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What is Consciousness?

The Cambridge dictionary provides various descriptions of the word, emissary; one of which is the word, ‘ambassador,’ and the Oxford dictionary describes emissary thusly; ‘A person sent as a diplomatic representative on a special mission.’ Merriam Webster Dictionary describes ‘emissary’ as follows; ‘one designated as the agent of another: representative.’

I, therefore, regard anyone who acts as a representative, ambassador, or as an agent representing consciousness as an Emissary of Consciousness, a being of which, I regard myself, and acknowledge that there are many such beings on planet Earth who are aware of their status, and many, many more who are about to awaken to this reality of theirs.

The concept of consciousness is further defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary as follows;

1a : The quality or state of being aware, especially of something within oneself.

  b : The state or fact of being conscious of an external object, state, or fact.

  c : Awareness; especially: concern for some social or political cause, for example. (I do not agree with this superficial explanation)

2: The state of being characterized by sensation, emotion, volition, and thought : mind

3: The totality of conscious states of an individual

4: The normal state of conscious life – regained consciousness

5: The upper level of mental life of which the person is aware as contrasted with unconscious processes.

The Cambridge Dictionary describes the definition of consciousness as the state of understanding and realizing something.

And, finally, the Oxford Dictionary describes such definition as the following;

*The state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings.

*A person’s awareness or perception of something.

*The fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.

These definitions, offered by world class dictionaries offer a good description of ‘consciousness,’ so that it can be better understood by more people, however, the descriptions and explanations do not go deep enough, and therefore, fail to describe the true essence of consciousness, because they mostly confine themselves to being aware of the physical, phenomenal world, and all that is contained therein. This, in my opinion, is where the confusion lies among most people who do not understand the breadth of consciousness, that, it is, in fact the entire basis upon which a person is able to perceive his or her reality:

“Consciousness is not the actual perception, but, rather, the means for Conscious Awareness of the Conscious Thinking Mind to be aware of the perception of anything and everything. Conscious Awareness, therefore, is the ability to be consciously aware of one’s perception. Conscious Awareness is expanded as we raise Consciousness. Consciousness, therefore, is the medium by which conscious awareness exists.”

Let me give you an example. If you stood against a wall, with your nose touching the wall, you will be aware of about 12 inches/30 centimeters horizontally, and about 6 inches/15 centimeters vertically. If you took one step backwards, your perception of the wall increases enormously. The stepping backwards is akin to raising consciousness, resulting in the expansion of your conscious awareness, which is the result of raising consciousness. In this way does perception increase, as well as your knowing. There are many additional gifts that accompany the raising of consciousness which ensure the happiness, well-being and fulfillment of anyone who walks the path of raising consciousness. Of course, my illustration is purely analogous because it is not possible to describe something to someone who has not had the experience of it, in any measure of consequence. It is like endeavoring to describe the taste of an orange to someone who has never tasted an orange.

Therefore, to raise one’s consciousness, or better described as to develop what is already, innately there, is to also expand one’s conscious awareness, and as one becomes Self-Conscious, or, in other words, Conscious of Self, such a person will be able to perceive themselves as more than a physical, biological body. In fact, science is now confirming, with the advent of the string theory, entanglement theory, fractals, and the latest research into the behavior of sub-atomic particles under certain conditions, that consciousness is energy, and energy is everywhere at the same time, thereby connecting everything to everything. It is in this state of awareness that we can ‘know’ that we are all connected, and that we are all connected with all of life, and every facet of creation. When we are in this space, we have evolved beyond the limitations most people normally experience, and we see, feel, and know more than those who maintain their limited awareness, limited perception, and limited state of consciousness.

Consciousness includes the realities of the physical/phenomenal world, the mental world, including the mind, and the spiritual world, which has very little to do with religion. In this book, I refer to ‘spiritual’ and ‘spirituality’ in purely meta-physical and universal terms, beyond any earthly dogma, and it is in reference to the spirit and the soul, both of which inhabit the human body. In scientific terms consciousness is known as the Unified Field of all possibilities.

