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Emotional Embodiment

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Joan JacobsThe Bio-Emotional Model of Healing

The Newtonian mechanistic approach to healing has definitely gone bankrupt. The premise that experiences and feelings are not primary causal factors in illness because they can’t be quantified in material terms, has been scientifically proven as incorrect.

Research done in the 70’s and 80s by Candice Pert PhD, Research Professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington D.C. (http://candacepert.com) demonstrates that “the whole system is a psychosomatic information network” and that “the flow of info throughout the whole organism is evidence that the body is the actual, natural manifestation in physical space of the mind. Intelligence is located not only in the brain but in the cells. Separating mental and emotional processes from the body is no longer valid.”[1]

Psychological states composed of emotions and belief systems have a direct influence on what’s going on in your body and can either support or undermine your health.

The biochemical relationship between the psyche and the soma (body), particularly the relationship between emotions and cells and the intrinsic relationship between energy and matter, imply that disease is a manifestation in physical form of specific emotional content stored at the cellular level, disrupting both the psychosomatic and the energy information systems.

The only way to re-establish free flow of information is to address stored emotional content and release it at the energetic level.

The inter-connectedness of the psychosomatic network facilitates consistency between all levels of information. The human system conveys the same messages using different languages, typical of each level of manifestation.

Moving from the fundamental to peripheral, information travels from the energetic to the physical level. Physical symptoms and health conditions as a whole are a reflection of derangement of the internal dynamics.

The material body uses physical symptoms as its language. Emotional and energetic information is embedded in the specific pathological process creating a metaphorical representation in physical form.

In his book The Organon of Medicine, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy,(http://bit.ly/1Ho7qSF) says that:”there is, in the interior of man, no visible morbid alteration that is curable, which does not make itself known to the accurately observing physician by means of morbid signs and symptoms – an arrangement in perfect conformity with the infinite goodness of the all-wise preserver of human life”[2]

Addressing only the physical representation of the core derangement, represses the system’s attempt to make the derangement known and results in re-occurrence of similar or other symptoms.

Emotional healing should be a central aspect of both traditional and complementary healing protocols. Clinical evidence demonstrates its power to reverse physical health conditions and also to enhance the body’s response to all types of therapeutic modalities.

As in the following example, emotional healing can often make the difference between overcoming disease or not.

R. was a patient of mine with re-occurring breast cancer. She had attended one of my workshops at the Breast Health Center at the Soroka University Medical Center in Israel. She came to me because she wasn’t responding to the chemo-therapy. We identified the emotional issue associated with the cancer which involved her relationship with her husband and started addressing it as such. After a few weeks of addressing the emotional issue her body started responding to the chemo-therapy and the metastasis significantly shrunk in size. She was doing much better physically and psychologically.

Then one day she came and told me that she had decided to stop the emotional work because she didn’t want to deal with confronting her husband. Her body stopped responding to the chemical treatment almost immediately and she died 6 months later.

I strongly believe that she had a much better chance of surviving or at least of prolonging life if she had completed the emotional process.


[1] Molecules of Emotions by Candice Pert PhD
[2] The Organon of Medicine by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann Chapter 14






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