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The 8 Universal Laws!

Understanding these laws will help an individual to live a more productive and fulfilling life. They will also facilitate the achievement of learning what you came to this plane of existence to achieve, whether you are aware of it or not.

The 8 Universal Laws are;

  1. You, the real you is immortal! You have always existed, and you always will.
  2. Everything in creation is happening at the same time in this now moment. There is only this Now Moment.
  3. There is only One. Everything, everyone, are the One, and the One is the Everything/Everyone.
  4. Karma: What you project, put out, is exactly what you receive back.
  5. Re-Incarnation, an optional experience, is the fastest method of evolving consciousness in physical form.
  6. Perception and knowledge are structured in consciousness.
  7. Attraction or Repulsion is always operating.
  8. Change is the only constant, except for laws 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6


  1. You, the real you, is immortal!

You have always existed, and you always will.

The motivating factor of your three-dimensional, physical body is your spiritual self, otherwise known as your soul, which I regard as the personality of your spiritual Self. This essence is an energy form, an entity that is NOT bound by three dimensional physics, and that is why most people do not know what it is, or do not understand it. However, it is impossible to explain this natural truth to those who have never had an ‘Out Of Body’ (OBE) experience, an ‘Near Death Experience’ (NDE) or, to one who is closed of mind and heart. Those who have had such an experience can relate to the incredible awareness that accompanies such an experience, about which mere words are totally inadequate in any attempt of explanation. However, more and more people are relating their ‘OBE’ and ‘NDE’ experiences, which include people from all walks of life, including an American brain surgeon, Eben Alexander, the famous actress, Shirley MacLaine, the hospice humanist, Dannion Brinkley, and so many others, all over the planet. Many of these people have written books of their accounts of these life altering experiences,

Without the knowledge of this fundamental Universal Law of Existence, most people are afraid of death, which is an inevitable part of being alive, and as such they are afraid of life. Life and death are two sides of the three-dimensional coin, and an awareness of this natural and inevitable phenomena of being born, and then dying (of the body only), and a lack of knowledge of either or both results in a life fraught with fear, that manifests in a variety of ways, which limit the fulfillment and enjoyment of this current life experience. In order to truly live, one is to know what death is and is not.

When you really and truly realize your immortality (in some form) you will enjoy this current life so much more, realizing that this is just a small part of a much bigger picture.


  1. Everything in creation is happening at the same time, in this now moment.

Past, present and future, in all realms, are occurring simultaneously, now and always. Time, as we are told by science, is an artificial construct, and that it is mutable. In reality, there is only the Now Moment of Existence. For instance, no one has ever been able to create anything in the past, likewise is it impossible to do so in the future. The only moment of creation is in this Now Moment. For those who are aware of the Time Line Continuum, it is understood that the Past, Present & Future are all occurring simultaneously. A simple example is that if you went back into the past using a time machine, you would see yourself doing what you did then. Likewise, if you went into the future, you would see what you would be, potentially, doing. This illustration merely demonstrates, using logic, that you can see yourself in action in the past and the future, using the time machine, illustrates how everything is happening all the time, continuously, on the Time Line Continuum. Another example is if you make a sound, or play some music. That sound will exist forever, in the past, present and future. The lesson for us is to be present in the Now Moment, which is the moment that dictates what our past is, and future will be.


  1. There is only One: Everything, everyone are the One, and the One is the Everything/Everyone.

Science, and more specifically, Quantum Physics is now proving through the understanding of Fractals, String Theory, Entanglement Theory, the results of experiments at the Cerne Hadron/Particle Collider in Switzerland/France, and other theories and accomplishments, that everything affects everything, and everything exists on every level of perception. This is now predicated upon the discovery of that place with unifies everything and everyone, and which science calls, the Unified Field. Those people who have out of body experiences (OBE’s), and other spiritual revelations have described how, in that moment of epiphany, everything was everything. I have had such experiences, when I became whatever I was looking at/perceiving, such as a flower, an ant, or bird, etc. Of course, these are subjective experiences, some will argue, and I counter by saying that subjective experiences are more real to the experiencer than reams of intellectual understanding. Feeling is more powerful, more authentic, and more accurate than thinking. When humans realize that, by attacking and harming another, they do, in fact, harm themselves. This effect is the same in harming animals and our earth. All of life is sacred. All of creation is sacred. When anyone realizes this truth, they will not support any harm to any and all sentient beings, such as people and animals of any kind.

