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Do You Really Deal with Your Issues or Avoid Them?

Wendy Lowe1We all have challenges to face in this world: It’s how we learn and grow!

For some people it is all too much, so overwhelming that they hide away and isolate themselves. This may be physically, hardly leaving home; or mentally/emotionally, shutting off to the opinions or feelings of others; or even spiritually, focusing on the spiritual world to the detriment of living a life on planet Earth.

Twenty five years ago, I was one of these souls. I was suffering from severe depression for the second time in my life. I was determined not to turn to anti-depressants again and I found Reiki, crystals and meditation. In meditation or self-healing, I could escape the pressures of the world and return to a world of spiritual peace and calm. I was lucky to have a dog to walk and exercise classes that kept me physically fit, otherwise I may have ignored my physical needs and developed physical symptoms as many do. I gradually returned to full health and turned my attentions to helping others.

In my work now as a therapist, I see many people following the same strategy of escape. Some exist more out of body than in. In this state, the mind is peaceful but the body will not heal. Mental and emotional issues affect not just the mind but also the cells of our body. This is born out by scientists like Bruce Lipton and Grant McFetridge. The worse the body becomes, the more the mind and spirit withdraw leading to a spiral of deterioration. Others, who build a mental/emotional wall around them, may shut out healing as well as the connection with others.

Having found my own way out of depression with healing and meditation, I am certainly not decrying their use; I love my Reiki and my meditation. What I am advocating is the return to the practical world and a reality check in order to find and resolve our issues. What people fail to appreciate is that using these strategies may be like pouring oil over troubled waters. Everything seems calm and peaceful but what lies below?

Many years ago there were two people who had done me harm. I had spent many an hour sending out love and light and forgiveness. One morning I awoke in an absolute rage! As I was waking my subconscious brought it to my awareness to deal with! I was able to finally let it go.

Some healers or spiritual people say that when they give too much or lack sleep their energies go low and they become irritable or emotional. They try to ensure that this does not happen to keep feeling good. However, what I have found is that no matter how much and for how long you meditate or self heal, the issues are still there within you, waiting for you to drop your guard so that they can be found and healed. Most people squash and bury their emotions and pretend they are not there, for example, by repeating an affirmation like, ‘I love and forgive you’. When the emotions or grievances are triggered, they erupt! Spiritual people often smooth over the surface and imagine that they have dealt with the issues but they have not gone deep enough.

There is an old story about a priest who went into the wilderness to pray and meditate for enlightenment. After several years he returned to the world satisfied that he was now enlightened and wise. He was greeted by the ordinary village people, who asked him to teach them his ways. One little boy kept pulling at his robe for attention. The priest was talking and tried to ignore the irritation but eventually his temper erupted and he shouted at the child. The priest realised his shortcomings and returned to the wilderness in shame.

The rest of the world is there to show us our true face. There is a shadow side to each and every one of us, where we hold our unresolved issues. Whatever we resist persists so eventually these issues emerge, often in trauma or conflict.

A beautiful spiritual lady who was a talented medium lost her husband. She was so independent that she rejected help from friends and relatives who offered it. Her guides advised her to accept such help but she was stubborn and proud. One night without knowing how, she flung out her right arm out and broke it. It was in a plaster for some time. During this time she had to accept helpers coming in to shower her and to dress her. One day a young man was sent to carry out her morning ritual. She rang the office to ask for a woman but he was the only one available so she had put up with this supreme indignity with a smile on her face. This challenge taught her a great deal and she quickly healed.

It is only when we face our inner demons that we can resolve inner conflict and find our true peace, harmony and power. The easiest simplest way that I have found to work on myself or my clients is Geneline Therapy. As you find your issues, which are often ancestral or genetic, and gently accept and acknowledge them, your energies change permanently giving longer lasting and higher peak states of happiness.



I became a Theta Healing teacher in 2006 and started to develop further my intuitive gifts and understanding of psychic phenomenum. A three-week Intuitive Anatomy workshop in Kerela, India not only gave me the ability to scan the body psychically but also to pick up on past lives for other people. I’ve used and developed this gift ever since. I produced the book, Past Life Influences based on my experiences. As we started to focus on healing genetic patterns in clients, the phrase ‘emotional feedback loops’ repeated insistently through my head until I made a point of understanding what it was all about. So you see I have a wonderful team out there somewhere guiding and supporting me in my work. I hope that I can be of some help in guiding and assisting you too.

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