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The Beast Inside Your Head (Poem)

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Catherine GreenThis poem has been brewing for some time I believe, hidden deep in my subconscious. It came out quite suddenly, and here I am compelled to share it. I welcome your response to my words…


The Beast Inside Your Head

I talk to you
But you’re not there,
You look beyond me
Away you stare

What do you see
Out there in front?
Do you see me?
Is there any point

Of all my tears
Excuses, and noise
I’m beaten, worn down,
I have no voice

The beast has won
Inside your head
It steals you away
And we are dead.



Catherine is the author of the adult paranormal romance series The Redcliffe Novels and also The Darkness of Love, She has short stories published in YA anthologies, freelance articles on various industry websites, and contributes to her personal personal blog, and her author blog .

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