Having just written the article Three Days of Darkness, I am compelled to write about the possibilities of what may come after the Three Days of Darkness and any conflagration Planet Earth may well experience as she adjusts her energy balance and heals herself of the virus that we may call humans, because of all the damage humans have caused Planet Earth. A concept from the movie, The Matrix, and though it is harsh, I cannot disagree with that sentiment. Humans are better at destroying their planet rather than being loving, compassionate and proficient shepherds, stewards and guardians of their home.

Instead we have destroyed so much, and now the people are being the focus of attention so that they may also be destroyed, and yet, the masses of people know not what is afoot, and they gladly welcome the knife in the back, as their assailants smile malevolently.

So, it seems, unless a miracle takes place, that we are doomed to be shoved off the ledge into the abyss whereby those who follow that Lemming trail will have another opportunity to re-incarnate back on Planet Earth, or another similar 3D planet while Planet Earth is busy recuperating from all the devastation wrought by those who were greedy for control, and those who had no idea what was going on. For those, the journey and process of re-incarnation continues until that point when they can make better decisions and finally ascend to a higher Vibratory Frequency that will take them to the 4th Dimensional and the 5th Dimensional realities. Evolution of the Self is inexorable, no matter how long it may take.

What happens to those who have done the work of Self-Improvement, and have managed to access more of their innate Consciousness? What happens to those who have awakened sufficiently to separate themselves from those who are still asleep spiritually? I have been dwelling upon this question and subject, for some time now, and intellectually I am unable to arrive at a viable answer, so I am allowing my inner knowing to guide my typing fingers, and maybe I am channeling this information. If that is so, it is not from a discarnate being telling me what to write, but rather, I feel as if I am tapping into what I feel is the Akashic records, which will give me the possibility and probability of what may happen.

There is another group of people, to which I belong, which represents those who have been diligently working on themselves for quite some time. Such people meditate, practice Mindfulness, or any other practice that enables themselves to access that area known as the Source of Thought, and which the scientists call The Unified Field, which is the Field of All Possibilities, without any limitation whatsoever. This Field is the Source of what is also known as Creative Intelligence, that Field of Consciousness from which emanates all creativity and all intelligence. As we develop our ability to embody more of this immense and powerful energy, we are simultaneously lifted from being limited human beings to being limitless spiritual human beings, which is, in fact, our heritage, and our legacy, if we choose to inherit it. I say this because there are many who prefer to be the limited version of their greater Selves, and consequently, have no interest in what I am writing about, nor being a good steward, guardian or shepherd on Planet Earth, because they just do not perceive it that way, and they become myopic, and Self-Destructive, which is exactly what we are seeing right now, in 2020. You see, Creative Intelligence/The Unified Field provides us all with opportunities to learn how to develop our potential as ordinary human beings, to become super human beings with a much greater spiritual awareness. Some people recognize these opportunities, and take them with enthusiasm and gratitude, and there are those who do not recognize these opportunities, and so they pass them by, as they continue to seek distraction from their suffering, not realizing that by accessing more consciousness, suffering abates spontaneously and naturally.

So, the group meditates, and practices all sorts of ways and means to develop their ability to embody more consciousness. They use ‘Affirmations, Invocations and Prayers,’ and I wrote a book entitled such, which has a plethora of information that I gathered over many years, and which helped me enormously. They practice Yoga, and Breathing techniques, and I wrote a book entitled, Meditation, Yoga and Breathing, in which I explain what meditation is and is not and how it works, and why it does not, including some examples of easy meditation techniques, one using breathing, and another using a mantra. I also describe a few of the different types of Yoga, and I describe a number of breathing techniques and explain correct breathing. I also wrote a book, Entitled, Emissaries of Consciousness, wherein I explain, to the best of my ability, what consciousness is. In total I have written 20 books that can be extremely helpful to anyone who intends to use the information to help themselves heal, resolve and release all that which no longer serves them well.

