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Changing Our Approach: Improving Alzheimer Health

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Teri DluznieskiAs an Alzheimer coach and consultant, there is one thing I find extremely disheartening. When working with new clients or having a casual conversation, I find one thing that seems to be shared by almost everyone. The sense of finality in having Alzheimer’s. We can slow the progression, but there is no cure. This false belief, combined with the complete lack of information makes me very angry and frustrated FOR those going through this struggle. I am NOT saying there is a “cure.”  But there is a LOT we can do to improve and reverse the damage.  How have we, as a culture, become so misinformed and uneducated and fatalistic?

I had a reviewer make a comment on my book that really opened my eyes to the existing situation. He noted that the book contained information that doctors either don’t know, or aren’t telling us. WOW! I get the sense that the majority of people will rely on their primary practitioner- who does not know nutrition, does not understand or give credence to the fact that there are many contributing factors that we CAN improve upon.

My own approach takes a very basic and straightforward tactic. I do not think of Alzheimer’s as a disease of the brain.  I believe it is critical to look at the whole-body health.  If the brain is compromised, then the rest of the system likely has a toxic load. SO… Get toxins OUT, get nutrients IN, and attend the unique special nutritional needs of the Alzheimer brain. In other words, remove every interference that we can, and provide every support, nutritional and natural, the brain can utilise. Getting Alzheimer-healthy, takes the same kind of life-change that someone with gluten intolerance experiences. But, it CAN BE DONE.. and yet..  why do so many people want to resist this possibility?

Many people respond with: But I eat healthy and take care of myself. I agree, that many people are doing all the “right things,” or, truly believe they are.  Most people are sadly under-educated about how many toxins we are exposed to every day:  from aluminum and mercury in vaccines, to glyphosate pesticide in our food.  Are they REALLY eating healthy?  MAYBE…. IF they didn’t have a compromised brain. But with Alzheimer’s.. just like gluten intolerance, it is essential to REDEFINE what ‘healthy‘ means. And to redefine healthy food. To learn the roles of toxins, and removing them from the body and brain. Every little bit can make a difference in reducing the stress-load on the Alzheimer brain.

And yet.. all too often, there is resistance. Why?

For example, a while back, I got into a disagreement over aluminum and its possible links to Alzheimer’s. These professional scientists pounced on this topic- declaring that there is no link between Alzheimer’s and aluminum. In my article, I had not said it was. So much for science being able to read factually. What I said was: Aluminum is a KNOWN neurotoxin. It has NO ROLE in the human body. It has been found to be HIGHER in the Alzheimer brain. Based on this… Why would we NOT want to get it OUT of the brain and body? A neurotoxin.. is something toxic to the brain. Would someone who has a challenged brain, really WANT more stress on the brain?

Anyway- this is just one example of the entrenched and pervasive beliefs that are keeping so many people from being able to maximise their brain health and even recover brain function and memory.

We.. modern science.. KNOWS.. that the brain is capable of creating new brain cells, and that it IS CAPABLE of creating new connections BETWEEN brain cells. SO.. why is no one asking— How do we create an environment that gives the Alzheimer brain the BEST CHANCE it has to repair itself and create new brain cells?

The brain is the most protected organ in the body. SO, what does that say, when IT is compromised? NO ONE is looking at the health and function of the rest of the body as a causative factor/ element in Alzheimer’s. I brought this up with an Alzheimer advocate and patient. I was a little surprised at the response.. the resistance.  They commented that they wished it was that easy when you say the diet.
Now, I am not saying diet is the entire cause of Alzheimer’s.  There are many contributing factors- and I readily note this.

BUT-why is it so hard to think/believe that diet plays a role in how healthy we are?  If the diet is not good, then the digestive system becomes overloaded and toxic. Nutrients cannot get absorbed into the body. And the toxins.. cannot be removed.. and they leech through the lining of the GUT- BACK into the body, and become neurotoxins.. that can damage the brain.

If the GUT is not healthy, then the liver becomes stressed and toxic.  The liver is responsible for creating some of the chemicals and nutrients needed in the brain.

If the brain is toxic- especially with things like aluminum- which we are absorbing through foods, through the gut directly into the brain (this is factual).. then 2 things happen, 1- the brain can’t get its nutrients IN, and 2- it can’t get the toxins OUT.

As far as diet– here’s an easy snippet,. it is now becoming more known and acknowledged that Alzheimer’s is essentially type 3 diabetes- because the Alzheimer brain cannot burn glucose as fuel. Essentially,  it has insulin resistance.. so it needs ketones from essential fatty acids as an alternate. How is any of this NOT diet-nutrition related? it is the body- almost ALL health.. starts with good nutrition… The problem is– that taking this stance necessitates change, in health, lifestyle and perspective. and most people don’t like that.

I work very hard to help my clients and patients make the transitions toward an Alzheimer-healthy diet, and Alzheimer-healthy lifestyle. And ultimately, everyone involved, feels better, can function better, and is happier. I think they are happier, because first, they see and feel the improvement. And secondly, because they no longer feel powerless and helpless.



I am an Education Specialist, Health Coach and Author. I work with aspects of the teachings I have learned from Andean shamanic and cosmology, to health, nutrition and education.  Everything is energy. Energy must flow. Like water, when it does not flow, it stagnates and is not healthy. These techniques help your life to flow. I have been initiated into many of the ancient lineages and learned ceremonies, rites of passage and healing techniques.  I have worked as a healer and done workshops and taught some of these aspects – passing the teachings on.

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Dancing in Your Bubble : ancient teaching, modern healing
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