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Calling on Spirit Guides to Heal

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October is a very special month for those of us that work with magic and healing energies. It is believed that the veil between living and dead people is thinner during the month of October, since this is the time when day and night flip the balance. We go from the long, bright days of summer, into long, dark nights of winter, and October signals the beginning of Autumn when those days fade into night. We can feel a change in the air, it is crisp and fresh, and there is a promise of frost early in the morning and late at night.


Recently I have completed a training course for Shoden Reiki 1st degree. I feel very proud of my achievement in this area, since I am juggling my spiritual development alongside raising a young family, supporting a workaholic husband, and building my business in blogging and writing. I completed the training course just in time for the beginning of Autumn, and now I can take time to practise my craft, work with the natural energies that I have been attuned to, and see how well I can heal both myself and those close to me.

witchy-spookymrsgreen-crystal-wandAn interesting facet of my training involved a session where I learned how to perform Reiki healing on another person. As I opened myself up to the energy, calling on it to flow through me and use me as a channel for healing, so I began to recognise the presence of my spirit guides. I met with some of my guides during recent years while I was learning about mediumship, calling on Spirit, and other aspects of the Craft. I had lapsed in my communication with them since I became engrossed in day to day activities. During this healing session, I was aware of them crowding around to help, and it was a lovely feeling. They are happy that I am back in their world, and I am happy to give them time and space to do what they feel is necessary.



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