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The Keys to Living a Great Life!

Anthony AltmanAnthony Altman discovered these ‘Keys to Living a Great Life’ as he walked his path of improving himself, and doing all he could, as he continues to do so, to expand his conscious awareness and help raise his consciousness.

He feels sure that anyone who incorporates any of these Keys will enjoy the resultant benefits, which, at the very minimum, will provide you with more joy and contentment.


1.  Life Is what it Is, in this, the Now Moment

Whatever the circumstances, whatever the experience, in the present moment, the experience of life is what it is, in this moment. It is quite useless to wish it any other way, to deny it the reality it is, or to struggle against it. It is preferable to accept life the way it unfolds in each and every ‘now’ moment, which is always the result of what we have previously thought, said and done. Life, therefore, is the manifestation of our intent, whether it is conscious or unconscious. As and when we decide upon a course of action the Universal Source of Creation adjusts itself to accommodate your desire, and the result is what you experience. If you do not like it, you are free to make any changes you wish. Your ‘Now Moment’ is, therefore, the result of your own, powerful, creative abilities, and when you realize that you are the creator of your reality by all that you think, speak and how you act, you will be able to accept full responsibility for all that you attract into your life (The Universal Law of Attraction). If you don’t like your reality, change your thoughts, words and action.

2.  The experience of life is the result of what we think, say and do

All of physical creation is made up of energy. Our thoughts, words and actions, are, equally, a form of energy, therefore, our reality, what we experience is a direct result of what we think, say and do, whether it be consciously or unconsciously.

3.  Change is the only constant

As we change, so does our reality, or how we perceive/experience life. Accordingly, nothing remains the same for very long, because evolution of the physical realm and consciousness is inexorable. Everything changes eventually, because this is the nature of evolution, and so, let such changes be for the better, according to our choice.

4.  Anyone can initiate change

Anyone who can think, speak and act can initiate change. Each individual has the power to change themselves, and as such affects their environment in some way. When many people think, speak and act in a similar way the effect is compounded, and when critical mass is accomplished, the remainder of that society will follow suit.

5.  Timing is Everything

Apart from individual choice, and the consequential effects on society, such effects are either diminished or increased if the universal timing is right. “The fruit is sweet when picked at the right time, and sour when not.”

6.  The evolution of consciousness is inexorable

Whatever your beliefs, evolution of consciousness (conscious awareness) is a continuous process that involves Karma (the universal law of cause and effect) and re-incarnation (living many lives), so that we can learn how to live life, and facilitate or hinder our progress. Your thoughts, words and actions indicate your level of consciousness.

7.  Go with the flow

There is a pattern in creation. A pattern of physical structure (the flower of life, sacred geometry, and the Fibonacci Sequence), which demonstrates this pattern in nature. There is the law of physics, Natural law and Universal law. All this bespeaks of a superior intelligence which underlies creation. Many names have been ascribed to this intelligence, such as God, The All That Is, The Great Mystery, The Presence, Creative Intelligence, and so on.

However, there is an underlying pattern of probability that is initiated with one’s intent, which when enacted, causes creation to adjust itself to accommodate the desire, and which will fulfill itself in the course of time, unless the action/intent is changed. I repeat this powerful concept because the import is of such intrinsic value to living a Great Life. In other words, one can initiate change, and then flow with it, or create a different change and then flow with that. It is limiting if one initiates an action, but struggles against the result. If you do not like the result of an action, it is better to change the action, and the result will change automatically.

8.  Everything in the universe influences everything in the universe

According to physics, the String Theory supports the understanding that everything in the universe is connected, and everything affects everything in one way or another. Each one of us affects all others in our environment, and so our responsibility is to think, speak and act in a life supporting manner. This is the only way we will help create a positive change on our planet.

