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The White Wolf & The Black Wolf

I was busy editing my e-book, The Divine Purpose of Relationships, and I felt this excerpt to be so powerfully poignant, and that it may help someone who is having a similar experience.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2, Relationship with Yourself, The Divine Purpose of Relationships by Anthony Altman.

Addendum: It is the 24th March, 2014, and I have a story to tell!

Mars is retrograde until May, 2014, Mercury has just been retrograde, and the celestial spheres are in poor alignment. There is trouble all over the world, and masses of people are suffering. I am having a great challenge with my blood family, and such relationship is rock bottom. There is only my wife with whom I am in harmony. The spiritual path I am walking has become very narrow, and there are very few people with whom I can communicate about the higher realms of consciousness. It is a lonely path, and yet there are magical moments of clarity which shine through all the clouds of ignorance. Our financial situation has deteriorated because there have been some big, necessary expenditures regarding health, and a new washing machine, to replace the one which was worn out, and a vacuum cleaner, amongst other necessities. My computer is not very well, and repairs are necessary, like a new hard drive, and a new operating system, and some de-bugging. When the exhaust/muffler of my car blew a hole and nearly fell off, I felt completely overwhelmed. My income was also overwhelmed by our other outgoings, and we were not in good shape. My old fear of financial hardship re-surfaced, which really shocked me, as I believed that I had previously released that limitation. So, I faced two challenges;

  1. Family estrangement, including my daughter, son, niece and nephew, my brother and his wife, my only blood family!
  2. Financial hardship.

I began to have what Avigail, my wife calls, a ‘meltdown’ like some rogue nuclear power station. I was strained and stressed just like I had experienced when my previous marriage disintegrated, with the ‘loss of all onboard.’ I became depressed, as I struggled with my dilemma and what seemed to be my eternal nemesis. I went to sleep, a troubled man. I awoke a troubled man, and decided to take my car to the garage to see what could be done.

I dropped my car off at the garage, and I was told that I would be informed what the problem was, and how much I would have to pay for the repair. I decided to walk home, about 2 or 3 kilometres (about 1 ½ miles), and I walked along the Mediterranean Sea for a while, as I struggled with my two predicaments. My breathing quietened, and I felt a calmness envelope me, even though the ‘other part’ of me was still complaining and freaking out. This was my internal dialogue;

The Quiet Voice said, “You keep praying to God, Yehoshua/Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Saraswati, and anyone who will listen to you and save your hide. Have you ever thought about the dynamics between you and those you pray to?

The Complaining voice said, “No, I have not, because I am busy trying to survive these challenges.”

Quiet Voice: “OK, what is the relationship between you and those who may save you?”

Complaining Voice: “Well, I pray to those who represent that energy that can assist me to overcome my trials and tribulations, because I believe it is their job to help people in need.”

Quiet Voice: “Have you not yet realized that as long as you separate yourself from those ‘Divine Lights’ you also separate yourself from any help that they may render you?”

Complaining Voice: “No, I have not thought of it in that way.”

Quiet Voice: “What or who is God?

Complaining Voice: God is the ‘All That Is,’ the ‘I Am Presence,’ the Divine Font from which all life springs forth.”

Quiet Voice: “Where do you find this God?”

Complaining Voice: “Everywhere, in me, in everyone and everything. God is part of me, and I am part of God.”

Quiet Voice: “Then why do you pray to God, as if God is separate from you?”

Complaining Voice: “I do not know.”

Quiet Voice: “Then, I suggest you consider this; You are quite right, God is part of you as you are part of God, which includes all those you pray to for assistance. God is everything. You use the word God, but, in reality there is no name, because the ‘All That Is,’ the ‘I Am Presence’ is without any three dimensional form of description. God is nameless! You are the representation of God in your present form, just like all other beings everywhere in the universe, including those you pray to. Everything is One creation, One energy, One thought, One and only One Consciousness that pervades everyone and everything. When you pray to God or those others, you actually include yourself as that part of God you are. You are NOT separate from any part of creation, whatsoever!!

Complaining Voice: “Pardon! Can you please repeat all that?”

Quiet Voice: “Ah! I have your attention, good!” Have you ever thought or felt that good health on all levels is the result of inner and outer harmony of each individual soul? Conversely, all ill health, sickness and disease is the direct result of being OUT of harmony with Creation, of which, as we have now established, you are part!” Your family disharmony and the problem with your car are but the expressions of the Divine Source of the Universe to overwhelm you, so that as you sink to your knees with the weight of your perceived troubles you will give up thinking with your mind, and begin to think with your heart!”

Complaining Voice: “Yes, I think too much with my mind, and not so much with my heart.”

Quiet Voice: “When you think with your heart, you will observe that you did quite well in the past, by resolving about 95% of the issues of your family and money. However, your heart would also know that even with the 5% unresolved issues remaining in your sub-conscious mind, that mind will produce the same reactions to those issues, even though you have resolved 95% of them. It, therefore, remains for you to resolve the remaining 5%, so that 100% of every issue is resolved, and released, thereby completely releasing you from its shackles and influences. Thinking with your heart is a natural occurrence when you identify yourself as a unified part of the Whole of creation, and NOT separate in any way whatsoever. In this sense you are asked to surrender your non-life-supporting belief of yourself, and the resultant non-life-supporting patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you. You release them into the custody of their Source, which is also your Source. You surrender them, 100% to God, of which you are part, and so you are no longer governed by them. You are the governor, and you are the co-creator of whatever new belief you would replace them with. You have a blank canvass to paint your own vision of your life, so just do it! You and God create your reality!”

And so, the complaining voice grew quiet, and the quiet voice welcomed the complaining voice as a newly unified part of the whole, and the healing was complete. 100%! This realization was more than just thought. I felt it in my heart and I became emotional as I felt the glory and the Grace with which I was gifted. In that moment I felt the wings of liberation take me to the heights of Bliss! It would seem that I had learned something this very day.

I returned home demonstrating a much better energy than before, and I was at peace. The car was repaired at a much lower cost than I had thought, and all is well. The issues with my family are similarly released in the knowledge that each and every one of us has the Divine right to think, say and do whatever we wish. I, on the other hand, was also freely able to choose how I am to react to anything that anyone thinks and says about me, whatever it may be. I can choose to react or not. I can choose to reflect compassion and love to anyone with whom I am not in harmony, as long as I maintain that harmony within myself. I can also choose to disengage in the absence of resolution. And, so it is! Avigail, my beloved wife, welcomed me home and congratulated me on healing two major issues in my life.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please email him on anthonyaltmanbooks@gmail.com.