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Why I Need to Rebel

I was the eldest daughter of a farmer’s daughter who was determined that I would have all of the opportunities that she never had. My childhood was filled with extra classes most days of the week.

Mum was determined that I wouldn’t grow up with an accent so I had elocution lessons. I was always learning poems and prose to perform on stage and as I was painfully shy these caused me terrible stomach problems. On reflection I am eternally grateful that it has given me a beautiful speaking voice much loved by my clients, but that took a long time to appreciate.

She also wanted me to be graceful so I started ballet lessons. Then there were piano lessons and violin lessons and recorder lessons though I wasn’t allowed to have guitar lessons as that was the instrument of the devil! This sounds like I am griping but all I am trying to show you is that my childhood was very challenging in a very middle class way. This led me to have a pretty strong rebellious streak as I developed a sense of resentment that I never had any free time. This has taken quite a long time to work through but I have got through to the other side.

The relationship with my mother was fraught with issues and arguments and I frequently felt disapproved of. There are so many examples but that is not the point of this, the purpose is to show you that I do understand.

I started my rebellion at age 15. The two topics that could never be discussed were religion and politics as they always ended up in major arguments. It took me many years to realise that no matter what perspective I approached those from there was never going to be any common ground, so many rows later I stopped.

I married my childhood infatuation and though I loved him deeply the conditioning that haunted me from my childhood meant that the relationship was full of heated arguments. Shortly after I had walked away from religion I ended my marriage as well. This was the start of an amazing adventure that has set me free from the straight jacket that had been my middle class upbringing. I know it could have ended up with me suffering from stress related sickness caused by the knot in my solar plexus, which would have been so until I discovered how to release it.

I now live in a way that stress is not an issue in my life, I sleep soundly and awaken with excitement for the coming day. I am unlike the vast majority of women who live on painkillers and anti-depressants as I have not taken a pharmaceutical drug for more than 12 years. My passion is to release middle aged women from stress and reaction to enable you to feel wonderful and discover your life-purpose.



It is my passion to help assertive mature women, who are burning themselves out, suffering with stress related issues and messing up their relationships, to feel a deep sense of relief, have more quality time and enjoy life again.

As a Raw Food Coach/Chef/Trainer I am experienced at enabling others to easily start the transformation to become conscious of healthier eating. People discover that adjusting their lifestyle can be both fun and easy and the outcome is often more energy and a greater capacity to self-heal. I am passionately involved with a movement to bring Non-GMO, Organic, Raw Vegan, wholefood supplements to the whole of my network and on into all of theirs too, so that others can benefit from having easy access to the healthiest foods in the easiest format.


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