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I thought these lines would be the skeleton, to which I’d add pencil lines of many details. But it looked finished and full of mystery.


If I saw a big painting like this in a museum, I’d be very enthusiastic. I’d stop, breathless, right there and take a picture, write the painter’s name, add the date..

Then I’d look him/her up in Google and probably see more samples of his/her work. Then I’d know that he/she is a favorite of mine. I’d follow him/her from that time on.

Maybe I’d meet with him/her one day and he/she would laugh, because he/she is in me always.

And I had to go to the museum and search in Google, for what has forever lived in me.

Or maybe I have lived in it?



I used to be a graphic designer and an illustrator.  I became involved with the Chan Meditation Center and studied meditation and Buddhist knowledge with the late Master Sheng-yen from Taiwan. For twelve years I was in a process of deepening my meditation. I had many more experiences and insights and my life changed. After having illustrated more than 40 children’s books and writing two of them, I left this career too and went to New York University to study art therapy.

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  1. Debbi Robert
    Debbi Robert
    | Reply

    Love it!

    I’m the same way, super curious.

    • Admin
      | Reply

      Thanks Debbi – I’ll pass your comment onto Giora. 🙂

  2. Giora
    | Reply

    Dear Debbi,
    I think it is a blessing to be curious. Most people think that we are our body basically, and everything that we think or feel emanates from this. But we are not the body. The body is how we can experience this physical life with everything that is around us. I love curiosity because it is an expression of our true self. Whenever you are curious, it means that you are in a very good touch with your true self, and you let it show up in your bodily life. And it feels good, doesn’t it.
    Curiosity, you can say, is who we are.
    Playfulness is who we are.
    Peace is who we are.
    Infinity is who we are.
    All of these together and more is what love is.

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