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The Best Course is to Remain Silent….

I enjoy writing in coffee shops; it was always my dream in the past to spend my time in cafes writing all day. In fact it was a dream I live out a lot… Writing anonymously with folk around me.

Anadi likes to work in silence, I believe the work of a computer programmer needs a more rarified environment, but still it remains that we are all different.

He will happily work for many hours in solitude, whereas although I am very happy alone; I also love to be around other beings.

I realised this delicate balance was essential to my own energetic make up and my well being, after I moved to Bath when I was 22 years old and discovered culture, coffee and countryside all in one place 😄

My dream environment.

We are all different, we all have a different energetic resonance made up over lifetimes and lifetimes, and this is the meaning I take from Ramana Maharshi when he speaks of remaining silent…

“Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent.”

I don’t read the words about ‘destiny’ in any sort of predictive way, as there is no future; nor a past – there is only now. All that is being played out is happening now, and so the more we find the silence within us and access this place, then all we need ‘do’ is simply that, relax, be silent, and allow it all to unfold now…

The challenges and the triumphs, the sadnesses and the celebrations, because they are all part of our journey here and it can’t be any other way than it is… The rich tapestry where little by little we clear away the illusion and instead of ‘living it all out’ unconsciously, we get a glimmer of awareness of our true nature from which we all are born…

And of course the paradox we live in, is that we are all one, we are part of the whole. We are all born of love, of god, of consciousness and yet to experience ourselves we live as separate entities in a frame work of time, which does appear to have a very evident past, present and a future!

Even more reason to remain silent…

When I reflect on my past – that never happened…! I can see now that the Olympic dreams I had were never going to happen… It’s never a case when reviewing our life to get stuck in a story of… ‘If this had happened… Or this person hadn’t done that or another person had done this….’  Then things would have been different…

It is what it is…

Of course, to clear the emotional baggage that we are carrying, it can be a very useful process to go into the story of our life; but then comes the place of realisation…

That it was always going to be this way… And once again we come to see that we live life forwards into a future that doesn’t exist, and learn about ourselves backwards about a past that never happened ….

And the best course, therefore, is to remain silent….



I have been running all of my life – it feels I was born to run. In the running step I experienced freedom and my true expression. I came to see that I needed to ‘get out of the way of myself’ and let my energy flow through the running step; allow it to express itself in the dance and the motion of running. I ran for England and GB for some years. My first international was in 1979, a three mile cross country race; and I continued to run at international level until 1993. Two of my best results were first place in the Dublin City Marathon in 1985 and 7th place woman, 3rd British woman in the 1986 London Marathon in a time of 2.36.31, which gained me selection for the Commonwealth Games.

As a little girl I ran barefoot for many years, and then I put on shoes to race around the world. Fifty years later I am travelling the world as a nomad with my husband Anadi and I have taken off my shoes and I am running barefoot again….



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