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The Holographic Universe

The Universe, and all of physical creation, in this Third Dimensional Reality, and possibly, in all other Dimensional Realities, including the entire time line continuum, in all parallel universes, is a Virtual Reality that is Holographic in Nature. This means that our physical reality is not real at all. If this is true, and our reality is a Holographic Projection, who or what is the projectionist?

Blog #B3, The Holographic Universe

Here are two video links, one of which is a de-classified document from the USA, that acknowledges and confirms the findings of Thomas Campbellā€™s model, from the Monroe Institute, that our three dimensional reality of physical form is a Holographic, Virtual Reality! The other video is of two scientists confirming, in their own way, that creation, the universe are computer codes, and therefore, a virtual simulation of a reality, which is holographic in nature, and which is supported by the Quantum String Theory.


This immediately stimulates in me, the huge possibilities that now become apparent. If our reality is a Virtual Simulation, where are we located, who are the means by which our physical bodies are animated, and the means by which we interact with other bodies/people and our planetary environment?

If we are sitting in a salon somewhere, having a coffee or tea, in another reality, projecting ourselves into this reality, similarly to the film, The Matrix, why can we not create a reality that we choose, a reality of good health, fun, laughter, prosperity and well-being? Maybe, we did make a choice that was in keeping with what we wanted to experience and learn?

Perhaps, the entire exercise of being a human being on Planet Earth as a Holographic, Virtual Simulation, is to help the soul to evolve further by having those experiences that will support such evolution, without having to leave the comfort of wherever we really are?

In this case, it becomes obvious to me that the intention of this entire exercise is for the soul to develop more of our innate consciousness, which we can do, in an accelerated fashion, ONLY by interacting in an environment that this physical reality offers. Otherwise, progress in consciousness through intellectual stimulation is a painfully slow method without the physical interaction.

As you can see, I have more questions that I am offering answers, mainly because I can only conjecture at this point, because my soul amnesia has not yet lessened, even though I feel the truth of what I am writing.

This subject opens a can of worms, so to speak, that may upset everything we have learned thus far. I include self-identity, religion as we are taught, politics, and all the other structures by which we live. I also include the ebb and flow of dark versus light, meaning, evil versus righteousness/goodness. All this has the effect of limiting each one of us in some way, for we are conditioned to think, perceive and live in a manner that confines, limits our perception to what we are taught. Whereas, we incarnated to learn that we are Multi-Dimensional Beings (wherever we may be located in the Omniverse) of a spiritual nature, having an physical experience. When we realise this truth, the picture becomes much bigger, immediately, and in this way are we able to perceive, cognize and appreciate our role in this reality which is to play itself out in a manner that affords us individually, and as a society, the opportunity to maximise our growth into that which we are, potentially.

Therefore, Consciousness is the key that unlocks the door to liberation from this Virtual Reality, which we can transcend with the development of more of our innate Consciousness, especially when we learn how to do so. How many know what consciousness is, or even thought about it? How many know how to develop consciousness? There are many tools, techniques and modalities available to choose from, and many who provide this information and guidance. I, for one, have learned a considerable amount during my lifetime, and I have written 20 books, which contain an enormous amount of material that took me 63 years to acquire. My books offer the querant the convenience of sifting through all this material without having to spend a lifetime seeking and experiencing what they can now choose from the comfort of their own armchair. My books are available from my website only, at this time. I welcome enquiries from those who may seek greater clarity about what is offered in my books.

I would say that our Planet Earth journey is merely part of our total journey, to learn how to re-acquaint ourselves with that which we are to learn and improve, by participating in this Virtual Reality, providing us with those life experiences we would not otherwise encounter, elsewhere. This is probably the reason why so many souls line-up for this experience, and who have my compassion, because this journey is fraught with many trials and tribulations!

This holographic projection, which provides us with this Virtual Reality, is the means by which we can experience aspects of creation that are not available to the soul in other forms of existence, whatever and wherever that may be.

For much more information, I suggest you read The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot.

Death of the body is not liberation from that ignorance which binds us to the cycle of birth, death and re-birth. We re-incarnate because we did not learn what we chose to learn, and in a strange fashion, I regard this process as a game we play, in order to grow in consciousness, so that the soul may evolve and return to the Oneness, from which it emanated.

This COVID 19 virus debacle is just another means for us to learn individually, and as a group consciousness, what we failed to learn before, and now the chickens have come home to roost. This means the consequences of past actions and non-actions are now being presented to us, so that we may learn, finally, what we are to learn from this experience.



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