9.  Re-Incarnation & Karma

Whether one believes this or not, Karma and re-incarnation are real and exist. There are many books written by people who have had ‘Near Death Experiences,’ (NDE’s), who died and returned to life, and recounted their experiences in another world. It would seem that re-incarnation affords us the opportunities to put right any wrong we were responsible for in a previous life, and learn what we may not have learned previously. This is how evolution propels us along our particular path, in any particular life. Dr. Brian Weiss, the American psychiatrist, (http://www.brianweiss.com) using hypnosis, has become the foremost authority in the world on past life therapy. His first book, ‘Many Lives, Many Masters,’ was his masterpiece in proving re-incarnation.

Karma (the universal law of action – for every action in the universe, there is an equal and opposite reaction) works hand-in-glove with re-incarnation, because the results of our action will always play themselves out, whether it be in this life or the next. There is no escape. When criminals realize this fact, many will mend their ways, of that I am sure. Karma is equally applicable for any good we do, especially if the good is sincerely from the heart, without a private agenda.

10.  The Physical world is holographic, an illusion

Although I do not have empirical proof to support this statement, I have nevertheless studied this subject and read some extremely plausible texts. The book, ‘The Holographic Universe,’ by Michael Talbot (http://bit.ly/1tHB4eI), goes a long way to substantiate this probability, which I happen to believe. Science is also catching up with its own theory about physical matter, in that it is argued whether or not a physical object is ‘energised,’ in some way when a person looks at the object. In this sense, it is conjectured that creation of that object is in that moment. Of course, this is a simplistic explanation, and, unfortunately, this article is not a worthy platform to go into the details, but for anyone who is curious, this does make an extremely interesting course of study.

It is, however, known in the scientific realm, that matter affects and influences matter, especially human thought. The study of this was carried out by people performing experiments, who had a preconceived idea what the result was going to be, and this, indeed, affected the result of the experiment.

With all that science has to offer in this respect, together with the theories promoted by the likes of Michael Talbot, and the seers of the ancient worlds, such as Indian holy men and women, when one is able to raise their consciousness sufficiently, they are able to influence natural law. The famous guru, Sai Baba of India (now deceased) was supposed to be able to materialize objects in his hands, from the air. The purpose of including this Key is to impress upon the reader that one can influence and dynamically affect physical reality, if that person knew how to do it. In India, this would be regarded as a Siddhi (supernatural powers). Then, such a person could create the reality they wanted, anytime they wanted.

11.  One of the purposes of living is to learn how to strengthen weaknesses

This is a subject I am very familiar with, because I used to be very weak, and I learned how to transform that weakness into strength. I refer to strength of will, purpose, character, psychological strength. Strength of spirit!  As a result of my personal experiences in this respect, I wrote an autobiography, entitled, ‘The Mouse Became The Lion,’ which is available as a PDF file, on my website, www.selfdiscovery1.com. Everyone, at least most people, can transform any internal weakness into strength, even as they can do similar with their physical body.

However, the weakness of which I write has more to do with learned beliefs and patterns of behavior that help a person to regard themselves as weak in some way. Such a person may feel insecure and have low self-esteem. This can be changed quite easily, especially if one wants to, because half the cure is in the intent, the other half is finding a suitable practice that will assist one to make that positive change, and to this end, I have written another book that may be of assistance. It is entitled, ‘fifty three Healing Techniques for Everyone,’ which is also available on my website.

12.  Universal Love is the Greatest Power

In his song, Nat King Cole tells us that love is only a word, a word we have only heard, and cannot know the meaning of… In another, he further sings that the greatest thing one can ever learn is to love and be loved in return. Yes, these are just lyrics of songs, but, nevertheless, we are ceaselessly told the value and power of love, yet this is one thing we know so little about, if anything at all. Indeed, we talk about love, we extol its virtues, and yet the world suffers as a result of its lack. At an early age, I realized that one of my major lessons of life was to learn about love, and as I followed my life journey, over the years, I came to realise that the love most of us talk about is relatively superficial.

