Spirit, God and Angels

Audra BrownGood morning from Pennsylvania.

I will use this space to share positive musings, stories and situations to try and uplift us all in a world that seems to produce so much negativity!

Here goes.

I first want to remind people that Reiki is NOT a religion and I am not abdicating any religion here. I am sharing beautiful uplifting information to inspire thought and growth for us all.

People will say that there is no such thing as God. They will site that if there were a God “how could He or She ” allow such horrors on this earth? They then logically conclude, “there is no God”. To them I say the same thing as to those who do believe, good for you! Being a doer by nature I then say to you, “then go out and act as God, the Loving One. Repair the injustices, love one another equally, heal the sick and feed the poor.”

Some of us have seen Angels and revel in the fact that we commune with them on a daily basis, I say the same conclusion applies. What are we called to do but be like angels on this earth? To comfort the grieving in their times of need, laugh with the joyful folks in their time of happiness, do our best to alleviate suffering and try to act as God would have us act, in essence act like God!!! Oddly enough that means that we should love that irritating neighbor, the person who looks or dresses differently, the ones from a different country who speak different languages, or holds a different political view or even worships (God help us) a different God in “weird”, wild ways with what we may even consider in our opinion offensive practices. THAT’S IT!!!!

I believe that we are to treasure this little earth that is so loved by the angels. We should be compelled to act as though we care. For we are LOVED & ADORED and we are called ourselves to act as angels unaware!

Till next time….LOVE and LIGHT to ALL.



I am a Light Worker using many forms of energy. I am a Reiki Master, Shaman, Master Herbalist, Clairaudient, Empath and card reader (of many forms) to mention a few. I would like to share my personal feelings, grasp and intention when using the word “Light Worker.” I feel that I am only the conduit of the Universal Great Spirit to use as a vessel to pass on the information; energy and healing to any of us that need the extra love and light.

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