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Bindu Chakra . . . Bliss and Blessings

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This is taken from the Satsang in Class 22 of my Yogic meditation classes on my Youtube channel.

The yogis believed that within us, deep in the brain, we have a little sac of amber nectar, amrita.  This is the sweet nectar of the gods, the fountain of eternal life and eternal youth which can be constantly flowing through us as long as we meditate, allowing the sweetness of the amber nectar, the amrita, to drip down through our Chakras bringing harmony and a beauty to our inner selves and our lives.

Bindu Chakra is one of the most mysterious and remarkable energy centres within our human being.

Bindu Chakra is associated with the Pineal gland, it is our DNA receptor, it sends and receives our wisdom to and from our soul on a daily basis . . . so, at night, in your dreams you are sending your wisdom to your soul . . . and with daily practices in which we respect this incredible gift, our gift in return is the brain-mind manufacturing hormones which help us to relax, go to the sweetspot as we do in savasana and yoga nidra, feel feelings of deep bonding and security, and sleep deeply. A reminder once again, if we needed it, of the incredible workings of the Ultimate Mind of the Divine.

Unfortunately, this amber nectar can be burned by the fire of the solar plexus when it hits manipura chakra, and so we need relaxation to allow the peaceful flow, to allow amrita to be purified not burned and for cool sweet drops to bring a feeling of intoxicating bliss.

Of course whenever we experience feelings of intoxicating bliss, we are experiencing within our human bodyminds the bliss of the Divine experience of balance . . . you’ll remember what I taught you in my Satsang on Harmony, Karma and Bliss. That there is an impersonal experience of life which brings bliss . . .

And when we practice our exercises and meditations for opening, activating and expanding our Bindu Chakra point, we are in fact practising for the good of the whole . . . because Bindu Chakra connects us with Cosmic vibrations, with impersonal experiences outside of us which can be deeply transformational because they come from the Cosmos . . . you’ll remember the saying: you don’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you get what you need (thanks to the Rolling Stones for this phrasing) . . . this practice then is part of our metamorphosis and it might not turn out the way we expect!!! But what we get, is a divine experience of wellbeing as our blessing.

When we talk about “nectar of the gods” this represents a cosmology and connects us with concepts in yoga which help us personify our own “god-like” qualities and project them outwards to the Universe. The god-like sweet qualities are of course deep within us, needing to be awakened and also needing to be managed within a human body and mind . . . the reason for all of our yogic practice.

We train our minds to train our souls . . . and our blessing for diligence and devotion to practice is experiencing the sweetness of life . . . because our exercises in preparation for meditation with Bindu Chakra help us to hold the “amber nectar” at the throat chakra for as long as we can before guiding it drop-by-drop to the solar plexus where it can be purified and distributed throughout the rest of the body. (it’s called amber, not because of colour but because amber is translucent as is the amrita)

When we learn to guide the amrita to the throat and work with it there, for example with Ujjayi, the golden glorious breath, in pranayama practice, the throat chakra’s quality is “life” and we are controlling, managing and expanding the sweetness of life itself.

And when I talk to you about wisdom, and feelings of relaxation, bonding and security I am of course talking about the “first material” or archetypal qualities of the Divine Mother, the deeply sacred feminine qualities of the mother of existence . . . because the symbology of Bindu Chakra is the Moon – and that of Manipura Chakra at the Solar Plexus is the Sun which can burn all this sweetness with its fire! And in Yoga practices when we ground ourselves in practice knowing that we are containing Divine Energies in a Human Body, we are respecting qualities of the earth . . . and our inner cosmos, our inner world becomes expanded with our concepts and structures of “as above, so below” . . . we are the centre of our Universe, Sun Moon and Earth within . . .

I’ll teach more on Bindu Chakra over the coming weeks in my classes, and say more about qualities, symbology and meditation . . .  we approach these practices with caution as we train our minds and prepare our human bodies to contain divine energies . . . but there is another reason for a steady approach to our practice . . .

Those of you who have followed me for some time will know that I deeply believe in the fact that over the last 2,000 – 2,500 years during the astrological age of Pisces and Kali Yuga in the eastern tradition, we have been through our evolution in experiencing the age of the Master and Victim (age of Pisces) and the age of the Dark Mother (Kali Yuga) during which the qualities of the Divine Mother and Sacred Feminine have been pushed into the Shadow, and our status of equal beings has been pushed down into a cultural structure which suits only a few. The result has been that our Pineal Glands have shrunk, our DNA has been reduced (so reducing our natural life wisdom power) and we have been dumbed down.

Those of us who are ready for changes, know our job is to help the major change in raising consciousness for humanity to evolve . . . we also know our job is not easy and it won’t happen overnight . . . practice and methodology is so important, as is the deeply feminine quality of the Mother of exercising patience and compassion . . .

So, I ask you to be patient, be diligent in your practice . . . practice for the good of the whole . . . remember the qualities of the moon . . . inward ebbs and flows with the continual processes of monthly flow . . .

. . . and enjoy the sweetness of life and the deep sense of wellbeing.




Susan Ni Rahilly has reached an interesting point in her life now that she’s in her mid-sixties: as an author/publisher and Zen, Yoga and Meditation teacher she considers herself “trans-genre”—a multi-dimensional teacher inspired by Ancient roots of both Zen and Yoga. These roots reach back to Divine Feminine practices and inspire her ongoing research into our innate abilities for deep listening and intuitive practice: awakening and accelerating our Spiritual Vision as change-agents for Humanity’s future. She is also the Spoken Word Artist SuZen.



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