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Self-Mastery – Part 1

Today is Thursday, 20th August, 2020, and I awoke from a dream I had in which I was addressing the process of my own Self-Mastery.

In the dream I was considering the degree to which I had transcended fear, as I was beset by fear most of my life, in fact, from birth. My fear was based in various areas, such as fear of survival, fear of achieving my intention to complete what I incarnated to achieve, fear of success and failure, and fear of relationships. I feel that all this fear was brought with me from previous incarnations, and exacerbated by my choice of parents and brother, and having been re-incarnated again in the United Kingdom less than a year after I was shot down as a Royal Airforce pilot in a Rolls Royce powered Spitfire aeroplane, towards the end of World War two. I was shot down over the North sea, my aircraft spiraled down, I was still alive, and the aircraft disintegrated as it hit the ocean, sinking to the depths of the ocean, as I wondered what happened to me, a young pilot of twenty one.

Article (Blog) #35, Self-Mastery, part 1.

For some strange reason, I re-incarnated that same year, 1945, having been conceived by my parents a month or two after my demise. I find this quite strange, as I had no time to rehabilitate, learn, grow and prepare for another incarnation. This could be the reason I have been beset by so many issues and challenges in this life, including more than my fair share of fear.

I have spent the better part of sixty two years consciously working on myself to actualize more of my innate consciousness, expand my conscious awareness, while healing whatever I was to heal, resolve whatever I was to resolve and to release whatever I was to release in order to fulfill my purpose in this incarnation, and to a large extent I have been quite successful in these endeavours. However, fear followed me from continent to continent, country to country, and place to place, like a devoted dog, never leaving my side.

I read books voraciously of all subjects that afforded me a glimpse how to improve myself, and I learned many techniques and modalities that did likewise. I became active in the healing arts, and in my own quest I was also able to help others in various ways.

I learned from a master, a man by the name of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whose Transcendental Meditation Technique I learned in 1971, and even became a teacher of that technique, among other wonderful activities while I was part of that movement, and followed Maharishi and his teachings. It was much later that I realised that the only teacher was me, and my only guru was also me, and that Maharishi stimulated, within me, that ability to recognize this truth, the realization of which prompted me to follow my own path and teach myself. What is the meaning of teaching? I understand it as acquiring information and choosing to apply it in various ways or even reject it. In other words, I perceive all that which is external to me, and I choose what I wish to take on board, thus, I teach myself. I do not accept implicitly what others tell me or even what I read or hear, unless I am able to verify the truth of that information, including whether such resonates with me or not. This is Self-Teaching, the best form of learning, and is the precursor to Self-Mastery.

At the age of sixty two, I emigrated from the United States of America to Israel, for various reasons I have mentioned in other articles and my books. It seems that I was born under a ‘Wondrin’ Star,’ the song of which is immortalized by Lee Marvin in the movie, Paint Your Wagon. I seem to just keep on moving from country to country, seemingly, on my quest to find myself, which is a joke, really, as I am sure you realise. Lao Tzu said, ‘man seeks far, for what is near,’ and I learned that wherever you go, there you are, baggage and all. However, I have come to realise that each country offered me opportunities to grow in consciousness, and I have utilized that facility quite effectively.

Here I was, an older man in a strange country, with a strange language, that I never did learn, for one reason or another, and it is here, under the most unusual and challenging circumstances that I found another part of me that had remained hidden from me for various lifetimes. It was here in Israel that I found my core strength, my personal power! In fact, more of my true and authentic Self. It was here that I learned how to release the fear that had, hitherto, gripped my heart all these years. Yet, it seems that although I may have released 95% of that fear, about 5% remained.

The process of Self-Mastery is the process of finding who your true and authentic Self is, beyond the learned beliefs and patterns of behaviour that we have been programmed with. My true and authentic Self is not who I think I am, or who others think I am or should be. My true and authentic Self is that Being which is the real me, unsullied by any external imposition of any value, condition or belief. My vision of my own authenticity emerges from deep within me, and it is that Beingness with which I resonate, without reservation of any kind.

However, that 5% of fear that remained was sufficient to stimulate the same response as if I had retained the 100% of fear. In other words, whatever you are addressing, healing, resolving or releasing, you are required to achieve 100% success in that endeavour, because any remnant or residual energy will still have the same effect as if you had not healed/resolved/released it at all. Any fragment of energy of that which you want to remove can instigate a response as if the entire issue remained intact. Maharishi told me that the 5%, or whatever fragment remained is called in Sanskrit, Leysha Vidya, “the remains of ignorance.” This is what I awoke to this morning at 2am, and which stimulated me to write this article at 3am.

The process of Self-Mastery is very much like a journey. First you are to decide whether you want to embark upon that journey, and when you do, you allow each experience to present the next step on that path. As we heal, resolve and release all that which no longer serves us for our highest good, such process is just that, a process, and you will no doubt heal/resolve/release bits and pieces of any issue over a period of time, as you live your life. There are those who seem to be on a fast track, and achieve resolution of issues more quickly, and there are those who do so slowly. It matters not the efficiency or rapidity by which we learn, for it matters that we learn, whatever the conditions.

So, this morning at 2am, I feel I may have released the Leysha Vidya/remains of ignorance, relative to fear, which completes the process so that I may continue with other areas and elements that I am working on within myself as I progress in my own process of Self-Mastery.

Each of us has our own life story, and which is not comparable to the life story of another. We are unique in the way we perceive our reality and in the way we approach life, and in the way we address our internal issues. Our common thread is that we are human beings in this life, seemingly separate, with separate purposes and challenges, and yet, beyond that, we are connected irrevocably by that, which the scientists call the ‘Unified Field,’ and I call Creative Intelligence, or Consciousness.

Humanity is walking a tight rope at the present time, it is akin to a razors edge, from which it is easy to fall into the abyss of ignorance and suffering. I perceive planet Earth as our school where we, humans, are to learn how to live, and grow in consciousness so that we may graduate to the next level of existence, which seems to be a fifth dimensional reality, or beyond, that patiently waits for those who are able to graduate at this time. Our success in such graduation depends entirely on our ability to Master the Self, and Self-Mastery is the key to the door of consciousness itself.



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