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Consciousness! What is it??

This is in addition to What is Consciousness? Please see the editorial below.

I have written about this subject quite extensively, for this is my major platform upon which I carry out all my literary work. In this respect, I have written fifty articles, 20 books, made a number of short videos, and even made five audio guided meditations and one video guided meditation, plus a monthly newsletter named as the Clarion of Consciousness. All of this is free of any charge, except for the e-books, which are reasonably priced, and can be seen on my website.

This article is my humble attempt to explain what is really unexplainable, and can only be understood in its purity by actually experiencing it on a personal, subjective level. It is rather like trying to explain the taste of a mango to someone who has never tasted a mango.

Here is, what I feel, a worthy description, followed by a simple exercise to validate your understanding;

“Consciousness is not the actual perception, but, rather, the means for Conscious Awareness of the Conscious Thinking Mind to be aware of the perception of anything and everything. Conscious Awareness, therefore, is the ability to be consciously aware of one’s perception. Conscious Awareness is expanded as we raise Consciousness. Consciousness is the medium by which conscious awareness exists.”

Example 1.

Let me give you an example. If you stood against a wall, with your nose touching the wall, you will be aware of about 12 inches/30 centimeters horizontally, and about 6 inches/15 centimeters vertically. If you took one step backwards, your perception of the wall increases enormously. The stepping backwards is akin to raising consciousness, resulting in the expansion of your conscious awareness, which is the result of raising consciousness. In this way does perception increase, as well as your knowing. There are many additional gifts that accompany the raising of consciousness which ensure the happiness, well-being and fulfillment of anyone who walks the path of raising consciousness. Of course, my illustration is purely analogous because it is not possible to describe something to someone who has not had the experience of it, in any measure of consequence.

Therefore, to raise one’s consciousness is to also expand one’s conscious awareness, and as one becomes Self-Conscious, or, in other words, Conscious of Self (total self: body, mind & soul), such a person will be able to perceive themselves as more than a physical, biological body.

Why is this vital to the survival of humanity?

I invite you to glance throughout humanity’s history, going back, at least, two thousand years, and even more. The history of the Progress and Evolution (not physically, but spiritually, excluding conventual religion), Mentally (brain capacity), the Sub-Conscious mind (and can include the Conscious Mind, the Universal/Super-conscious Mind), you will find that just about everything we know that went on in our history is being repeated time and again throughout our history, and even our present day. All the suffering of the masses, which include at least 90% of the entire world’s population, at an educated guess. This suffering usually involves money, prosperity, and natural resources. Somehow, everything humans have done, by and large, is a repetition of what they have done before, and the results continued to deprive humans of what they seek: Happiness, prosperity (according to their measure), good health, and the availability of unadulterated food and natural resources to live in comfort, safety, peace and harmony. Well, I am very sad to say that our history informs us that humans have not achieved that, and they have not even achieved that in recent years, especially in the year 2020.

We also know the wisdom espoused by Albert Einstein, expressed at follows;

  1. The consciousness that created the problem CANNOT be the same consciousness to provide its solution!
  2. If you continue to perform an action, while being dissatisfied with the results/consequences, and continue repeating the same action, while praying for different results, that is a good example of insanity!
  3. To change the results/consequences of an action, simply change the action.

Unfortunately, most humans fail to see the logic in the above three points, and this is why most people suffer. So, how would anyone know what to do about point numbers 1 & 3?

The missing element in all the suffering of the people, worldwide, is that element which underlies, and is the foundation and platform by which people can develop their greater, innate potential. This potential is just waiting to be awoken, developed and expressed. A big issue is when a small minority of human beings are able to achieve this is to some measure, they are immediately criticized, condemned, limited, and restricted by those who have not developed such. In some cases, character assassination is involved, and so are worse punishments, all designed to keep those people inactive, and incapable of disturbing the status quo, no matter what the consequences may be. Yes, I agree, this does sound harsh, but I have done my due diligence in my research, and this is the way humans have been acting for thousands of years. Today, rather than taking new information and educating themselves, people will call those who oppose conventional thought as ‘Conspiracy Theorists.’ It is factual, that when people disagree with you, more often than not, they will NOT be able to present an alternative thought other than the learned thought of the day. This is usually propagated by people of limited perception and who may include doctors, scientists, those who have a Ph.D. or two, or who have none of that, but do have many billions of dollars. In this sense so many people have lost the ability of critical thought, and tend to believe what they are told whether that may be truth or not, and detrimental or not.

Now that I have described the situation, what can be done about it? The first question is, do you want to improve the present situation in your living conditions, your town, your state/province, your country, and throughout our human society? If so, do you want to propound the same approach to issues that have clearly failed, do you want to introduce your own truth, and ignore the truth of others? If that is the case, you are no better than what is already going on, and no positive change can ever be the result. If on the other hand you are one to ask the question, what is Truth, and understand that truth is relative, then we are moving in the right direction. Let me give you an example, as simple though it is, it still carries great profundity, if you understand the principle;

Blog/Article # B14, Consciousness! What is it??

Example 2.

Please imagine a circle of people, standing several arm-arms-length apart. In the centre place an object that has several facets to it, which could be a huge Rubik’s Cube in the center, with its colours completely disarranged. Each person in the circle will have a different view of the Cube, and even though what they see is truth, it is a different truth to what the others see. The Rubik Cube may not be the best object to use in this exercise,  but I am sure you get the point.

Please refer to Example 1, above, and you will understand that by developing one’s consciousness, and thereby expanding one’s conscious awareness, one will be able to see more of the big picture. When we see more of the bigger picture, the parameters of our truth equally expand. In such a circumstance we are able to make better decisions based on expanded truth of more of the whole, providing us with greater perception, rather than being so limited in our perception. When one such person, who sees more of the bigger picture and is employing a greater perception meets a person who remains confined to their limited parameters of perception, you can be assured those two people will not agree on very much. If the latter is a leader, the former will be obliged to adopt the leader’s directives according to his/her limited perception. Not very satisfactory, I would say. Not equitable at all.

I hope these examples are sufficient to realize what the real challenge is, which is the ignorance many have of their greater potential just waiting to be developed. This potential is released as soon as one begins to develop their innate consciousness. In order to do this, one is to employ a technique, modality and engage in a practice to develop this huge potential. I confirm that there is a large variety of such methods, techniques and modalities that one can easily learn and practice. I have written many books on this subject, and those books contain many of these that will suit most people. I have spent 63 years seeking, finding, learning, practicing, teaching, and sharing what I know with all who are interested. I incorporated a number of these different techniques in my Healing Arts Practice over many years. I am sure most people will be able to resonate with one or two of all such tools that are presented in my e-books, that are available on my website.

It is my intention to continue informing people about Consciousness and Conscious Awareness, the Greater Human Potential, all of which are innate within each human being, and is just waiting to be awakened and developed, by anyone who wishes to do so. In my opinion, including others who walk the path I do, also know this Universal Truth, and are presenting such knowledge to the world in their own inimitable ways.

I welcome dialogue with anyone who is interested in developing their consciousness, and all that entails. You can contact me by sending me a message on my website. Let us initiate positive change in our society of human beings, and we can do so, together.

Editorial.  I refer you to Blog/Article, What is Consciousness? I wrote and posted it on 18th September, 2020, and while some of the information is the same, there are some pertinent differences. I invite you to read that as well. As you can see, it is my intention to present this information as often as I can, in various ways, so that a varied audience may receive this message. Change your Consciousness and change your life!



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.