The Realms of Existence

Catherine GreenI recently purchased a new pair of dowsing rods. For anyone who is not familiar with these, they are brass rods with free-moving handles. People use them to dowse for running water beneath the ground, or to find archaeological sites, or in my case, to communicate with Spirits and Angels. The rods will move independently using magnetic particles in the air, and Spirits can harness this natural phenomenon and use their own energy to answer questions and speak to humans.

I was with my sister, a fellow Spirit communicator, and we were simply sat at home when she suggested we ‘play’ with the rods. And I am glad that she did because I had the most amazing experience! I was holding the rods loosely in front of me, not really concentrating on what I was doing. My sister began asking questions and we established that if the answer to a question were ‘yes’ the rods would cross over. If the answer was ‘no’ the rods would remain static.

As we began by asking if there was anybody in the room with us who would like to speak, the rods slowly moved into action. My sister has been on a personal quest recently to communicate with our deceased dog. I know that his spirit is with us and that he spends a lot of time with her, but she wanted to ask and see what happened. Almost immediately the rods crossed over with a very strong force! Then I heard a voice in my head. It was not mine, it was male, and had a slightly scolding tone. It said, “Of course he is with you! Do not ask silly questions! He is sitting by your feet!” I then pointed to the spot by my sister as I relayed this information.

The questions began to flow more freely and I was even interrupting my sister because I had to speak the words that were in my head. She was surprised at the change in my tone and body language and she knew that it wasn’t me speaking. She said afterwards it was very exciting but a little unnerving to see her own sister acting like that! And all the while the rods responded with strength and energy as our Angel friend moved them and spoke through me.

We asked our friend to identify him or herself. Were they a Spirit connected to my house? No. Were they an Angel Spirit? Yes! Were they a male Spirit? Yes! Then we asked where in the room our friend was stood. The rods moved to point in the direction of a dresser in one corner, and I told my sister he was standing just in front of that, smiling and laughing because he was so excited that we were finally speaking to him! Apparently he was always there, ready to talk, but we humans are very slow to catch on with such wonders! I later asked him for a name and he identified himself as Azrael.

I then decided to direct the questioning away from our personal quest for Spirit communication. Azrael proceeded to channel through the dowsing rods and me, and explained that there are three planes of existence in the natural world. The first is the Earth plane; that of our human lives, our universe, the solar system, the planets, and everything that physically lives on Earth itself.

The second is the Earth Spirit plane. This is where the spirits or souls of deceased people go when the human body dies, or indeed the animal body. It might be what some people refer to as ‘limbo’ but I believe it is an in-between place for those who still have connections to Earth and to the physical living people.

The third is the Angel Spirit Plane. I believe this might be the Christian version of Heaven. It is where the Angels reside but they are free to visit the other two realms whenever they like. The Angels are our friends; they will help us if we ask for it. They will offer guidance but only if they truly believe we are open to receive it.

The Being that we refer to as God is the Almighty Presence. It is neither male nor female, but a combination of the two. We call it God and refer to it as male because humans must always put labels onto things. Our society values material goods and solid, physical substances. We must give things labels and names in order to identify with them. And that is why a lot of humans struggle to accept the Angelic and Spiritual world, because they cannot see it or touch it. We have managed to assign names to our ethereal friends, but that is as far as we have gone.

Most humans disregard thought processes unless they can be quantified. For example, if someone sees movement from the corner of their eye, they must immediately equate it to a trick of the light or a speck of dust. They cannot comprehend that it might be a Spirit entity. Many people do not believe in Orbs on photographs and will only accept that they are the product of poor photography or faulty equipment. And if a human has a strange voice in their head, or is thinking something that they would not normally do, they either think they are mentally ill, they are dreaming, or they are under some stress and not thinking clearly!

Is it any wonder there is so much suffering in the world? Humans do this to themselves through our own ignorance, our inability to simply accept the unexplained or unexplainable. We must always be the victors in a perceived dispute; we must always be able to explain something rationally and intelligently. Yet we accept the Church, we accept what our governmental leaders or our monarchy tell us, and we accept the social conditioning into which we are born and brought up. I ask you to simply stop and think, for you will know what is right for you as a person and as an individual.



Catherine is the author of the adult paranormal romance series The Redcliffe Novels and also The Darkness of Love, She has short stories published in YA anthologies, freelance articles on various industry websites, and contributes to her personal personal blog, and her author blog .

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