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The White Wolf and The Black Wolf

The Native American grandfather was telling his grandson about the battle between the White Wolf and the Black Wolf, and during the telling of the story, the grandson asks of his grandfather, “Grandfather, which wolf is going to win?” To which the wise old man says, “The one you feed!”

This story contains one of the most profound concepts anyone can contemplate, if such a person was walking a path of Self-Improvement, endeavouring to expand conscious awareness, and raising consciousness. This blog is where I discuss the implications and the wisdom contained therein.

First, allow me to share with you an experience I had this morning, when I took an early morning nap, because I am usually awake and out of bed between 2am and 4am each morning, so, at about 8am I may have a nap. I was lying in bed thinking whether I could best utilize my time by meditating, but, did not have the energy to sit up, so I chose to lie there and see what would happen. I must have dozed off, because I suddenly became aware of an altered reality, which is difficult to describe, because there are no adequate words to describe the indescribable. Subjectively, I felt I was migrating to and fro, between distinctive realities, which was accompanied by a swishing sound, and I felt totally at peace, in total balance. After about an hour of this, I arose, and walked about, so as to process and integrate the experience. Within a short time, I was opening my psychic Self, my psychology (sub-conscious mind) and I was able to perceive everything with much more equanimity and clarity. The most startling, and most incredible perception was that everything in the physical world, including thoughts, words, actions, biological organisms, and inanimate objects, are all an illusion. This illusion can be likened to Startrek, Holodeck 3, participating in an holographic drama/game of choice. In this sense, on a deep level of consciousness, where everything exists in unity and harmony, we all co-create this holographic projection called living life. The entire purpose is to facilitate the growth of conscious awareness in all the players, and if you do not graduate, you get to try again in another life, another holographic projection. Before, anyone discounts all this as the hallucination of a man flying higher than a kite, I would ask them to read the great book, The Holographic Universe, authored by Michael Talbot. Therein, you will find some enticing evidence that supports the concept, that everything in this world of form is purely holographic in nature, and then you may ask, who is the projectionist? Indeed, this would astound you even further if you do not already know who you really are.

The next incredible revelation that occurred was that there are no good and evil! These two concepts are purely two opposing holograms that are designed to help you find that neutral place in the middle of both. Allow me to explain further: Normally, a, so-called, person would encourage goodness and reject evil, but;

