Introducing Siobhan Purcell

Siobhan Purcell originally qualified as a homeopath in 2002 although these days she prefers to be known as a Holistic Therapist as her practice has evolved to include astrology, vibrational essences, healing for humans and animals and ayurvedic head massage. … Read More

Pets as Guides, Healers and Teachers

The indigenous teachings (not all), indicate that very often our spirit guides will incarnate into animals as a way of, literally, being HERE, for us. I suppose there are benefits and advantages to being in a body- at least when … Read More

Ninon The Pony Has a Tale To Tell

How Laminitis, Arthritis and Neglect Can be Reversed In Horses. The tale of Ninon, a truly brave animal, who fought laminitis and arthritis to finally succumb to an untreatable deformation may encourage animal lovers everywhere to go the “natural remedy … Read More

Riding and Releasing Fear at the Cellular Level

I’ve worked with a handful of riders who had deep fear issues, some of whom had many years of riding and horse ownership.  What needs to be understood, and addressed, is the way the body stores fear-memory at the cellular … Read More

The Audience

Here is one of the most amazing things that happened to me in this life. I was driving my two cats in my ex-wife’s little Honda. I had to take them out of the apartment as the apartment was “bombed” … Read More

Horses Get Arthritis Too!

Pain and Inflammation can be traumatic for them. A horse is no different to any other animal in that they suffer pain. Arthritis, inflammation from physical injury or any other means, can go unnoticed until it becomes a severe problem. … Read More

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a very misunderstood breed of dog. In recent years these animals have been bred for dog fighting and have been used as so called ‘status’ dogs among gangs of youths. It is a shame that … Read More

Save Our Bees

I believe that the extensive use of mobile phones, microwave ovens and other gadgets that emit specific radiation frequencies are seriously damaging our bee populations as well as our energetic bodies. I therefore emphasise the benefits to the environment created … Read More

How Old is Your Pet?

As pet owners, we, around our house in France have everything from hens to horses, We have a 10 year old Spanish “Levrier” – which should be a small greyhound, but ours is probably as big! – who was tortured … Read More

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