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The Perfection of Speech

In 2008 I had a psychic Vedic Astrological reading in India, when I was informed that I was to develop the Perfection of Speech. I did not really understand what that meant, until a week ago. Yes, I knew about frequency, vibration and energy, and I knew about the five sacred languages, but, I did not put all the knowledge I had together as a holistic concept that I was to develop, and which will create a new journey for me. It seems I am not too old to learn something very new, and dynamic, which is also an exciting consideration.

Blog #B4, The Perfection of Speech

Let me begin at the beginning, the very best place to start.
I understand that there are five sacred languages, which are;

  1. Hebrew. (the original, old Hebrew)
  2. Sanskrit, from India.
  3. Ancient Egyptian.
  4. Tibetan.
  5. Chinese. (Ancient or old Chinese)

These languages are regarded as being sacred because the sounds they create when spoken by a balanced person, or one who is sufficiently Consciously Aware, are more refined vibrations of a frequency of energy that can have the effect of activating meta-physical and physical codes that are contained within the human body, or within the aura (energy field) of a human body. These codes are keys that unlock more of the human potential of each individual, which corresponds to expansion of Conscious Awareness, and the development of greater consciousness that is also innate within each one of us.

Notwithstanding the sacred nature of these five languages, each and every other language has its own value, beauty and magic, and when such a language is spoken by those who are balanced and who reflect a higher state of consciousness, such sounds can also have the desired effects, without any doubt. It is imperative that one speaks whatever is their native, or other learned language clearly, succinctly, correctly, with love and compassion, and with the intention of all utterances being for the highest good of all. The language I use for this endeavour is English, and apart from the ascribed meaning to the words, the vibratory frequency with intent carries the information and performs the desired task successfully, in accordance with my state of Consciousness, as is the case with other people speaking any other language.

These codes are like switches that will be activated when that person or persons are sufficiently prepared to allow those switches to be turned on. These switches are like mathematical codes that were put in place by the Great Unseen, perhaps with the co-operation of OneSelf.

Energy is the basis of physical reality. Sound influences energy to be what it is to be in the most appropriate form, depending upon the sound frequency, and the intention with which the sound is made. Sound frequency is best known by music, created by those who play musical instruments. It is also observed in the singing voice, when we can be moved spiritually and emotionally by those who emit the appropriate frequency in the singing sounds that they create. A good example of this is the throat singing or overtones of Tibetan and Mongolian singing, apart from others who have an innate quality to produce vocal frequencies that have similar effects. Then there are those who are able to use their speaking voice in this manner, with the same result. This is where my attention is taking me, for my own self-development.

Over the past year or two, I have observed people who create Sound Frequencies, and I have equally observed the effects of Sound frequency on others. I have watched many videos of musicians and singers, and even those who speak, and observed my reactions. Some moved me, some did not. With some I was indifferent, with others I was in dissonance. It was the experiences that provided me with resonance that intrigued me, and brought me closer to an understanding, feeling a knowing that I was soon to embark upon a course of action to see if I am able to use my voice in a manner that produces a sound frequency that can be resonant to others.

I remember how some people in the past have made comments about the healing quality of my voice, about which I paid scant regard, until recently. Now, I feel that I can develop the necessary quality, that is already in place, and all I am to do, is heal my remaining inner wounds, resolve more karma and issues that limit me, and release all those beliefs and patterns of behaviour that constrict my greater Self-Expression. Then I will be better enabled to share what I know in a manner that produces the appropriate vocal sound frequency that can have a resonant and beneficial effect on those who are listening. This is my way of making a positive contribution that can help to throw those switches or, activate the codes, that can have the effect of an individual NOT having to experience what I went through to get to the place I, and others, now occupy on the evolutionary path in Consciousness, whatever that may mean. I perceive it as having been able to progress from one point to another, denoting a modicum of progress and achievement. It has taken me the best part of 63 years of living, experiencing, learning, practicing, serving others, serving myself, going to hell and back time and time again, all of which taught me how to heal, resolve and release, and thereby grow in consciousness sufficiently to help me arrive at this point in my life journey, and write this article. I feel that what I am about to do may help others to accelerate their respective journeys in some way, without them being obliged to experience what I did, which is the most laborious manner, and is not really that necessary anymore.  I am equally assured that I will also be able to help myself accelerate my own journey of spiritual progress.

