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Empowering the Lower Chakras: Abundance, Manifesting and Grounding

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Teri DluznieskiIn talking about the importance of the lower chakras, the discussions delved into both cultural stereotypes of language and perception, as well as encompassing the whole re holistic and energetic. I heard from a lot of healers who were surprised at their own Aha’s. Many people commented that they thought they were incorporating the whole-body approach. Many others also noted their own realizations regarding their own previously unconscious biases toward “upper”.. . Often the biases are not outright articulated…. But bias can take the form of where we put our attention, our energy… our focus.

In the discussions, I noted that maybe it was time to take the 30 day challenge. I asked who else was interested in joining this. Several people responded enthusiastically.

In the writing of that article and the week-long discussions that followed, I have been giving a lot more thought and consideration of bringing the energy down into the physical. I actually want to elaborate on that. By thought, I do not mean reflection or meditation or intellectual-thought. This past week, I have been more aware of things I do, and bringing conscious attention to accessing, working with and utilizing the lower three chakras – the physical-level/oriented centers.

So here are a few exercises I have been doing…feel free to try them and see if they work-help etc..

Breathwork– I have a clearing/grounding ( in terms of clarity… centering/meditation, rather than chakra grounding—which, I think many will appreciate, myself included, are not quite the same. I use an eight-count inhale and eight-count exhale. I have been going up and down the centers, doing at least one round on each chakra. I started by just doing first-round “ waking each one up”, or, finding where I felt it.. locating it energetically. This may sound very elementary, but it actually isn’t. Try it. Do you envision it? Feel it? Hear it, like music? How does each one look-feel to you?

After the first round, I then went up through the 3 chakras, 2-3 rounds on each one, before moving on. I made sure I had a strong feel for each one, before drawing that energy up or down to the next. I went up to the top, and then drew that thread of Light up to the 8th chakra, source – the pure white light from our highest self and connection to ultimate source. I then drew this white light down, to source and replenish the energy body, anchoring it into the crown chakra with a round of breathwork, feeling and envisioning this connection. I then drew down both the white and the violet to the next chakra, usng a round of brreathwork to anchor-ground that connection. I went through the chakras in this way. l have done this both by drawing just the preceding colour and the white down to the next chakra… and I have done this by drawing down ALL preceding colours-chakras. In terms of holding a good visual and energetic, drawing them all down is a little harder. So at least for starters, try JUST the preceding chakra – and that will weave good connection between them, strengthening the energetic network.

When I had gotten down to the Root chakra, I made sure I had a good connection, and then proceeded to ground that to the earth.

In one of my rounds of meditation chakra work, I created a sort of storyline.. it begins with source. With the crown, we tap into source. The third eye takes that and begins to create and perceive it as Vision. The throat chakra begins to put the pieces of that cosmic information together with Intuition. The heart takes that intuition, and with LOVE, begins to HOLD that possibility. NEXT is needed the WILL, the conscious intention to set that passion for the idea into motion. A plan and determination. From there, we need passion, creative thought, the fire in the belly. This is how we take that idea and make it work. From there, this energy feeds and fulfills our needs for survival. But for this to happen, we also need the nourishment from the planet, the resources of the physical world, a PLACE for it to exist, nutrients ( money, networks,whatever)… to bring this into existence, to give it birth.

Psoas muscle stretching – I had recently been reading about the importance of the psoas muscle in terms of the connection between energetic and physical. Amazing synchronicity on the timing. So I have been dong stretches, simple side stretches. Standing with feet planted solid, right hand around the front-body, reaching to the left belt-loop/waist. Holding with a gentle stretch-pull – never to discomfort or pain. The right hand, behind the back, to balance and complete the stretch. I have been focusing that same breathwork exercise, but breathing into those lower three centers feeling the breathwork count, expand the area, directing the breath in such a way that each chakra area is addressed, sending down energy, and allowing that energy and stretch to create expansion both energetically and physically. I do several repetitions, and was amazed that I was even picking up hints of sacred—geometry pattern-feeling with each chakra, unique to that chakra. I have no idea if a pattern is like a finger-print and its own identity, or if that pattern changes over time. This will be an interesting exploration and I am looking forward to finding out.

I have also spent time laying out on the ground, unwinding and clearing the lower chakras, direct contact with the ground, on my belly. I have found that not all exercises need to be intense and active. Let the body and energy body and Earth do their work. I learned this approach doing Bowen bodywork, which holds the premise that the body has inherent wisdom and knows what to do, if we can “set it up” and get out of the way.

I have also done some impromptu Bowen work on myself, intuiting my own procedures and able to feel the results by what it did in my body. That is one of the neat things about the Bowen work – since it is working by waking up and activating the body’s own systems.. you can tell by the response, the energy flow that you start to feel in your body… that its working. I doubt most people know Bowen, or bodywork, but I would guess that if you do some of the stretches, and look up and understand a little bit about where the psoas muscle is, that you could do some gentle massaging and use the intent of sending that to the psoas and area…. and you might be surprised at the results. Again, be gentle and use intent.

I have also been spending conscious time outside. Making a note and practice of connecting with the trees and earth energy ( faeries, nature, gnomes, insert type of choice, as well as the elementals/elements.)..

Massaging each center, essential oils, just holding your hands over each one briefly. One important aspect is to keep in mind.. what are you DOING.. what is your engaged activity, especially around the physical-oriented centers.. because this is about the ability to reconnect the realm of ideas and energy, with the physical world—how we walk our talk, our ability to make things HAPPEN, to manifest and be abundant. We all want abundance and synchronicity—but the cosmic mailman needs an address for delivery- a PLACE for those things to HAPPEN.

All of these things have been working to build an awareness and more consistent feedback loop mechanism. Or, the beginning of one. I hope, that like any activity, that with time those energetic muscles become strong, fit and vibrant… and that the outcome will be better success and connection to physical level manifesting.

Have any interesting exercises to engage the lower physical-level chakras? Share. Try these exercises and share your results…

Also – if you like these kinds of exercises and hands-on aspects, do check out my book also… a lot of beneficial, similar concepts and approaches in there:)



I am an Education Specialist, Health Coach and Author. I work with aspects of the teachings I have learned from Andean shamanic and cosmology, to health, nutrition and education.  Everything is energy. Energy must flow. Like water, when it does not flow, it stagnates and is not healthy. These techniques help your life to flow. I have been initiated into many of the ancient lineages and learned ceremonies, rites of passage and healing techniques.  I have worked as a healer and done workshops and taught some of these aspects – passing the teachings on.

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