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Three Days of Darkness

When we look at circumstances and conditions among all peoples on our Planet Earth, we can see how bleak our present circumstances are. We can observe that all that has been happening and brewing up over decades, maybe, even, centuries or longer, that humanity has arrived at this point of reckoning. Indeed! This does seem bleak and demoralizing, but the truth is that every time there has been a significant change in the way humans conduct themselves and live, there has been great tumult. Change can be positive or negative, and, unfortunately, negative change seems to be more apparent than positive change, and yet, most people are to realise that change, whether positive or negative, depends totally upon the people and their choices!

There is no saviour who is coming to save the human race, no matter your religion. A good example of what can happen is demonstrated by the fate of Yehoshua ben Yosef, otherwise known as Jesus Christ, a man who came to put right many wrongs, and look at the trouble he had! I say that anyone who comes to help the humans is in for big trouble, because humans want change according to their perception of what that change ought to be. Please read that sentence again, and ponder the profound meaning. People are ONLY able to change when they feel they can, or want to change. The potential help for humans to effect positive change is to come in a different way, a way that will encourage people to want to change positively. Any such change is dependent on a variety of factors demonstrated by each one of us, as follows;

12 Factors for Positive Change

  1. The depth of our knowledge.
  2. The depth of our understanding.
  3. The depth of our Love and Compassion for all people, the earth and all of life, including all animals.
  4. The breadth of our Conscious Awareness.
  5. Our level of Consciousness.
  6. Our ability to be Non-Partisan, politically.
  7. Our ability to perceive the Bigger Picture, embracing all humans and all life forms.
  8. Our ability to be just and Non-Judgemental.
  9. Our ability to share and discuss, dialogue, and argue without condemnation.
  10. Our ability to create and build, for the highest good of all, rather than destroy.
  11. Our ability to act for the highest good of all, in unified thought, word and deed, even with differing opinions and perceptions.
  12. A HUGE event that will cause people to deeply regard the previous 11 points.

The list is longer, but suffice to say that when we have healed all that which prevents us from achieving the above, when we have resolved all that which limits us from demonstrating the above, and when we have released all that which causes us to stray from the path indicated above, we will be better enabled to create and build a Golden Age for the Highest Good of all life on this Planet.

However, if we choose to walk the path of greed, corruption, deception, violence, hate and intolerance, we can only create our own destruction and that of all life on this planet.

The choice of which path to take is for each one of us to make, then, together with a unified intent, some courage, the application of our will, and inviolate focus to achieve our goal/intention, together! The truth is that each one of us has issues, challenges and weaknesses to strengthen. The way forward is to meet each and every challenge, one by one, resolve it, and then meet the next challenge. When we have resolved sufficient challenges, the Golden Age will be a Reality!

What will it take for people to consider what I have written above?

I am sure all the people will not be able to do this without some kind of help, because we have all been so conditioned and programmed to think and act in a particular way, that we allowed over many centuries, and while technology has improved, humans still suffer as never before. What kind of help will come? I feel that most humans require an event or events that will take them from their conditioned and programmed way of thinking, speaking and acting, and allow them to open an inner portal that will allow them to embrace the first 11 factors mentioned above.

In order to over-ride all the fear, chaos, violence, intolerance, partisan politics and whatever secret agenda that may be afoot, by whomsoever, humans require a big ‘shake-up!’ We have had such ‘shake-ups’ in our history, as follows;

  1. Incessant wars, with WW! & WW2 being the wars to end all wars, but did not.
  2. Plagues, whether natural or man-made.
  3. Natural disasters, like volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes.
  4. Discoveries by knowledgeable people, over the centuries, many of which were rejected, then embraced later.
  5. The industrial revolution.
  6. The French Revolution
  7. The Roman Empire.
  8. The Mongolian Empire.
  9. The British Empire.
  10. The surreptitious and pervasive conditioning of humans that has hitherto gone unnoticed.

Again, this list is very long, and yet, with all the tragedy and suffering that accompanied all that mentioned above, humans did not learn very much at all. Now a millennia or two later on, we are now facing another existential reality which could, actually, destroy humanity, thus creating the 6th Mass extinction of our species. Please allow this to sink in. We are at a crossroads and our survival depends, most emphatically, upon what we do, or NOT do in the coming months. Not years, just months!

