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The Inspiration from Baron Münchhausen

Ann Peckham“The skills that we have acquired throughout  the experiences of our lives are not lost through ageing!”

So many of us feel the tiredness and weight of increasing age and equate that with a loss of ability and capacity.

I see it in a very different way:

These skills are not lost. Instead they lie dormant while you acquire wisdom.

Now is the time to realise and recall all that you have learnt and developed and step into your power. The only power you will ever truly have is when you can fully accept that your own life experiences are just as valid as anyone and everyone else.

You can be true to yourself and remember who you are. (You are everything that you have ever understood and applied in your life, so that it has become knowledge in action: Wisdom)

I know that it is my destiny to deliver this message to you if you want to be free to be yourself with NO ONE EVER judging you.

Every reflective life has acquired wisdom through knowledge in action and this is all that is needed to recognise the call when it comes.

THIS IS THAT CALL! It is time to remember your skills, experiences and awareness.

You can set yourself finally free from all and any self-doubt.

Your life experiences and your reflection on them has brought you to a heightened level of awareness of a growing awakening. No matter what the “media” are feeding you, you know that there is an underlying feeling of the quickening.

You are NEVER too old nor too young to be a part of this.

Once everyone who is in the process of awakening gets the message then the rapidity of the world-wide awakening will astound.

The outcome is a win-win on every level, everyone benefits.

I know that when you can stop and reflect, and have learnt to respond rather than react, then you are ripe for the awakening.

Meet with other like-minded beings who love and respect you and share with each other what skills you feel the others have and ask them to share with you what skills they feel that you have. Add that to the understanding that your preferences are based on your own life experience and that is as valid as everyone else regardless of race, religion, sex and financial position and you will rapidly step into your power.

When you share with each other the skills and expertise you feel about those you know and love, you will be surprised and delighted at the wonderful things people say about you.

That will really help you to identify which feel best to you and this will give you something to focus on, which is really valuable in today’s frantic mess.

Please share this simple suggestion with all of your friends and let me know if you would like to connect with me so that we can support each other.



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