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Yourself, Your Health and Everything Else (Video)

The whole purpose s to help you arrive at a pace of peace, acceptance, awareness, mindfulness, kindness, compassion, appreciation, authenticity and progress within yourself – and in your life, career and relationships.



Along that journey there are 3 themes that may be very useful to be mindful of that I explore in the video above:

1) Your self: Unless you accept, appreciate and embrace yourself everything else in life is going to be a struggle at best, and impossible at worst. It may sound so obvious, but I meet people week in and week out in my work as a coach and motivational speaker who lack kindness, compassion and a real appreciation of themselves, their gifts and their possibility. This is where your journey begins.

2) Your health: We find ourselves with these bodies that we inhabit. We find ourselves “in form” and so it is important to be kind, caring and appreciative of our bodies – and our minds.  What can happen is that we either get so caught up in our minds, thoughts and intellectual issues that we forget to really take care of the body – or that we get so caught up in the body, beauty and superficial things that we do not look within and foster a healthy mind. When we add in point 1 about “our self” then we begin to move to a place where we are in balance in mind, body and spirit. With health start to listen to your own body. What works for you? What energises and tires you? What’s the amount of rest and sleep that you need? What’s the kind of blend of foods and drinks that most nourish you – that allow you a bit of balance and fun too?

3) Everything else: We live in a world that is relative …a world in which we experience ourselves in relationship to others and to the contents of the world around us. It’s a funny thing in a way as sometimes we want to retreat “into our shells” and sometimes we want to explore, connect, communicate, enquire, acquire, shine, sing, dance, perform, have status, make a difference, gather possessions, help others, enjoy rich relationships and experiences. That is the natural flow of life. As I often put it, the moment that you embrace yourself and embrace life itself then you begin immediately to start to appreciate and connect to others and everything else.

I hope you enjoy the video above and I wish you every joy on your journey.



Rasheed Ogunlaru is an acclaimed life, business and corporate coach whose simple ‘become who you are’ approach has helped countless business owners connect with themselves, their businesses and their customers. His background spans over 20 years in coaching, training, media, PR and performance. Rasheed is the business coach partner to the British Library’s Business and IP Centre and business coach mentor to TiE UK. He is a highly sought-after public speaker and regularly appears in the media, including the BBC, The Times and the Guardian.

He is the author of ‘The Gift of Inner Success’ and ‘Soul Trader – Putting the heart back into your business.’ Kogan or Amazon

For information about coaching, motivational talks, or to order one of his inspiring books, CDs and MP3s visit his website or email him

Twitter – @RasheedOgunlaru

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