The reason I am doing this now at the grand age of 75, a time to retire and grow vegetables, is that I feel, and very strongly, that humanity is at a junction point, a razor’s edge, whereby, if human beings take the High road, all is well. If, on the other hand, they choose to take the low road, they will create another long cycle of thousands of years, whereby they go back to a beginning, and start the evolutionary process all over again, from scratch, in the hope that when they arrive at a point, similar to where we are now, they will make a better choice. Everyone gets to evolve, and move forward, but not all at the same time in the same way. This last action of service to others will help me to complete my purpose on this planet, in this lifetime, for which I will be grateful.

I am now thinking and feeling of different ways and means to enable me to develop this ability, and I will begin by making a simple, short video, which will soon be posted on my YouTube channel and on my website.

Each of us has deep within, a purpose, which is known as destiny or in Sanskrit, Dharma, which means destiny and one’s journey that will help fulfill one’s destiny, only if we allow it. Such Dharma is decided before we incarnated, and often is not fulfilled because living in a human body in this three dimensional reality of polarized duality is most challenging at best.

If you have any ideas, suggestion or advice how best I can pursue this developing of the perfection of Speech, I welcome your constructive comments. Thank you.

In a recent discussion with my wife and our dear friend Shlomo/Solomon, Shlomo reminded me of the sacred chant sounds of each chakra, which I was able to find again, and I am going to embark upon the exercise of balancing my chakras using these sounds, especially my throat chakra. I include these sounds herewith, so that if anyone else resonates with Perfecting their Speech, this may be of some assistance. I believe that everyone and anyone who has a predilection to communicating with clear and sincere speech can also develop the ability to Perfect their Speech, so that more people can make positive contributions to humanity, by helping the process of Code Activation through Sound. This is my intention, and I am pursuing this course of action.

Muladhara. Root Chakra.

Sound “Lam.”

Represents: Planet Earth.

Status: Safe.

Being: I am.

Svadisthana. Sacral Chakra.

Sound “Vam”.

Represents: Water.

Status: Flowing.

Being: I feel.

Manipura. Solar Plexus Chakra.

Sound “Ram”.

Represents: Fire.

Status: Self-Mastery.

Being: I do.

Anahata. Heart Chakra.

Sound “Yam”.

Represents: Air.

Status: Universal Love.

Being: I love.

Vishuddha. Throat Chakra.

Sound “Ham”.

Represents: Ether.

Status: creativity, expression, purification.

Being: I speak.

Ajna. Third eye Chakra.

Sound “Aum”.

Represents: Transcendence.

Status: Mind, personal and Universal.

Being: I Perceive.

Sahasrara. Crown Chakra. Sound: Silence!

Represents: Inner Silence, nothing & everything.

Status: Listen. Just Listen.

Being: I Am That I Am.

I feel that Perfecting Speech relies on Perfecting Thought, so that thoughts are supportive and pure enough. The actual language we use, whatever national language that it may be, is to be used in an intelligent, educated manner, with crystal clear pronunciation, in a slow and rhythmic fashion. I also feel that the use of ‘ummm,’ and other useless sounds detract from the purity of the intent. This requires clarity of thought, a clear focus of intention, and a balanced ego. It also requires that our consciousness is sufficiently developed to support this endeavour.

This is the time for each of us to find our destiny/Dharma, and whatever gifts we can develop to accelerate our own awakening, and to be of service to others by helping them to help themselves similarly. Dr. Samuel Johnson said, “Be sure to perform thy allotted task while it is yet day.” Time is of the essence, the sun is setting on Humanity, what we think, speak, and the actions we perform will determine whether the sun will rise on a bright, new present, ensuring the creation, by the people, of a Golden Age for humanity, Planet Earth and all life thereon and therein.

Thank you.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.