The Duality of Democracy

This article covers the positive and negative attributes of conventional Democracy, as most know it, at this time on planet Earth.

It is known by some people that we live in a three dimensional reality that supports polarised duality, even as the few real ‘movers and shakers,’ who hide behind the veil of anonymity, yet control everything humans experience, want to make everyone the ‘same.’ They want us to think, speak and act the same, just like the communist regimes endeavor to do. This is an impossible task because it is the nature of our reality to provide polarized opposites in everything. Unfortunately, most people do not understand this, and at the expense of sounding arrogant in my perception, I would go so far as to say that even this seeming disparity is natural, and I will endeavor to explain myself.

The nature of life is to evolve, and if you do not understand this, you will misunderstand everything I mention in this article. Evolution, by definition, promotes the progress of going from one state to another. Usually, it is acknowledged that such evolution in Consciousness will take an individual from narrow conscious awareness to an expanded conscious awareness, from ignorance to knowledge/Enlightenment.

The human population on planet Earth is about 7.2 billion people, and within this huge group, there are sub-groups, each of which demonstrates a different level of consciousness. Some, like I also do, describe this circumstance as the result of each group representing a different Soul Age Group. For instance, souls who are infants, babies, teenagers, adult, mature and old souls, all of whom are supposed to find a way to live in harmony together, which, as we can see over the last several thousand years, has not been possible. Today, the entire planet is driven by hate, intolerance, violence, greed, control, and not so much by Universal, Unconditional Love and Compassion. It would seem, therefore, that our present human society is like a school room, with all grades present in one room. It further seems to be a rather challenging opportunity for each of us to learn what we came here to learn, so as to facilitate our evolution of consciousness, and move along the path towards Enlightenment. Such Enlightenment seems to be devoid among the masses, and is reserved for those few Brave Hearts, who have actually chosen to walk a path of Self-Help, Self-Healing and Self-Development. Such people are highly regarded as Lights of Consciousness, spreading their Light, so that others may see an illumined path. I count the Dalai Lama as one such being, as I also consider Ramana Maharshi, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Mooji, and quite a few other Souls of Light who have come to show us the way. Unfortunately, there are many more charlatans, who present us with further opportunities to learn severe lessons of authenticity. There are also those who would take such people and the knowledge they offer and distort it all so that those who follow are disenfranchised, rather than assisted to become a Divine Light themselves.

The different Soul Age Groups possess differing knowledge and wisdom, and instead of using the differences to make a Whole, such is used to perpetuate difference, disharmony, fear and weakness.

People demonstrating different States of Consciousness will perceive Democracy differently. When the intention is to make everyone think and act in the same way, and to have the same leader, Democracy becomes a farce and ineffective. When people choose a leader through the ballot box, and the ballot box is manipulated, or when the chosen leader is opposed by those who did not vote for such, Democracy becomes a value in name only, losing its integrity to those who would manipulate the outcome. This is plainly seen in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa, and most other countries. In this sense, I have not yet observed an authentic demonstration of Democracy, on this planet, at this time, in its truest sense.

Another vital point that most people fail to appreciate, is that each and every leader, political party are the reflection of the level of Consciousness of the masses of people, who either voted, or did not vote. Not voting is still voting. Action or no action still provides a result, a consequence.

So, I see the masses fighting each other, doing their best to establish what they think is the best leader, the best political party, even though such people have no idea of the Big Picture, and election after election provides the same miserable results, that most people reject. If you want to change the results of your actions, you are to change your actions. This is another concept most people do not understand. In this sense, I implore people to do what they can, to practice those practices that will accelerate the evolution of consciousness, and as consciousness rises, the results of subsequent actions will change naturally, positively.

This concept requires education, study and practice. No one person is going to do it for you! This is where people are to choose to be responsible for their own thoughts, words and actions. If the masses do not understand this simple, yet profound truth, the consequences will reflect such limited consciousness, and such people can only blame themselves for the reality they have co-created.

The hour is very late, and it would take a miracle for sufficient people to wake up and make positive choices for their well-being and for the well-being of others, all life forms and the planet herself. Of course, it is not possible to enter into a deeper discourse in this relatively superficial article, but, I nevertheless hope it opens the door to greater discussion and dialogue, and as such I await your comments to this article.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.