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Thoughts on Self-Empowerment

Anthony AltmanThe term, ‘Self-Empowerment,’ is usually misunderstood, or not understood at all, and the reason seems to be that many people are unaware of their own natural, enormous power and potential. It would further seem that being unaware of the inherent power of one’s Self is encouraged by the unawareness of parents, the limitations imposed by religious, societal and political convention, and the ulterior motives of those who wish to be in control. Whatever the reason and whatever the means, most of us have been quite brainwashed, and consequently we have given our personal power away to a third party, at one time or another. It is high time we reclaimed our power, and this is called ‘Self-Empowerment!’

However, to be ‘Self-Empowered’ requires us to be responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds, and for the reality we have attracted to us, and the reality we experience. This means that whatever the experience, it is no other person’s fault other than our self, or the fault of circumstance, or, as others may believe, ‘bad luck.’ There is nothing random in the universe, and the fault always remains with each one of us. When we accept full responsibility for our lives and the choices we make, we embark upon the journey of Self-Empowerment. The subsequent challenges become more apparent as we address any ‘out-of-control’ ego, fear, insecurity, low self-esteem, and any weakness that may have been inherent or learned. Everything in our physical universe is subject to change, which can mean improvement, if we desire such.

In my e-book, ‘The Mouse Became The Lion,’ I share my own story of self-empowerment, which can be helpful to anyone who wishes to find their own personal power of Self. In my other e-books, ’89 Lessons of Life,’ and ‘fifty three Healing Techniques for Everyone,’ I describe the challenges that face many of us, and the means by which we can triumph over them. My first lesson was to learn that I could change the way I perceived my reality, my life and everything within it. Absolutely nothing is immutable in this three dimensional physical reality. Everything is subject to change, and that is the only constant. When I grasped this basic truth, everything began to improve in my life. This is called, ‘Facing my Reality.’

The second phase of my life journey was to embrace everything I seemed to be, the good, bad and ugly. This is crucial in overcoming any obstacle, to accept the reality of the current experience rather than fight it, or even ignore it, as is the wont of so many people. This is called, ‘Embracing My Reality.’

It is in such acceptance that one can actually proceed to the final stage, which is the releasing of all limitations that prevent us from being who we really are. Some people think and believe that we are just the body, and after death of the body there is nothing, but with some further education they will realize that this could not be further from the truth. We are not even our beliefs and consequential patterns of behavior, or the personality. Our true identity is totally spiritual, which means that beyond the physical body lies a spiritual, metaphysical reality that is not governed by physical law. Instead, universal, spiritual law is the guide, which can even be incorporated into our physical existence, and in this way, all our human dysfunctions, weaknesses, distortions are replaced by functional strength, clarity and balance. This is accomplished by conducting ourselves within the Universal parameters of Spiritual Law, which is the domain of Universal Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Prosperous Abundance and Good Health.

The problem with human society is that we limit our perception to the level of the problem, and are engrossed in the problem, rather than putting our attention on the solution. Our point of view is too narrow, much of the time, and with intent, and action to fulfill the intent, we can widen our viewpoint, expand our conscious awareness, and in so doing, raise our level of consciousness. This is our universal and spiritual inheritance, if we are open to such personal and societal potential.

The keywords, therefore, are;

  1. Face it!
  2. Embrace it!
  3. Erase it!

This simple, yet profound concept, of these keywords/phrases can lead you away from internal strife, and towards personal Self-Empowerment.


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Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.




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