Aluminum and the Alzheimer Brain

Did You Know That Heavy Metals can be Making Alzheimer’s Worse?

Okay, so most people’s first response is probably: What the hell are heavy metals? I remember when I first heard it, many years ago. I knew it sounded “bad,” but I had noooo real idea what it was, or what it meant. Does this sound like you?

We all know what metal is, sort-of. Right? While we may not have advanced degrees in chemistry and engineering- we know and live with all kinds of metal objects. Metal was a huge leap forward in civilisation. It is so important, we even name historic periods of time after them. We have the stone age- before we discovered metal. After that can the bronze age, and then the Iron Age.. and then came the age of Steel… We are now in the digital age ( preceded by the information age).. but all of these titles, started as a way of describing the tools that are most important to us.

So, the discovery and use of metal was a big game changer in Civilisation. But, metal is also important on the tiniest scales too. Metals are used in our bodies: we call them trace minerals. Iron is probably the best known; and we know when we don’t get enough, it can cause anemia ( fatigue, lethargy). Some of the other important metals are copper, chromium zinc, manganese, molybdenium, and selenium.

The criteria for something being ‘essential,’ usually means that if it is absent- it can cause changes in our health. As noted, iron deficiency can lead to anemia. Zinc deficiency can affect cell growth and repair. And manganese deficiency can affect glucose metabolism. Etc etc.

But not all metals are good and healthy for the body. Over the last century we learned just how toxic LEAD is, when it gets into the body. We went from being a culture that used lead in literally EVERYTHING – from paint to gasoline– to a culture that bans and regulates lead very carefully. We now know it causes brain damage, impacts many biological functions, and can even cause insanity. I bet you didn’t know the classic character The Mad Hatter, came from the very common practice that hatters tended to go mad- because they were lining hats with lead.!

So what does all this have to do with Alzheimer’s, anyway?

Well, there are still some metals today, that are potentially harmful to the body. And they tend to be higher in the brains of Alzheimer patients. Metals like Iron, copper and mercury. These tend to have higher concentrations in the Alzheimer brain, than in the healthy brain. The most notable of these is aluminum. Aluminum has NO role in the body, AND, once it is inside– it can travel around pretty easily. NOT a good combination.

How do metals get into the body, anyway?

Metals get into the body through a lot of different ways. The most common way is through what we eat. We also absorb things through the environment: the chemicals in our homes, and the environment around us. Aluminum from cans, leeches into the food ( in small amounts- but that adds up over time). Many people are questioning the safety of mercury in dental fillings- and other compounds are generally used today.

Vaccinations are another major contributor to heavy metals. In order to assure the body has an immune reaction to the desired pathogen, or germ, adjuvants are added to the mixture. This is why mercury was added as a stabiliser. Aluminum is another adjuvant- which means, it causes the body to react more strongly. In fact, there are a lot of ingredients in vaccines, such as soy and peanut oil.

These things are intended to make sure the immune system says ‘danger” and creates antibodies. In fact, some scientists are asking if this might be why we now have an epidemic of potentially lethal peanut allergies. Is the immune system seeing “peanut” in the mixture and saying OH, this is also dangerous!!! And creating antibodies to fight it, as an invader.

But the problem with things like mercury and aluminum, is the delivery. The body is exposed to various levels of heavy metals through the diet. When it is introduced through “normal” ingestion, the organs, and digestion can process it through, far more readily ( until they become toxic and overloaded). But the problem that vaccines present, is that these ingredients are being injected directly into the body and blood– where they are largely bypassing ALL of the body-systems that developed to protect it from exactly these kinds of potential dangers.

How does the body deal with heavy metals?

As noted, some metals the body needs and uses many trace metals.. and naturally eliminates what it doesn’t need. The kidneys and urine remove water-soluble toxins. Where heavy metals are concerned, the liver is the major defender. The liver does so many things for the body, we cannot keep count of the number. We keep discovering more functions!

The problem in regards to Alzheimer’s and overall health is two-fold. Toxins are removed from our food and body, and then sent down to the intestines to be removed. When the GUT is toxic, those heavy metals can leech right back through the lining of the GUT and into the body.

So, when the body can’t get the toxins OUT.. it looks for other solutions. One thing it will do, is store them in FAT.. where they are confined, OUT of harms way, away from the organs and the blood. This is one reason why fad diets that case rapid weight loss can be unhealthy. When the body suddenly burns fat- those toxins are released back into the body-system.. sometimes faster than the body can deal with them.

SO- what does this have to do with Alzheimer’s and dementia? Remember, the brain is as much as 60 percent FAT… Fat that may also be getting used as a ‘safe repository’ for those toxins…

The brain is the last hold-out- like the King on a chessboard.. So if there are toxins and heavy metals in the brain- it usually means the rest of the body has some degree of dysfunction, or toxicity. It is important to note, that having toxins does not mean a person is going to fall over, or die, or exhibit any external symptoms. Rather, it can be somewhat similar to the oil in the car.. it need changing on a regular basis- or the car stops running efficiently. Things inside get “ gunked up.” And this is what having toxins in the body does. And It is not an insult or a sign of being a bad person. We are ALL exposed to toxins, ALL the time.. and also- this is not something that happens all at once.. THAT would make it a lot easier to connect cause and effect. Heavy metals (and toxins in general) are a long slow process of build up and accumulation.

In regards to Alzheimer’s/ dementia and the brain… it may be that the toxins are there…. because the body CANNOT get rid of them. All of the other storage-facilities are overfilled. Think of it like.. being in a line.. or stuck in traffic.. before the brain can get rid of toxins.. the pathway to elimination needs to be cleared.

So what is it doing to the brain?

Aluminum is a neuro-toxin. Neuro- equating to the nervous system and brain. When there is aluminum in the brain, it damages the brain tissue, and can lead to degenerative disease because it creates oxidation. In fact, the symptoms of Aluminum toxicity/poisoning share many of the characteristics of ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, autism, and memory problems. Even depression. Aluminum seems to affect areas of the brain that control the automatic functions: the autonomic nervous system. This means it can affect processes like breathing, blood pressure, balance or coordination.

Heavy metals also interfere with the “good metals,” like magnesium and zinc. This causes “roadblocks” in the brain’s metabolism.

So- what’s the GOOD news?

The good news is, that heavy metals can be removed safely from the brain! There are many ways you can help remove them from the brain and body, safely. It is important to note, that to be most effective, it will help to address the other organs in the body, as well: particularly, you guessed it.. the liver and the GUT.

But what can you do to remove heavy metals?

Cilantro is a great food to use to remove heavy metals. There is a wonderful recipe for Cilantro Pesto, that tastes fantastic, is really nourishing for the Alzheimer brain, AND removes the heavy metals and toxins from the brain and body!

Magnesium, which can be taken as a supplement, as magnesium tablets, or MSM, which is a popular arthritis formula, and contains sulphur and magnesium- both of which support detoxing the body. Taking a bath in Epsom salts, which is magnesium chloride, is another way to draw toxins out, and absorb some beneficial magnesium, and sulphur.

Tumeric is another great food based way to help the body detoxify itself. Tumeric supports the liver and has many health benefits. It chelates heavy metals, as one of its many helpful roles.

Bentonite Clay is another great SAFE way to support the removal of heavy metals. As it wraps them up, binds them, and draws them out of the body safely. It also helps get oxygen into cells, so can support better energy and well-being. And, it also helps to repair and detox the liver and the GUT!



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