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Butterfly Fly

This is the topic of my talk today, what is real and the illusions that we like to hold on to, the pictures that we find interesting to entertain ourselves with and what is really real?

Are you courageous? Are you ready to be present to the truth?

So many people say “yes”, so many people want this, but do your actions speak of this or is it a simple idea, a concept? So many ideas and concepts are floating around in the Universe but your actions speak much more to the point than those ideas.

Are you ready to be the truth that you are?

This is the only reason I’m here, to reveal to you what is true and if there are illusions, If there are pictures, ideas, concepts, feelings, even if they may be strong, whatever else we human beings like to entertain our precious moments with, I will have no choice but to show you that this is a total illusion.

As long as you sit and are comfortable in an illusion all the spiritual teacher can do is, gently, gently, (believe me, even though it doesn’t look gentle it is very gentle), show you that this is no place to live, to be alive, to live life in its complete sense of what it means to be alive.

It is so beautiful to come back to the space of love not the idea of love but the real space of love. Most people understand love from a very limited perspective. They believe love is, you know, the sensations of feeling this or that but for me, love is like the beautiful butterfly. The butterfly was once in a cocoon and a cocoon is the space of transformation, and that is what love is.

Love is that space where you allow this difficult moment not to remain in that negative space, but to move forward to become a butterfly – to open your wings, to open your being to the beautiful space that is all around you. Such requires a lot of clarity, a lot of strength and this is what happens with the butterfly. The butterfly doesn’t say, “Oh, life is so difficult, I’ll remain in my cocoon forever because this is all that I know.”

This is a time of such deep transformation and I believe that this deep transformation is not just for you or me but is being asked of all of us. We are being asked to leave the cocoon, to leave what we know, to leave what is comfortable, even if that means to leave absolutely the core of what you stand on, the essence of who you think you are – your personality, your strong emotional, mental concepts – to drop them completely.

Do you understand?

To drop them completely, because if you carry them you cannot become the butterfly. The butterfly needs to be light, the butterfly needs to be open and the butterfly needs to appreciate that it is divine and that it doesn’t need anything but its own divinity to be free.

I believe that we all have to be truthful in this time, where we are asked not just to look at the beauty for ourselves or look at our internal beauty and hold it for ourselves, but to express and share this with the world.

If we don’t do this – what happens?

There is no future.

We basically create a disaster.

Do you understand that the world at this moment is facing a major choice?

And the choice is to be free, to believe in life, to expand beyond the limited aspects that we have created for thousands and thousands, some people say millions, of years and jump out of the cocoon and trust.

The butterfly has to trust. It has never ever experienced what it is like to fly. It has been supported in a cocoon where everything is nice and cozy. Now it has to jump out into something that it doesn’t know.

That’s what we are being asked to do. To jump out into the unknown, not with fear, not with limited negative thoughts, but with beauty and with trust.

We are at a very critical moment, where we have to put whatever we have to put into action, into action. We have to be real. We can’t wait until tomorrow or wait until we transform, or wait until we feel better. Perhaps today we are tired, it doesn’t matter. We have to do it now.

If we don’t start now, we will never start.


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