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Tarot or Oracle Card Reading?

Catherine GreenYou may be wondering, what is the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards and how do I choose which to have for a reading? The most important thing to remember first of all is to go with your gut instinct.

An easy way to decide is to look at the photographs of each set of cards, examine their colours, relax your mind and allow your subconscious to move towards a specific deck. When you know which one you are focusing more attention on, you know that is the deck to consult.

Tarot cards are designed to help divine answers regarding situations, questions, or decisions that people may need to take in life. Their origins are lost in the realms of time and centuries of study and philosophy.

Only a few hundred years ago Tarot became associated with fortune telling and would conjure images of a gypsy woman in brightly coloured clothes, brandishing the ‘Death’ card and consulting her crystal ball. More recently people have looked further back in history and found that Tarot was designed by academics and artists who had great visions for the world around them.

If you have a pressing concern, perhaps you are considering changing jobs or ending your relationship, the Tarot is probably the most appropriate tool for advice. It is also useful if you are a first-time client in this area and are simply curious to see how it works.

Oracle cards work in other ways and for different reasons. Angel Therapy cards do just what their name suggests. You ask a question or you ask for guidance or advice on something that is bothering you, and the cards that you choose will represent solutions or suggestions on how to resolve the issue.

Goddess Guidance Oracle cards have been designed in connection with the Goddess energies from different cultural backgrounds. Again you ask your question, choose your cards, and the Goddess’ that reveal themselves should offer sound advice.

Finally we have available the Oracle of the Dragonfae. Again the artist of these cards has channelled the energies of the spirits that feature here. Dragonfae are related to Fairies, ancient Nature spirits that hold wisdom and the power of Mother Earth. You will choose the cards representative of yourself and your situation, and the Dragonfae will guide you in the right direction.

There are many hundreds of other versions of Tarot and Oracle cards; some designed for specific purposes and some more general. Ultimately it is your decision as to which one you consult but you should be pleased and maybe even pleasantly surprised with what they reveal to you.



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