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Two Food and Drink Additives We Should Avoid

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John OsborneWhen we go to the supermarket, we think that we are safe. Not so, There are now many “man made additives” in food and drinks which are used to replace better, cheaper natural ones! Yes, natural flavours are known to be better for our health. So why do they use chemical ones? There are two reasons; 1) “jobs for the boys” or more politely, to give more work to over profitable chemical companies and 2), and here is the real reason, they can use poisons to create more sickness to sell more drugs to make more money. Here is one case history – very personal.

For some time now my wife and I have been enjoying Violet cordial with fizzy water, to avoid drinking the tap water that is laden with fluoride and aluminium, both carcinogenic poisons, among other things. But my wife, who has fibromyalgia, has taken to drinking more than normal amounts of this, for her. At the same time we noticed that her level of pain and “nervousness”, much associated with ailments such as fibromyalgia, ME, MS and other situations where the nerve ends are damaged, had risen. So we set out to see why. We soon landed on the fizzy drink.

We ruled out the fizzy water as we bought that from any number of different sources. Then we looked at the ingredients of the Violet cordial; and there we found the culprits.They are marked as being bad for children’s health. No mention is made of what else they can do. Here are the official offerings of but two starters for this vicious circle of how we are being poisoned, that are in many of the Violet cordials, manufactured foods and other “nourishments” freely on sale.

E122 – Azorubine

Azorubine, carmoisine – also referred to by other names – is a synthetic colorant with red color from the group of azo dyes. It is produced from coal tar and is used mostly in the confectionery industry for making jellies, sweet candies, cheesecakes,drinks and marzipan.

Possible effects on human health are allergic reactions, rashes – such as hives – as well as skin swelling. People with asthma often react badly to it. HACSG – the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group – issued an alert that E122 can stimulate a child’s nervous system and can lead to hyperactivity, as well as bad concentration.

For over 60 years, Azo dyes are famous for their carcinogenic properties and are connected to urinary bladder cancer.

On April 10th, 2008, UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) called for voluntary removal of E122 as well as five more colorants till the end of 2009 and urged the European Union to do the same. (2009 came and went with no change….J.O))

Banned in Sweden, USA, Norway, Canada and Japan and some other countries, the substance belongs to the group of carcinogen agents that can cause cancer.
In addition to food, Azorubine (colorant E122) is used in cosmetics and perfumery.  2 Food Additives that are Extremely Dangerous

E133 – Brilliant Blue FCF

Brilliant blue, E133 is another synthetic blue colouring dye made of aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum which adds a blue colour to some products. Some people have been found to experience allergic reactions after consuming products containing E133 and this E number is already banned in Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany and Norway. Top E Numbers To Avoid

E numbers can and do hide far too many things. There is no differential between the good E numbers and the bad ones. E100 for example, often added to foods for colouring, is the most beneficial of any natural product known to man. It is CURCUMIN.  It aids memory loss, stimulates concentration, helps to block aging, and is protection against and can resolve problems of many serious illnesses. It is a “Miracle Food”. It can cost as little as 50 pence a day to stay healthy with Curcumin 99(TM)!!

We must read the label and check for ourselves what it is that is in what food or drink that goes into our mouths. We are responsible for ourselves – no one else cares.



John Osborne is a self-trained Naturopath with over 35 years of experience. Of an engineering formation, he looks at the root causes of people’s problems to discover the “why” rather than the “visible”. Using all forms of a natural approach, John includes phototherapy, homeopathy and aromatherapy among the means of aiding people to find a solution to their problems. John is not a doctor, so cannot diagnose, but works with the leading authorities in the world on the natural ways to cure serious illness.. His advice is given free and he is readily contactable via his website Remede Naturel.




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