For centuries, and perhaps, even thousands of years, humans have been living by the same rules, the same tenets, and the same principles, and in the final analysis, we can see that very little has changed over the thousands of years of our history: Humans continue to suffer in their billions! I am not so interested in addressing individual symptoms of suffering, to find individual solutions, because there are no such solutions of any real consequence or permanence when addressing the symptoms only, and not changing the cause! Why? Because, as Albert Einstein was reputed to have stated, and I paraphrase; ‘repeating an action, with the same unacceptable results, but continuing with the same action, and then praying for better results, is a demonstration of insanity.’ A wise person, or a person who is enjoying a higher state of consciousness would simply change the action!! Naturally, the results will change consequently, naturally, without effort or suffering. In other words, if you suffer, change your thoughts, words and actions positively, the results will be likewise positive.

In this sense, I suggest that the very action that has not yet been taken, by most people, is the process of the raising their consciousness. Every other action has been adopted, and which failed miserably, and consequently, the majority of people continue to suffer. In all my writings, statements and communications, my platform has always been to promote the raising of consciousness as the first course of action. Few have engaged me in dialogue, and few others have even enquired about the nature of consciousness. If anyone wants to reduce and eliminate suffering, and instead, enjoy peace, harmony, and well-being, together with prosperity, we are to find and adopt a new paradigm by which to live our lives, and that includes everybody. That paradigm is to be found in the raising of consciousness.

I was revising one of my other books, entitled, Alternative Healing Techniques & Therapies, and while I was editing chapter 13, Past Life Therapy & Time Continuum Travel, I re-read a passage that I wanted to include here. Forgive any repetitions, but the information is of such great import, and so I have copied it, and pasted it here, as follows;

‘Then there is the concept of what is real and not real. Maharishi Mahesh yogi once told me, and this information was replicated through Wayne Dyer, the well-known author of books on inspiration and motivation, who was told this by his teacher, Muktananda (I heard this on a video interview I saw, when Wayne was explaining this concept).

“Anything and everything that is real does not change. Anything and everything that changes, is not real.”

All physical matter changes! Our physical bodies are changing constantly from the moment we are conceived, and our bodies last for a certain period of time and then disappear. Cars, buildings, money, our planet, are all constantly changing. Our motor cars and buildings will eventually disintegrate, while our planet is constantly changing, such as climate, seasons, and everything else that goes on, with our unique home, planet Earth. One day, it too, will disintegrate. So, is it real? Can we call reality real if it only lasts for a few short years? If this is all true, then what is real?

Reality is that non-changing realm of existence, which is consciousness, or the purest form of energy. Energy, in its purest form is real because it no longer changes. In fact, it cannot be created or destroyed. It has always been, it is, and will always be. Consciousness and pure energy are, therefore, the real reality. In its grosser form, it is always changing, or at least its visible form changes. For instance, an oak tree begins its life as a humble acorn, and grows into a huge tree. If the tree is to burn, it will become charcoal, and ash. The energy form has changed its visible appearance, but in its purest form, the energy remains the same. Another example is water, ice and steam, all of which is a different form of the very same energy. So, when people lay great store by all that is physical, like money, possessions, and power, and as such, perceived by them as real, they suffer, because such an unreal reality cannot satisfy or fulfil their desires. In other words, the real reality is that consciousness, the repository of which is within each person, deep within the real being, and not the perishable, impermanent physical body. The accumulation, for instance, of money has never, can never, and will never buy anyone love, happiness, good health, and so on. Yes, money will buy a good doctor, or a surgical procedure by the best known surgeon, and the patient may still die, or even worse. When a person dies all physical reality is left behind. The only thing that the person can take with them, to the next world, is that consciousness, that which does not change.

We have an extraordinarily good opportunity to consider reality and the illusion of reality, and in so doing we may be better enabled to learn what we came here to learn. In this sense we may then place our emphasis on that which is real, and enduring, so we may be able to develop and enjoy a golden age of peace and joy in our physical world, for as long as we are physically here.’


(This blog/article is an extract from my book, Emissaries of Consciousness, Copyright © Anthony Bennett Altman 2018/2020. All Rights Reserved))



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