I wonder if silence actually exists?

Even as I sit here in silence I can hear the hum of the computer, my fingers on the keyboard, the breeze singing through my wind chime, a dog somewhere in the distance…

If I was under the sea, I would hear the sound of my own breathing.

In a vast desert with nothing but sand for miles around, my body would still be making noise and I would be aware of the sound of my footsteps.

Even in a vacuum, until I expired I would hear my heart beating.

So, it would seem that, from a physical perspective, there is no such thing as the total absence of sound. But, the kind of silence you can touch when you still your mind, relax your body and slow your breathing is beyond the physical realm and has very little to do with blocking out noise. That silence is internal. It rises up from deep within and fills you until all external sounds fade into oblivion.

It’s a renewing, restoring, replenishing silence and – rather than being the absence of anything – it represents the presence of everything that really matters.

In this space, time stands still and you are free to simply be.

Some people find it through meditation or Tai Chi or music; others can lose themselves totally in an activity and access it there.

Where and when and how are irrelevant. All that matters is that you do yourself the huge favour of finding a way to touch your own silence.

Because that’s where the real healing happens and living life to your full potential begins!



In 2015, I set up Horses Connect, a non-profit company based in the West of Ireland dedicated to helping people of all ages, with all kinds of life and other challenges.  After a colorful and adventurous life (career-wise)  I now work with people and horses. I teach and I learn – boy, do I learn!

Horses connect us to our true value and full potential in a unique and powerful way and it is my privilege to facilitate that connection. We design a range of equine-assisted programs for individuals and groups, and our equine team help us deliver those programs.

I am particularly interested in personal development and was blogging about the topic long before blogging became popular, or profitable.

I have a Masters in Writing from NUI, Galway and tons of other random qualifications.


Twitter – @horsesconnect




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