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You Don’t Have To…

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You don’t have to believe, understand or have faith.
You don’t have to buy in, tap in or “feel the energy.”
It’s happening to all of us, just by virtue of the fact that we are alive on Earth together in this moment.We have chosen, as humanity, to evolve.

You may take a look at the world right now and say, “There is NO way this world is evolving! It’s a s***show out there right now!”

But I beg to differ (I’ll write again shortly and explain why that is). Take a walk with me, it’s ok, I don’t bite.

We are the only beings in creation that experience emotions the way we do, and we chose it that way.

We chose to feel anger, sadness and hatred along with love, joy and compassion. Feeling them to the depths of our core is how we have been navigating and living since our creation. None of these emotions are punishments by the way~ they are what make us human.

Here’s where we are evolving. We are beginning to see that love is the only thing that matters (yep, all those memes are correct!). When you can begin to understand that we are all players in each other’s stories, that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have to work with, that it is futile, painful, and damaging to hang onto the experiences and emotions around difficult people or situations,

then we begin to choose love instead. That’s the evolving part.

You may find yourself feeling less guilt and shame, less anger and hatred. You may find yourself flipping a switch…choosing to change direction during a challenging situation, surrendering, or at least knowing that you should. You may find yourself allowing emotions to come and go easily, seeing that everything and everyone has a purpose in your life or in society’s game.

Revenge and forgiveness won’t ever be on the table because you will hold compassion for everyone’s journey.

Most importantly, you will recognize that holding onto these painful emotions around situations and people can trigger illness and mental anguish, and you’ll want to change your perspective as quickly as possible.

THAT’S the enlightened part. That’s the evolutionary part. That’s what ends wars and creates a new world for us to coexist harmoniously.

And it’s happening whether or not you “feel the shift.”

One of the reasons there’s so much illness out there is because we are showing ourselves that emotional turmoil no longer serves us. We have less and less physical tolerance for carrying the baggage of traumatic experiences and emotions, or life and work situations that are aggravating, and our bodies are triggered more quickly.

That’s why we seem to have “one thing after another” occur.

Discuss this idea with others. Explore what it means for you.

Contact me if you are in this cycle and want to break out of it once and for all…if you want to explore what all of this means in your life, if you need help navigating out of the depths of emotions and into a lighter, healthier state of being. If you have questions. I can help.

My purpose is to end the cycle of self-punishment, fear, anger and guilt and help as many people as possible achieve a bird’s eye view of society while finding compassion and health.

Truly, we are all one. What you do for yourself you do for others. Do this for the evolution of humanity. We need you.

With much love,



Carrie Beleno is an Intuitive Reiki master/teacher, Spiritual Life Coach and author.

She received a phone call from an anonymous man from Tibet in 2015 who told her that she was a “powerful healer” and needed to trust and step fully into that role. Since that call, Carrie has used her Intuitive Reiki and spiritual life coaching to guide others in finding and listening to their intuition, releasing guilt, anxiety, fear and uncovering life purpose, health and joy.

It is her mission to reconnect God to the human spirit and each other.

Website: www.carriebeleno.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/belenomission

Email: carrie.beleno@gmail.com