  1. What if I told you that neither exists at all, only in the programmed minds of those who identify very closely with the hologram, not knowing that it is only a projection of a frequency of consciousness on to the screen of everyone’s sub-conscious mind!
  2. What if the pursuit of goodness entraps the pursuer in to being constantly in pursuit, and not finding it? What if you did find your heart’s desire, that you were attached to, would that not also be a limiting factor, preventing you from going further, deeper, and beyond?
  3. What if in the exercise of rejecting evil, that is exactly what you attract, or are attracted to? Because whatever you put your mind on is the energy you attract.
  4. What if, left and right, good and evil are wings of the same bird?
  5. What if the purpose of the exercise in the battle between good and evil is to find that neutral place that is neither, just neutral?
  6. What if I told you that the pious man who pursues enlightenment at all costs may well be one of the most trapped people, by allowing the ego to search for that which will never be attained, because the ego does not want to commit suicide willfully or knowingly, which is not the case, because the out-of-balance ego does not know anything other than its survival, even though it usually is the cause of incredible suffering and even its premature demise, when out of balance.
  7. What if I told you that good and evil are two aspects of enabling anyone to learn what they are and what they are not, and to be able to transcend them both, and thereby no longer be a player in the holographic drama?
  8. What if I told you that living this life has one, and only one purpose, and that is to transcend this three dimensional reality and graduate to the 4th and 5th dimensions, and more realities, as our journey of evolution takes us from constantly re-incarnating into this three dimensional reality which is the greatest school of the universe?
  9. What if all that evil is actually serving a great purpose for us to learn how to transcend it, without judgement, and the same goes for good?
  10. What if most of us are working off negative karma, incurred in previous lifetimes?
  11. What if it does not really matter whether any of us lives or dies by whatever cause?
  12. What if there is NO death? Of the body, yes! But, the body is only a vehicle and is quite temporary anyway. I recommend that you read the many books by those who have had NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), which is a misnomer, because those people did die, and came back to life many minutes after you would expect brain damage. I recommend you read the Book, Saved By The Light, by Dannion Brinkley, who has had three more NDE’s and he has incredible stories to tell.
  13. What if the soul is immortal! Therefore, there is no death!
  14. What if, the average human being uses merely 5% of the capacity of their minds and brains, and even the true nature of the capacity of the heart centre.
  15. What if the normal state is the use of 100% of the mind centre and the heart centre?
  16. What if I told you that all the evil involved in world politics, world banking, pharmaceutical companies, the industrial Military complex are all playing their part, and do no less than the people, who are disenfranchised, abused, raped, pillaged, maimed and killed, allowed them to do?
  17. What if I told you that with everything that is happening on the planet at this time, each one of us is co-creating it all, the good, the bad, and the indifferent!
  18. What if, each one of us has the solution to resolve everything that is happening on this planet Earth, right now! What could it be? Well, if you have read this treatise thus far, you deserve to know the answer. The simple answer is that each one of us practices whatever means we can to RAISE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS! The complicated part is to help people understand that which is indescribable, because it is a subjective knowing, not an intellectual exercise. To develop the ability to have that subject experience one is to learn certain practices, which is no different than go to school and learning what they teach, except most schools will not teach you what is written in this article, and they do not teach meditation, and other Self-Improvement skills and practices. So, it is up to each one of us to do that for ourselves, and this article is to inspire you to do that, if you are not already.
  19. And finally, whatever you put your attention on, in a negative sense or a positive sense, that is the reality you create, because energy flows where thoughts go.

If, this information resonates with you, and you want more information, contact me, or others. Read books on these subjects, and educate yourself. Developing your enormous potential is a worthy endeavour, and when sufficient numbers of people are doing it, the ripple effects will help everyone.

The lesson is to accept everything as part of co-creation, and if we do not like what we have co-created, we can change it. However, to change anything on the outside, we are to first change on the inside. When we make positive, internal changes, that is reflected on the outside, which is quite scientific and is supported by Quantum Physics. If we do not like being deceived, then let us change that inner programme that supports deception on the outside. At least let us do something proactive in making such positive changes. In the 1970’s, when I lived in the United Kingdom, the social government created all sorts of problems, and the people responded by ‘General Strikes,’ meaning that everyone ‘downed tools,’ and did not go to work. Everyone! Within days the government started to listen. Yes, the people have great power when they are united, and that is why ‘Divide and Conquer’ is the order of the day by those who wish to impose their agendas on the masses, who, usually, tow the line.  I am sure you get the picture.

Finally, it is useful to know that everything is a frequency of energy, waves of energy, from thoughts to your dining room table. The one who raises consciousness sufficiently is able to manipulate all wave frequencies, and create whatever they want. Of course, at this level of conscious awareness, only life supporting realities are created. Earth is a prison without bars, and you either remain here, or you learn, in one incarnation or another, how to navigate this challenging, low frequency, dense and heavy reality. Then you will be able to progress to that reality of a higher frequency, as we learn how our soul returns home, from whence we came. This is the real, authentic you, me, not the personality, or the body. The real immortal you. This is the real purpose of life on Planet Earth, if you are up to it, in this life.

There is so much more to share, but I feel that this is enough for now.

Whatever happens during the events surrounding the COVID 19 virus, and whatever may happen as a follow up, we can change everything, if we want to. All we are to do is learn how to do that. There are plenty of people who know, and can help you, just as there are plenty of books. I have written eighteen books that can be helpful, and I have made a few videos, plus there are guided meditation audios and one video that can be helpful. All of this can be seen on my website, if you are reading this other than on my website. I am available to answer sincere questions, if you have any. Send me a message on the contact page. The truth is that nothing is what it appears at first glance.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.