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Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day?

Jan MooreBill and I often say that every day is like Christmas for us – full of love, joy, peace and abundance.

Christmas as a celebration of Christ Consciousness is just that – love, joy, peace and abundance for all, and it represents the state of being that is our ultimate goal and purpose here on Earth.

Experiencing the spirit of Christmas on only one day a year is like only being spiritual for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning. It is only when we bring spirit into our every moment that we become who we truly are and step into our creative power as spiritual beings.

The spirit of Christmas IS spirituality. It is the joy of giving to others, having fun and laughter, experiencing heartfelt gratitude, enjoying the abundance of the feast, being at peace with yourself and the world, connecting with friends and family no matter how far away they might be, sending love to all inhabitants of our planet and to Mother Earth herself.

By living the spirit of Christmas every day we achieve energetic connection (Oneness) with All That Is and collectively raise the vibrational frequency of the planet.

By consciously living this way every day we experience a delicious lightness of being for ourselves and we also play our part in bringing love, joy, peace and abundance to the whole planet.

The spirit of Christmas is within us. Let it reign!



Jan Moore is one of the leading empowerment, mindset and manifestation mentors and trainers in the personal and spiritual development community. She is an authority on human personality, spiritual laws, mindfulness and manifestation and her intuitive insights have created lasting transformation for people around the world.




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