So, people argue that even plants are sentient beings, and I, a Vegan, am harming such life forms. In this I do agree, yet I do not have the consciousness, at this point, to be able to stop eating plant food, and become, to all intents and purposes, a Breatharian, one who receives sustenance from the prana/chi in the air we breathe. There are such people, alas, I am not one of them, yet. However, I have, at least ceased all support of the unnecessary abuse misuse and slaughter of living, breathing animals. As a digression, I would like to share how I became a vegetarian and a vegan: I was in India in 2008, and having a discussion with a Holy Man. We discussed Universal Love, and he informed me that Universal Love was the ONLY key to increase our vibratory frequency, which is a precursor to developing more of our innate consciousness, which is the platform from which springs forth what we call Enlightenment. Others talk about different states of consciousness, like waking state, sleeping state, unconscious state and conscious state of consciousness, and then on to Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, and other states of Consciousness for which there are numerous labels. The Holy man said that in order to rise in frequency and in consciousness, we are to embody more Universal Love. In order to do so, we are to be able to practice that love to all sentient life forms, to the best of our ability, the ability of which increases as we expand in Conscious Awareness. This, then, will bring a human being to the doorway of changing his/her life and that includes his/her dietary lifestyle. Eating animal flesh keeps a person in a lower vibratory frequency, and if that frequency is to rise, such a person will, naturally, avoid eating animal flesh, and avoid supporting any harm to any animal on the planet, pursuant to a dietary lifestyle. In that moment, the light of understanding, Love and compassion flooded throughout my being, and I became a vegetarian, right then and there, voluntarily! Some years later, I became a Vegan, and I am thriving. I proved to myself that I do not have to eat animal flesh in order to be healthy. In fact, I realized that eating animal flesh had a debilitating effect that seems to manifest as we get older. This is such an emotive subject for many people, and I say, that when the time comes, and one is ready to take the next step in one’s evolution of consciousness, the choice will become much clearer. When we realise, we are all One, all Life Forms are One in Consciousness, in Spirit, we will know what our choice is to be, naturally and easily.


  1. Karma: What you project, put out, is exactly what you receive back.

This is a gigantic subject to discuss, and this paragraph will not do it complete justice in its principles, complexity and ramifications. However, suffice to say that there is absolutely no escape from the reality that you create. Such a reality is created by your thoughts, words and actions, whether it be in this life, or any other life. There is no statute of limitations with Karma. The full karmic debt of anything that you have done either positively or negatively, will have its karmic result, and will be paid, if necessary, re-incarnation after re-incarnation. Karma can provide you with positive gifts and blessings, as well as dire lessons, suffering and misery. It all depends on your thoughts, words and actions. If murderers, thieves, torturers, those who practice violence, control over others, and so on, knew of Karma, they would think twice or thrice before they acted. The prisons would be empty. Therefore, feel before you think, think before you act. Anyone who cannot understand why they suffer in this life has no idea of Karma, and what Karma they incurred in this life or any other life. Remember, whatever you put out is exactly what you get back – Guaranteed!


  1. Re-Incarnation, an optional experience, is the fastest method of evolving consciousness in physical form.

Re-incarnation is closely linked to Karma, on the one, because it provides an ongoing opportunity to resolve negative karma. On the other hand, it also provides opportunities for an evolving soul to have physical experiences that help the soul mature. To put it bluntly, this third dimensional existence on planet earth is like being in a special needs school. It is very tough. It is a big challenge for everyone, even for those who are more awake than the average pilgrim struggling to find their real identity. Nevertheless, this school is the best platform for any soul to learn and fulfill its destiny. For instance, a soul may require to learn what love is, what hate is, what violence is, what compassion is. In many ways, it is necessary to learn what something is NOT, in order to learn what it IS. This is why some are murderers and others are good Samaritans, and why, sometimes, a criminal becomes loving and compassionate. This is why it is preferable to take the present opportunity and make the best of it. Learn as much about yourself as you can, and enjoy your life more. You may be able to reap the benefit in your present life, and if not, for any reason, you will most definitely reap the benefit in successive lives. I believe Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote (1709 – 1784), “Be sure to perform thy allotted task while it is day.” At the end of our re-incarnating journey, we get to return to our source, have a past life review, which provides us with all the experiences of that life just lived, even experiencing what the recipients of our words and actions felt. Indeed, there is no escape from Karma! In that place where the souls gather, we meet all those who were in our life, and we go to school to see what we can learn, in preparation for the next incarnation.


  1. Perception and knowledge are structured in consciousness.

Everyone perceives everything in a different way. This is because different people are in differing states of consciousness. Perception is not a case of one size fits all. Consciousness means the ability to perceive whatever there is to perceive. It is the means by which conscious awareness expresses itself. Most people are still asleep, so they have little or no conscious awareness, while others have differing levels of conscious awareness. How then is it possible for everyone to see the same thing in the same way? Well, in my opinion that is NOT possible! Humans, on average see only 5% of the light spectrum. This means that you are able to only see 5% of what is actually in existence around you. Does this shock you? It should do so! Gaze around you, and know that you are only seeing about 5% of what is in the room where you are located, or if you are reading this on your phone in a bus, or sitting in the park. You may see the sky and hear the birds, and feel the wind blowing, as it moves the trees. Yet, you are still seeing only 5% of all that is in existence around you. This is scientific fact! What then are you not seeing??? Similarly, we do not hear the full sound spectrum. What sounds are we missing? Most of us are psychologically dysfunctional as a result of a dysfunctional family, school/educational system, trauma at the dentist, hospital, bank, business, and so on. In this respect, such psychological injuries can and do influence one’s Feeling-Centre, the heart, the Solar Plexus/Dantien/Chi Centre, to be limited in its expression. We call it a closed heart, and when added to a closed mind, what hope have we got to perceive anything, really?

