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The Spiritual Razor’s Edge!

This is a unique time in humanity’s modern history, whereby the entire human race is faced with such existential challenges that we see all over the world. This includes, and yet, is not limited to – political dysfunction, the disenfranchisement of the people, the dysfunctional financial system, exploitation of the masses, the inadequate educational system globally,  inferior food and food supply, inferior quality of air, inferior quality of the potable water, the continuous suffering of people and animals, together with the unabated destruction of our planet, like destroying the rain forests and deforestation thus limiting the earth’s ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, climate change, and the cruelty to people and animals.

When, I look at this litany of negative and destructive tendencies, I can foresee the possibility, if such a destructive course is maintained, of the 6th mass extinction of the human race. Notwithstanding this dreadful possibility, I observe that most people do not seem to care, or they are not consciously aware of their precarious predicament. I tend to acknowledge the latter, and that most of the approximately 7.3 billion human beings are not sufficiently aware of their human potential to expand their conscious awareness and raise their consciousness, and in so doing co-create a golden age of harmony, well-being and prosperity for all, according to their measure. Instead, suffering continues unabated.

However, there is a minority group of human beings who do recognize the dangers of our present course of action and inaction, and are doing something extremely pro-active about it. These are the brave souls who are endeavouring to expand their conscious awareness and raise their consciousness. Many participate in activities and practices that specifically help them develop their individual human and spiritual potential, while in their own native lands, or they sojourn in those areas, like India and elsewhere, where they can immerse themselves in meditation, healing, and karma resolution practices, that can, and often do, accelerate their spiritual development and evolution of consciousness quite significantly. This is the group of people I wish to write about in this article.

Such Brave Hearts, embark upon such a journey of Self-Development with focus and intent, apart from the requirement to have courage. For such a journey is not for those who are faint of heart. Instead, it is for those who have the resolve to transform their inner mouse into their inner lion or lioness, and strive forward to face their inner limitations, inner demons and skeletons that are all to be cleared out and transformed into all that which is true authenticity, and not living a life according to the programmes, rules, regulations and restrictions imposed by others. I would further say that most of us are dysfunctional in some way due to the programming we experienced as children from parents, school, and ‘the system,’ all of which has proved to be more dysfunctional than functional. It is a wise person who knows that they are dysfunctional in some way, and actually does something about transforming such dysfunction into function. The unwise have no idea they are dysfunctional, and so it is a waste of time and energy to discuss it with them. Such people vote for leaders who are equally dysfunctional, and that is the reason our societies are suffering as we see all around us.

To those who are the pioneers in consciousness and spiritual development, I acknowledge the precarious nature of the journey, which I liken to a Razor’s Edge, from which one can easily lose their foothold, and fall into some kind of belief of limitation. I have been there myself, and miraculously, I emerged relatively intact, becoming much more aware and a wiser man for having had such experiences. Indeed, I have my own story to tell, and this is why I am writing this article, which I hope will be shared by all and sundry, so that those who are experiencing any form of spiritual delusion or illusion may know that they may well be experiencing what I call the Shaman’s Death, facing the opportunity of the death or elimination, or shift, of some inner belief, some sub-conscious programme, some inner distortion or perception that no longer serves for the highest good, and which can now be Faced, Embraced and Erased! In this respect, there may well be arising an opportunity for Spiritual Counselors to help such people, and this is an activity I feel I am sufficiently experienced to perform, considering my own journey of the previous 62 years.

If anyone who is experiencing spiritual challenges which may limit them rather than accelerate their progress to be free of all limitations, I invite them to contact me via my website by sending a message on the Contact page. Perhaps I can be of some supportive service, and perhaps something will evolve out of this approach that may be more global and Holistic. In other words, I want to see what is going on out there with those who are struggling with their own spiritual journey. Perhaps others will join me, and we can see what is possible to help those who are in the spiritual doldrums, and once they emerge, enriched, they can then help others. We are each to help each other in a balanced and free flowing manner, devoid of policy, script, belief, or with any private agenda at all. And so it is!

I invite your comment on this article, and any positive and constructive contribution you may have.

Thank you.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.