension caused by a sedentary lifestyle which leads to weight gain.
  • Consuming too many calories can drastically shorten your life span and health in your later years.

So you see that there are multiple health issues that are made much worse when you are carrying too much weight around with you every day.

To your very good health and happiness.

Love and light



As a Raw Food Coach/Chef/Trainer I am experienced at enabling others to easily start the transformation to become conscious of healthier eating. People discover that adjusting their lifestyle can be both fun and easy and the outcome is often more energy and a greater capacity to self-heal. I am passionately involved with a movement to bring Non-GMO, Organic, Raw Vegan, wholefood supplements to the whole of my network and on into all of theirs too, so that others can benefit from having easy access to the healthiest foods in the easiest format.

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