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The Choice to be Informed, Sovereign and Being Well!

I trust this article will demonstrate that the cause of human suffering, and probably the suffering of all other beings on the Planet, is a matter of CHOICE! The cause of which is to be found at the doorstep of each and every human being, right here, and right now! Yes! This is, indeed, a contentious statement, so allow me to elaborate, as I appeal to your own ability to be logical, honest, and are willing to do whatever it takes to improve yourself, just as I apply everything that I am writing in this article to myself as well.

Firstly, I wish to inform you that I have done some reading of interesting and alarming articles, with information that I believe to be the truth. In this sense, let us examine the N95 mask, which is regarded as the very best mask to use in this viral environment. It seems that the N95 was designed to be used in toxic environments, so that when inhaling the air is filtered, making it safer to inhale. The exhale, however, is not filtered, because the external environment is already toxic. Therefore, this mask is not suitable for this environment, unless everyone is wearing the N95, all the time.

The mask that doctors and nurses wear in the operating room filter the air being exhaled because the external environment (of the room) is sanitized. The air inhaled is NOT filtered because the air in the room is sanitized.

Cloth masks are totally ineffective because the size of the virus is much smaller than the ‘pores’ or weave of the cloth, and so, when breathing the contamination goes both ways.

Wearing a mask for long periods of time creates an imbalance of the oxygen/carbon dioxide ratio in the body. We know what oxygen is required to do, but few know that carbon dioxide (CO2) is required to facilitate the transference of oxygen from the blood to each cell in the body. However, if the CO2/O2 (air/oxygen) ratio is out of balance, and there is too much CO2, the body begins to malfunction.

Excessive CO2 in the body is called hypercapnia, hypocapnea, hypercarbia, or, simply, carbon dioxide retention. The consequences of such are, but not limited to;

  1. Headaches
  2. Dizziness
  3. Fatigue
  4. Seizures
  5. Loss of consciousness
  6. Inability to think or concentrate properly
  7. Flushing
  8. Shortness of breath
  9. Rapid breathing
  10. Increased blood pressure
  11. Paranoia, depression, anxiety, confusion
  12. Muscle twitches
  13. Palpitations (rapid heartbeat)
  14. Panic, anxiety attacks
  15. Swelling of the optic nerve
  16. Interrupts metabolic processes
  17. Severe illness, infection or trauma
  18. Hypothermia (body temperature too low)
  19. Improper settings on a ventilator (a cause of possible symptoms)
  20. Disrupts the PH balance of the body, making the blood and body more acidic, which is the exact environment that viruses and bacteria thrive in.

The Breathing Process is when you inhale, the O2 enters the lungs, passes through the membranes of the alveoli (sacks of blood) in the lungs, and is then transferred to the blood, which is pumped throughout the body to feed each and every cell, of which there are about 50 trillion. Each exhale removes the waste product, CO2 in the reverse process. When correct breathing is inhibited by wearing a mask, especially for prolonged periods of time, you will inhale the CO2 you just exhaled, and, consequently, will create a condition which can be called CO2 poisoning, providing the possibility of experiencing one or more of the consequences as listed above.

To remedy CO2 poisoning you are to expel the surplus CO2, and this can be done by exhaling by mouth, thereby exhaling more CO2 than one would normally do by normal breathing through the nose. For a normal, optimal ratio of O2/CO2 it is best to breathe through the nose, as mouth breathing has proven to be quite deleterious to your health. There are many Breathing experts who know this, and you can see the research of the Buteyko Method of Breathing. If you are interested, I can provide you with more information.

