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Introducing Siobhan Purcell

Siobhan PurcellSiobhan Purcell originally qualified as a homeopath in 2002 although these days she prefers to be known as a Holistic Therapist as her practice has evolved to include astrology, vibrational essences, healing for humans and animals and ayurvedic head massage.

Siobhan’s aim is to teach, support and empower people to make informed decisions about healthcare, to lead healthy happy lives through having greater self-awareness and to remove limitations that prevent them from reaching their highest potential and knowing their true essence.

Siobhan has always been passionate about travelling and her experiences have definitely expanded her vision and awareness of people, the individual challenges they face and the common connections shared across cultures. In recent years yoga has become an integral part of her life and is one of her greatest loves.



Siobhan Purcell LCH RSHom

Astrologer, Homeopath, Animal Communicator







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