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Do You Have The Courage to Live Authentically?

Dr. Regina J Dekker Msc.DWhen we have the courage to be authentic we give others permission to do the same.

Much has been said about being authentic, so this is nothing new in the spiritual community. However, given all the inspirational information out there regarding this idea of authentic living, do we simply agree with everything that has been said or written about the subject, or do we look within to see what resonates with us personally? Are we open to learning and exploring the possibilities? Are we willing to embrace our own truth and move past our fear of what others may perceive of us when we step out of the box of what people think is “normal”? Are we inspired enough to move beyond our own comfort levels to uncover and express more of what we can be? Do we know who we really are? What do we believe about ourselves? How does our being authentic affect those around us? What does being authentic even mean?

These are just some of the questions that can trigger us in defining our own authenticity as well as understanding what is authentic about human nature as a whole given our divine connection. Learning to live authentically awakens us to being more aware of how much we are influenced by our environment as well as by our soul. I believe that in the process, we learn to become more loving, compassionate, and understanding of ourselves and others. Being authentic is also where we begin to know what is right for us, and support those rights through the manner in which we respond to life rather than react to it. We also become honest with our feelings, and are more able to express them from a place of love with the utmost confidence. From my own experience, this is where we begin to allow ourselves to feel in the first place, rather than living in quiet desperation and denial. We will learn to become empowered to wisely create and direct our lives from an inner knowing rather than allowing life to just happen to us without clarity and purpose.

I recently gave a talk about the Power of Belief. It is at the very core of how we experience life. Our beliefs create our reality whether we are aware of what we believe or not…subconsciously or unconsciously. Our beliefs, which are made up of thoughts, create a mental atmosphere around us that vibrates as energy. This energy attracts into our lives that which we believe. We will attract the people, places, things, and circumstances that become part of our seeming reality.

We are encouraged then to get to know who we are in our own authenticity … what makes us “tick” so to speak. Doing so will allow us to live more in alignment with our true selves, because we will begin to recognize more profoundly what we do believe and question those beliefs that do not seem to be working for us any longer. Moving through this process will inspire us to create new beliefs about what we have come to understand is authentic about who we are. We will continue to emerge from the depths of our soul with a kind of renewed energy that encourages us to be more open to all the creative possibilities emanating from an immeasurable and unlimited Source. And remember, those new beliefs will change our vibration level thus attracting into our lives like-minded people who will support our desire to be authentic.
I felt called to this life-changing ministry in 1995 when my beautiful ”Soul Sister” Kathryn gifted me with a beautiful book. The book, “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach (http://amzn.to/1LngM2A) made continual reference to being authentic and allowing our soul to guide us. The word “authentic” began to resonate with me, before I fully understood the depth of the word, or why I felt there was something in it for me to look into. The truth is, I was supported by a most loving Universe when given the book in the first place by a then new friend, because I had made significant changes in my life in an effort to find myself. As for being guided by my soul, I have come to understand more fully what it is I am to do in this life … that is to learn to take full responsibility for it, how I have created it thus far, and allow myself to be open to the profound lessons and life-changing opportunities to grow, love, live, and share all that I can be in my authenticity. In essence, I am teaching what I myself need to learn.

I believe that the authentic journey leads us to the truest form of freedom. Throughout my own journey, I uncovered many surprises and aha moments that have freed me from past experiences, which has led me to create my life from a more intuitive place, following my bliss if you will. These moments have inspired me to move forward with even more conviction and fearless thinking. By the way, there is no right or wrong in anything we have experienced thus far. The decisions we made and the circumstances we encountered have simply been a part of our divine journey. Choices were made that emanated from a place of innocence, specifically, our subconscious mind. Everything happens for a reason, and there are no coincidences…some of which may be beyond our comprehension. We are encouraged then to be gentle with ourselves always, especially in the process of our awakening to the truth of who we are, and how we arrived at this point in our lives. And so, when we learn to listen to the urgings of our soul, the possibilities of our evolving authentic consciousness becomes even greater in manifesting amazing things beyond what we could ever imagine. So, do you have the courage to live authentically?

The more we learn to live from a place of authenticity, the more equipped we are to be a powerful force for positive change in the world. We are all an important and integral part in the evolving consciousness of our ever-changing world that we have chosen to call our home. Let us be mindful and aware of who we are, what we can be in our full potential, and how we can personally contribute and make a profound difference to our divine human family. Let us all live authentically on purpose.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.



Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D. is a Doctor of Metaphysical Science and Ordained Minister (Reverend), an Associate Member of the International Metaphysical Ministries. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Theocentric Psychology. She is the founder of Authentic Living Ministries (Church without Walls). She is the Spiritual Leader/Mentor of the Authentic Living Study Group in Laughlin, Nevada. Her Ministry also includes being an Inspirational Speaker and Writer, Certified Spiritual Life Coach/Practitioner, Certified Usui Reiki Master, Holistic Energy Therapist (Spiritual Mind Treatment, Emotional Freedom Technique-EFT).
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