When a person who is able to exercise critical thinking in a logical sense, and is willing to educate themselves, such a person would wonder why we are told to wear masks by our government, and such is enforced? This question is of particular interest when you realise that wearing a mask does not have the desired effects in most cases. If someone is ill, and is sneezing, coughing, and displaying symptoms that cause concern to all others, that person should stay at home. This is not the case! If one person is coughing, all others are obliged to wear a mask, including the one coughing. Reasons are given that we are all to wear the masks so that we are considering others, a matter of respect, and taking care of others. This way of thinking I reject out of hand, because this is how you control people to do what is not for their highest good, and is particularly effective with people who act out of ignorance, and the willingness to follow orders, even if such orders are contrary to their health. This is the dilemma we face in human society, the willingness of far too many people to believe the lies and deception, rather than educate themselves and establish their own, individual sovereignty. Few people are sovereign, having given away their power, and, in effect, have disenfranchised themselves, so that they have become the lemmings, or, as they are seen by those who are sovereign, ‘sheeple.’

Where do we go from here? Unless human beings change the course they have agreed to chart for themselves, regain their power and sovereignty, the only possibility is in being completely controlled by those who have no compunction in playing God, disposing of anyone they wish to facilitate their agenda. This is not a Conspiracy Theory, because it is now Conspiracy Fact, and anyone in denial of this reality, will follow their chartered course, and they will have another opportunity to learn and grown in Conscious Awareness in subsequent incarnations. You cannot discuss anything of value with those who are ignorant, especially, if they refuse to think, perceive outside the box of their limitations. In such a case, it is best to walk away, and continue improving yourself.

This is an incredible time, of, perhaps, the greatest opportunity humanity has ever had in accessing more individual innate consciousness, expanding individual conscious awareness, increasing the frequency by which we vibrate, and through the process that some call enlightenment, to transcend this dense, slow and very limited realm of the third dimension. Such people will ascend to the fourth and fifth dimensional realities, and truly appreciate the nature of being multi-dimensional, a subject in which I am passionately interested, having had a few experiences that confirm this universal truth.

I also realise that the sun is discharging huge Solar Flares, and even larger Coronal Mass Ejections, both of which bombard our planet, and us, with huge amounts of electro-magnetic energy waves. I also know that huge gamma waves are swamping this planet, which originate from the centre of our galaxy, and that our galaxy is also passing through a gigantic Torus Energy Field called the Photon Belt, which subjects us to huge amounts of photonic energy waves. All these waves of energy are affecting our biology, epigenetic structures (DNA), our bodily electro-magnetic systems, and biological processes. Add to that the ubiquitous 4G WiFi waves of energy that currently run between 600Mhz to 2.5Ghz, soon to be increased substantially with the advent of 5G, and you can see that for the average human being, the effects can be quite disturbing, even dangerous. People do not realise that they are subject to 4G WiFi radiation all day and all night, unless they switch off their WiFi on their router. I have found that sitting next to my router while working on my computer, next to the router causes my brain to become foggy, and I lose the ability of critical thinking, and feel quite anxious. However, I do recover quickly, after I have switched the WiFi off. I have just learned that the bio-chemistry of the body is quick to suffer, and if balance is not restored soon enough, an individual may suffer severe damage. In this sense, I am utilizing what Homeopathy has to offer, in order to help the body to regain/maintain its bio-chemical balance, about which I will be happy to discuss this further with interested parties.

At this time, in this Moment, humans have the greatest opportunity to create a Golden Age of living, ONLY IF they are willing to change their ways. This entails learning how to improve thoughts, speech and actions to be life supporting. This is quite possible, even though the hour is very late. I urge all who are interested, to strive, together, to improve our individual selves, and then as a community, we can create whatever we want. Presently, the masses are helping those few in control to achieve what they want, and that is not good news for humanity. Read, learn, educate, discuss, dialogue, and learn how to improve yourselves! I believe your lives will depend upon that!

There is no doubt the process of ascension is in full sway, and I welcome all who would discuss this with me, so that we may learn from each other, as we traverse the final stages of the ascension process. There is more I wish to write, but, I feel that what I have written is sufficient at this time. I am willing, however, to share more with those who are as actively engaged in this ascension process as I am. Send me a message below this Article.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.