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Energy Healing with Reiki

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There is a lot to learn about energy healing. When I first began to explore holistic health and mindfulness about fifteen years ago, I found energy healing practitioners with all sorts of specialist systems. Some had developed their techniques using reiki practices combined with psychic guidance. Others developed more scientific methods, utilizing crystal technology, computer software, and machinery that responded to metallic frequencies. I cannot explain much of it because I do not have a scientific mind. But I do know what I feel, and I trust my instincts.

Energy healing with Reiki

Reiki healing is basically working with natural energy. We as humans accept that we breathe air in order to survive. We can explain it in all sorts of practical and scientific ways, but we still can’t physically see it. We just know that it is there, and that we need it. This is where energy comes in. We use the energy of air to keep our human bodies alive and functioning, along with the energy of water and the nutrients we extract from food. But somewhere along the line, we forgot to treat our mind and spirit as a being that must be cared for. We ignored our emotions, we fought to hide them, we tried to be strong.

Being strong is not about hiding your emotions or working at full pelt every day of your life. In my experience, to be strong is to accept when you are weak, and to care for yourself. As I recently completed the coursework to achieve my Reiki Okuden 2nd Degree accreditation, I realised that I needed a rest. I needed some time out. I am busy being Mother, Wife, author, carer, supporter, and sometimes I just need to be me. If that means I come home from the school run and I sit down for half an hour without doing a job, so be it. That is what my body needs. I need to be quiet, to rest, and to meditate. Since embracing the practise of reiki energy healing, I have become peaceful, accepting of my situation, and happy that I am simply a human being. Isn’t that what we all need, deep down?



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