From my own experience, I recommend that any individual who wants to see more, to feel more, to perceive more, to know more, would first do what they can to raise their level of consciousness, or, put another way, to expand their level of conscious awareness. This is achieved by many methods, such as meditation, various kinds of yoga, mindfulness, all practiced with a specific intent. Raise your consciousness and you automatically improve your perception and increase your knowledge. You actually change your life in a magnificent way!


  1. Attraction and Repulsion.

This law is also completely misunderstood. People insist that their reality is either created by sheer hard work, coincidence or luck. None are true! The success or failure one experiences in life, in all its wide and varied forms, such as in love, business, competitive games, in fact, any endeavor is always predicated upon whether you are attracting or repelling. Everything in creation is made of energy vibrating at a particular frequency, or hertz (cycles per second). When you have a positive thought, which is an energy wave, and then you have a negative thought, also an energy wave, each energy wave cancels the other out. This is adequately demonstrated in science, as to how sine waves react to each other. We can also see another scientific example of this, when you apply the positive poles of a magnet to each other, likewise the negative poles. The magnets will repel each other. Reverse one magnet so that the opposite poles connect, and then, a miracle occurs, they attract each other. This is exactly how we are to anything and everything in our reality. We are either in tune with a situation or not. We are like music or any frequency of sound or energy, we either are in resonance or dissonance with a person, situation or circumstance, or even thoughts and feelings. Hence, in absolute accordance with how we think (positively or negatively), how we speak (positively or negatively, condescending, patronizing, superior, etc.), and how we act (kindly, aggressively, passively, etc.) will we create and/or support the attraction or repulsion of any other human being, animal, situation or circumstance, whatever it may be. This includes and is not limited to poverty, wealth, success, failure, peace, conflict. This universal law brings our attention to the lesson, if we can learn it, to be totally and completely responsible for everything you experience in life….EVERYTHING!

A negative person attracts negative energy, while repelling positive energy. People accept lies (attraction) and reject truth (repulsion), or vice versa. Whatever we do, it is always predicated upon our level of consciousness, conscious awareness, whatever our inner wounds may be, whatever our inner issues may be, and whatever programming we adopted, and which runs our lives. All of this can be healed, resolved and changed. All that is required is to make the decision to do so, and then find the ways and means to fulfil that choice. I have been in the healing arts, as a practitioner and therapist for many years, and I have also healed a huge amount of my own inner wounds, resolved many of my own inner issues, and have changed much of my dysfunctional programming, to be able to confirm to you, that it is easier to improve yourself, heal yourself, than to continue a life of suffering and limitation.


  1. Change is the only constant, except for laws 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6.

In this physical realm, which is a realm that vibrates to the frequency of the third dimension, NOTHING stays the same for too long. Everything changes. However, because laws 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 are Universal in nature, they do NOT change. These 5 laws continue to operate in this physical realm and all other realms, whether they are physical or not. This is a blessing, because if you do not like your experience here, on Earth, at this time, you can change your reality anytime you want to, and I am not talking about mental masturbation, or even suicide. I am talking about a sincere, authentic intent followed up by the appropriate action, which I know is easier said than done, for most of us, but then, it is even more challenging to remain limited in perception and conscious awareness. I reject the notion that ignorance is bliss. That may be a temporary band-aid/plaster to some, but, in reality, it just postpones the moment of reckoning which will surface/appear again and again, until successfully addressed, whether it be in this life or the next few lifetimes. The choice is ours! That is why we are here to learn how to navigate through this life. Once learned, to whatever degree, life becomes more magical, enjoyable and fulfilling.

I write all this from my own experience. I am 75 years of age, and I have been to hell and back more times than I care to admit. I have wanted to die and leave this world, thinking how terrible it is here, until I learned that my perception of my hell was of my own making. A few adjustments here and over the course of time, and a miracle occurred. The fog lifted, and I am happier now than I have ever been. Yes, incredible! My life flows, as I constantly listen to the murmuring of Universal Creation, as she whispers in my ear what to do and what not to do. She is my muse, my intuitive self. Yet, I do have moments when I lapse, and temporarily lose focus, only to re-adjust and come back to centre. It is necessary to remain vigilant, because most of us can and do stray from our focus of intent, as this life often presents all kinds of distractions, that tests our resolve, that causes us to check how focused we are, on becoming more consciously aware. I invite you to join me on the journey of Self-Discovery & Self-Mastery, and if you do choose to do so,  I wish you, the traveler and pilgrim, well on your journey of discovering exactly who you are, or the very least, who you are not.  Whatever you discover, be sure to pay it forward, and in this way your thoughts, words and actions may help someone else.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please email him on anthonyaltmanbooks@gmail.com.