Chaga: Preparation Instructions and Recipe for Chaga Chai

Chaga is a polypore, meaning it does not have gilles. In fact, technically it is not-quite a mushroom.  My understanding is that chaga is clustered mycelium- which is probably why it is so much more potent than the actual medicinal mushrooms.  Regardless, Chaga forms very dense hard woody clumps, or nodules on the sides of trees. Often a hammer is needed to knock it loose from the tree. So, figuring out how to get it into the nice yummy tea might be a dilemma.

Those chunks of chaga are not quite as hard as expected.  I was surprised at how user-friendly they can be. You can grate them down on a cheese grater, which works surprisingly well, or use a grain grinder.  I was only  fortunate enough to have the universe put in my path for an excellent price–Barring either of these two options, you can pound them a few times with a hammer to break them into small pieces.  IF this is so desired.

You can also just drop the Chaga into a pot of water.  You can boil water and then drop the chaga in, to simmer.  OR, you can drop the chunk/s of chaga into a pot, and allow the water to heat up to a low simmer.  Allow to simmer for a couple of hours, or until it has achieved the desired potency.  People have varying preferences for this.  You can allow the chaga to sit overnight and then re-heat in the morning.

Also, you can flavour the chaga-tea with any range of chai spices.  I use my own blend of Rooibos/ Redbush, vanilla, Cinnamon, cloves and cardamon.  I may experiment with other herbs, but since I really like this combination, I haven’t been in a hurry to experiment. Generally, you can treat it in similar fashion to coffee. One of my personal fav’s is the winter drink, hot chaga, with a touch of brandy, Kahlua or other liqueur, and a bit of  maple syrup (Vermont syrup, obviously :), and fresh heavy cream. Organic, of course. 🙂

Chaga keeps for quite a while.  You can pour off the chaga tea into a pitcher/container and store in the refrigerator.  I tend to keep a pot on the stove, pouring out of the pot throughout the day/evening, adding water as the pot gets empty.  This is why I always have such a hard time when people ask me how much it makes.  I honestly have never tried to make a specific certain amount.  I take out old chunks and add new ones occasionally, but it is an open ended loop.



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