Sex is NOT love, even though it may be part of it. Love is Universal in nature, without judgement, and its sister is compassion. To Love is to have compassion, to respect, to accept, and to honour all life forms, animate and inanimate without judgement or reservation of any kind. This does not mean to say that I have to accept, or like any negative thought, word or deed created by myself or anyone else, but I can still love the universal nature of that person, including myself, even if they are acting in a distorted, out-of-balance manner. It further means that I would have difficulty in eating animals, if I was able to really love them, and for this reason, as I started to learn about universal love, I became a vegetarian in January, 2008, at 62 years of age.

Love is a power that is beyond verbal description. It uplifts, it is positively creative, and it is a powerful medicine for well-being. Love helps us to open our heart centre (chakra) and feel life rather than think it. We become more intuitive, and we even listen to the messages our physical body gives us, which, when we are not loving ourselves, we often are deaf to its requirements, and so we suffer the avoidable conditions of sickness, in many cases. Love is empowering, whether we give it or receive it.

13.  Authentic power is greater than force

In his book, Power versus Force, David Hawkins, MD (http://www.level-of-consciousness.org) describes very well the difference between authentic power and physical/mental force. It is ironic that countries at war demand peace at the point of a gun, and yet the wise man or woman, like Mahatma Ghandi, was able to initiate the liberation of India from the British without violence, and in a bloodless demonstration of authentic power. Authentic power is universal in nature, as it operates according to universal and natural law, while force is purely physical, and strives to work more in line with the desires of those who exert such force, and consequently, against natural, universal law, much of the time. There are numerous examples of force, demonstrated by one country invading another with disastrous consequences. Unfortunately, there are few examples of authentic power, because there are fewer who have mastered the ability to demonstrate such, however, there are plenty of such examples, everywhere, when we begin to observe more and become more mindful.

Each one of us can develop the innate authentic power we each have deep within us, and we can do so by learning how not to be judgemental of others, to see the point of view of another even as we discuss and argue our case. Authentic Power is seen in action whenever one is able to operate within Natural and Universal Laws, and in this way the universe (creation) supports the action, and such flows with ease. This is how life is to be lived, and it is up to each one of us to choose this, if we want to. The seat of authentic power is to be able to think, speak and act in a manner that is for the highest good of all, whatever that may be.

Much of humanity’s suffering is self-inflicted, by maintaining ignorance, denying liberating practices, refusal to improve education, and generally resisting the evolutionary benefits of change for the better. Such people believe that ‘ignorance is bliss,’ when, in reality, they are kept prisoner in a prison of their own making, and where the bars are made up of the ignorance of themselves, and the universe in which they live. Knowledge, wisdom and increased conscious awareness are, therefore, the keys that unlock the door to one’s Authentic Power, hidden within the deep recesses of their being.

14.  Mindfulness & Observation

(These are tools by which to be aware of what your body is telling you)

A major tool to find and utilize all these keys in order to live a great life is the ancient technique that was brought to us by Gautama Sidhartha, otherwise known as The Buddha (The Enlightened One). Buddha taught ‘Mindfulness,’ which became the meditation taught by Satya Narayan Goenka, whose organization offers the world this meditation technique in his Vipassana programs all over the world. (http://www.vridhamma.org)

Mindfulness and observation of the sensations of your body, your thoughts, your spoken words and your actions are an extremely powerful medium in expanding your conscious awareness, and help to raise your consciousness. This process is learned, and practiced diligently, whereupon it becomes second nature, and the priceless benefits are increasingly enjoyed.

Mindfulness can also be considered as a walking meditation when practicing this during a walk. Feel the wind on your skin, the warmth of the sun, the cold of a winter morning. Be aware of the sensation of your body as it moves. Observe your thoughts, what patterns do you follow? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Does your mind chatter endlessly? Just observe all this and be mindful of the experience, without judgement. Be aware of your own existence and the manner in which you do so. You will be pleasantly surprised how you can effect positive change, just by your observation. You can also do this as a meditation practice, being seated in a suitably comfortable posture, in a quiet place. Do this for 20 minutes. Whenever the mind wanders, gently bring it back to being mindful and observe. Be the silent witness observing yourself!


The Keys of Living Life, Copyright © Anthony Altman, 2015. All Rights Reserved.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.




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