Many years ago, I read in spiritual writings, journals, and channeled information about a huge change we, humans are to experience. I know about the battle between the Light and the dark, and it seems that, at the moment of this writing, the dark has the upper hand. Well, the Light has not yet shown its hand, because, in my opinion, it is waiting to see how many people wake up and switch the Light on! Yes, there are more who are doing so, and yet insufficient in number to create critical mass, which is that mathematical formula which says that when sufficient embody Light, a wave of Light will sweep over the Planet helping many who are susceptible to such help and embodying more Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Compassion and Goodness. Such critical mass is thought to be 1% of the population, which means we require 73 million people to embody Divine Light, expand Conscious Awareness and reflect more Consciousness. Creation is waiting to see what choices more humans make before we are assisted in a manner that will encourage us to embody more Divine Light than ever before. Such assistance may come in natural disasters that are influenced by the energy humans project. If we project what is currently seen, we will probably encourage natural disasters that will help us to improve the way we conduct ourselves. One such natural disaster may occur by the instigation of the sun and external cosmic forces. For instance, we are currently being bombarded by huge solar flares, and mass coronal discharges from the sun, the centre of our Galaxy is sending out huge gamma waves of radiation, and our entire galaxy, is, at the same time, moving through the Torus of Photon Energy. This is having a disruptive effect on the way we think, and anything that runs on electro-magnetic energy, such as our memories, brain activity, and nerve communication. In fact, our entire physical body runs on electro-magnetic energy fields, and the heart produces the biggest of such fields.

There is another major event that is supposed to happen, and from what I have learned, it has happened before, several times. A huge electro-magnetic storm, akin to an Electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) that knocks out all electronics, and results in 3 days of absolute darkness on the entire Planet Earth. I understand that this major event, which has happened before, was accompanied by the pole shifts, and a shake-up on climate, planetary tilt, the wobble, and which resulted in a complete reset of Planet Earth and all remaining life forms, allowing another long cycle of evolution, so that the humans may recover and arrive at another point in their evolution, to make a better decision than they are doing right now.

It seems that the Earth may cease rotating for a short while, maybe 3 days, and may even begin rotating in the opposite direction, which I believe happened before. The people who are prepared for this, by embodying Divine Love, Divine Compassion and Goodness will weather this event much better than those who have no idea what is going on, have not chosen to embody Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine Compassion as their compass.

During this 3 day period of darkness, we will be faced by all our unresolved issues, weaknesses, fears and old inner wounds that were never healed. Some will be able to emerge after the 3 days of darkness relatively unscathed, and, in fact, enriched. While others may be tormented by this opportunity to open the inner portal of consciousness. This is the moment of truth that will tell us whether we have utilized our time wisely, in this life. This will be the moment of separation, whereby, the people will be going in different directions as part of different groups. One group will be preparing for another incarnation providing them with another opportunity to rise in consciousness, another group to heal what they failed to heal, and another group that contains those who qualify to rise to the next rung on the ladder of consciousness. There are other groups, I am sure. However, everyone goes home from whence they came, originally, to Oneness, but, not all at the same time.

Please be absolutely clear: This has nothing to do with religion, religious dogma in any way, shape or form!!

There is so much more to this possible event, that I cannot write here, as this is an article not a book. If you are interested, write to me, via the Contact Page on my website.

The hour is late, very late, and yet we can still make positive changes within each one of us, and flow with whatever is coming down the pike. Those who do not weather this storm very well, will continue to incarnate and have another opportunity to evolve during the next cycle.  The absolute truth is the Earth will not allow any more abuse to her, the animals will not allow any more abuse and cruelty to them, and the humans who desire positive change, and who embody that change do not allow themselves to be abused and controlled any more. There is a revolution going on right now, it is of consciousness and vibratory frequency. All accumulated individual and group karma is coming home to roost. This is the time to resolve all that which is to be positively resolved, and those who do, will move to the next rung, or higher, on the ladder of consciousness. This is probably the most defining moment we have had on this planet for several thousand years. “Be sure to perform thy allotted task, while it is yet day.” (courtesy of Dr. Samuel Johnson)



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.