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What Is the Best Way To Spend Our Money?

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John OsborneIs Our Food Good food?

The food we eat today is vastly lower in nutritional value than it was at the end of World War II and is far from good for our health. The milk, meat, vegetables, drinks and grain foods we buy in the shops are essentially only chemicals with little or no food or health value.

This startling statement, if we are to believe the reports, is true. When we look at a scientific analysis, we have « The results (of this report) demonstrate that there has been a significant loss of minerals and trace elements in these foods over that period of time.” (WW2 to 1991)* In an update on that report, re-assessed to 2002 from 1991, in such things as milk and various cheeses some essential elements have disappeared altogether. There is no trace of essentials like copper or iron! (Look at the chart below to see how disturbing this is.) And please remember that the little pots of products sold at extortionately high prices in your local supermarket, often with a name beginning with an A, are essentially the goodness of milk with some not so good fats and other horrible things added. The “milk” that is left is really not milk at all. Almost all the goodness has been taken out. And such deficiencies can lead to very severe problems. Here, from that same report* are some.

Summary of peer-reviewed research papers which correlate various mental illnesses with mineral and trace elements deficiencies or imbalances can be found in Appendices 1 and 2 (pages 23 & 24) of ‘A study on the mineral depletion of the foods available to us as a nation over the period 1940 to 1991.’

We are seriously “overfed” – with the wrong things. Artificial colourings and sweeteners, many carcinogenic, many derived from coal or petrol, which are known to have serious effects on our nervous systems have replaced natural ingredients. The content and quality of our nutrition, the vitamins and minerals needed in our food to sustain our bodies has deteriorated to such an extent that nutritional illness is now endemic. So, we have to ask – Why?

There are two clear reasons; (1) money and (2) poisonous, harmful chemicals. A substantial proportion of the population consume little or no fresh vegetables at all and ‘modern’ foods contain various other components that come as ‘part of the package’, namely residual herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and the ubiquitous additives of processed, convenience foods e.g. colourings, flavourings, preservatives etc.” says the reports author, a renowned authority. And the money part? The chemical industry is the most profitable; what is worse, it controls the world.

So how can we avoid this deliberate poisoning and depleting of our food? Buy from the farm I hear. Hang on; that ‘s where it all starts! Or does it? The farmers will tell you that they produce what the supermarkets want. (Ever wondered why the fruit is like balls of concrete? That is because the supermarkets do not like “unnecessary waste” from ripe fruit, so it has to arrive unripened.) The prices the big groups offer the producers, including “backhanders” demanded to be allowed to even sell to them, force the food producers into the cheapest ways of producing. That means quantity, not quality. It means chemical not natural. It means we get ill so that the chemical producers can sell more of their products – through the doctors’ surgery.

The answer to this dilemma is hard to find, except that, perhaps, like my family, we keep hens for our eggs, we get our milk from the farm before it is adulterated, we get our vegetables either from our own horse manured ground or other similar source, and our meat from the farm where everything is of the farmers own doing. (This is far from perfect as the grain seed he uses is almost certainly contaminated with GM stock and poisons!) And, until we start reading the labels more closely and leave the chemical content food on the shelf, which if done “en bloc” will force the supermarkets to follow a more natural line, we remain wholly in the hands of the chemical industry.



John Osborne is a self-trained Naturopath with over 35 years of experience. Of an engineering formation, he looks at the root causes of people’s problems to discover the “why” rather than the “visible”. Using all forms of a natural approach, John includes phototherapy, homeopathy and aromatherapy among the means of aiding people to find a solution to their problems. John is not a doctor, so cannot diagnose, but works with the leading authorities in the world on the natural ways to cure serious illness.. His advice is given free and he is readily contactable via his website Remede Naturel.




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