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What is the Pentagram?

When I first began to explore witchcraft and paganism, I came across a symbol that is widely used in jewellery, clothing and accessories. The pentagram is a five-pointed star that has come to represent the occult, or hidden world. Many people see the pentagram as something dark and dangerous, and they shy away from it, fearing that it will bring bad energy into their lives. I have always been drawn to the pentagram, even before I understood what it represented. I knew that it was something powerful, and that it could help me to connect with the other world that I sensed beyond the physical. I just didn’t know how to use it. So, I did some research, I read books about witchcraft and paganism, and I joined an online coven, since I couldn’t find a physical one in or near my home town.

The pentagram represents the elements that we depend on. These are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. During a magical ceremony, or a spell working session, a practitioner may symbolically draw out the pentagram to create a sacred space in which to work. As a witch, I have invoked the pentagram many times, and I have a specific space in my home where I stand during rituals and ceremonies. You wouldn’t know if you were in my home, because I work with ethereal energy, and my spell working must remain hidden.

My husband has no understanding of my craft, and he doesn’t need to. I do this meditation and energy work for myself, to enrich my physical life, to help me navigate the tricky world in which we live, and simply to make me feel better when I need a boost. I wear my pentagram necklace with pride, especially on days when I feel low. It makes me smile, it gives me strength, and it reminds me who I am and where I belong. Namaste.



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