After years of practice, the aspirant and querant may experience Self-Improvement, as they raise their Vibratory Frequency above that of the frequency by which they previous vibrated. In other words their ‘Herz’ increases. As this process develops, such a person will have increasingly more difficulty in identifying with this Three Dimensional Reality on Planet Earth, even though the ‘Herz,’ which is known as the Schumann Frequency, of Planet Earth, is also increasing. In fact, Gregg Braden wrote a remarkable book, entitled, Awakening to Zero Point, many years ago, which scientifically describes how the Electro-Magnetic energy of our planet is dropping, while the Schumann Frequency is rising. Obviously, this will lead to some event, but we do not know what that event may be. Some feel it may have something to do with the Three Days of Darkness I described in my article, and this may be something to do with the ascension process of the planet, which I know little about. It seems that there is a school of thought that 3D Earth will become 4D Earth, and 4D Earth will become 5D Earth, and so on. I have looked at this concept, and I do not yet know if this is the way it is to go. My reservation is supported by the fact that there are, already, representative planets in all the dimensional realities and time lines, and it is beings like us, humans who will traverse the dimensions on our way back home to our Source, known as Oneness. However, I cannot disregard the spiking in the Schumann Resonance of 3D Planet Earth, and anything is, indeed, quite possible.

Notwithstanding what may or may not happen to Planet Earth, I believe I do know what happens to humans and all beings on their evolutionary trajectory. In this respect, let me talk about myself, who is replicated by those many, many others, who are where I am on this spiritual journey of remembering Self, and those who are ahead of me. If you have read the excellent book, by James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy, you will remember that towards the end, the characters vibrate themselves out of 3D and they become invisible, only reappearing when fear got the better of them. In this respect, I feel that there are three possibilities of ascension, as follows;

  1. Death of the body.

This is an easy way to ascend, and many have done it. As we know there may be death of the body, but the Soul is immortal, and will go to that place where Souls go on their journey back, from whence they came, and will no doubt occupy some kind of body, which may be so incredibly Light. Somehow, this does not seem to be the way I am to leave, and I do not know why I feel this. I have no fear of death and my ego has no investment in this form of departure.

  1. Vibrating out of 3D into 4D or 5D, or even beyond.

This may be a possibility for me, whereby, spiritually, I am vibrating at a frequency that supports my ascension to another dimensional reality, and which feels like my body may be able to vibrate at a frequency that will allow it to accompany my Soul on such a journey. This does sound exciting, and I know that in such an event, my body will, no doubt, go through a cleansing process and then a rehabilitation process, and then a rejuvenation process. If this helps me avoid the birth canal, I am all for it. I know that a ‘walk-in’ is also another possibility, but then, I would not know what I would be letting myself into, and I am not so keen, at this time.

  1. Being lifted off the 3D Planet Earth by Beings from one’s ‘home’ planet and being taken to the 5th Dimension or above.

This method has captured my imagination, mainly because I am a First Wave Indigo and a Starseed, and, therefore, I know I am not of this Planet. I am from somewhere else, where those beings will come and collect me in a space ship/flying saucer, and Beam Me Up, Scotty! Yes, I feel ready to go home, after 74 years of very hard work and challenging experiences I have had on this planet, in this 3D reality. My wife, Avigail, feels the same. It has not been a picnic, and I am rather surprised that I even survived what I have been through. However, I did survive, and I am so much stronger for the experience, for which I an extremely grateful, but, I feel the time is nigh for me to go home. I feel I deserve a medal, to have survived on Planet Earth, which reminds of the song, New York, New York, whereby if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. This is exactly what I feel about Planet Earth.


There is much more to write, but I have fulfilled my intention to write about Ascension. All of us, whatever we may be, Indigo, Starseed, Rainbow, Crystal, or none of these people who came here to work and to make their positive contribution.  I even include the reptilian Dracos, and their human surrogates, who have a nefarious agenda for this planet, because irrespective of who we are, we are all here to learn some great and amazing lessons of life, work off karma and resolve inner issues, whether in this life or after another 10 or 20 lives. Although my life has been extremely hard this time around, I have learned so much, for which I am grateful, and which is something I can take with me as I continue my journey of evolution, knowing that everything three dimensional stays here. In this respect, considering what I have achieved on an inner, spiritual level, I regard my life as a roaring success. Hooray! However, ‘man plans and God laughs!’  We do not know what the ending may be, and there may not be any ending, just a new beginning, whatever, and wherever that may be. So, I toast you all as we lift our glasses, and I say L’Chaim, To Life!



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.