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Self-Discovery & Self-Mastery!

I am a retired hypnotherapist, having had my own private practice in Nevada and New Mexico, USA, and I immigrated to Israel in 2008 at the age of 62 years, and I began my new life in Nahariya, a coastal town in the North West of Israel, a few kilometres South of the Lebanese border. I walked the Tayelet/Beach Front path, every day, as I breathed in the fresh ocean air, and marvelled at the exquisite sunsets. This is when I decided to embark upon my dream of writing books about all that I had learnt during my life that afforded me considerable growth, incredible personal improvement, as I changed non-life supporting thoughts, words and actions, converting them into life-supporting ones. As I wrote my volumes, I began to realize the profound changes, for the better, I had achieved, and here is an amended/edited excerpt of an introduction to one of my twenty books.

I include every kind of technique, modality, instructive story, affirmation, invocation, chant, incantation, thought and concept, at least most of them, that I have used on my path towards my own Self-Discovery and Self Mastery. Self-Discovery / Self-Mastery is that journey a person undertakes when they truly want to know who they really are, and what their greater potential is, which is beyond all the learned beliefs and learned patterns of behaviour, and learned programming, much of which, if not, all of it, probably no longer serves you for your highest good.

I have gathered this material over 63 years or more, and in some cases the collating of such material was more challenging to me than just writing my own text, from scratch, and they are all contained within the twenty books I have now written. This information is in the form of many practices, affirmations/mantras, meditations, techniques, inspirational stories/parables, and modalities from which you will, no doubt, be able to select several that resonate with you. When you do find that information and knowledge which resonates with you, and then you begin to apply such with focused intent and practice it, and practice regularly, feeling it in your body, mind and heart, you will, without any doubt, begin to feel the beneficial consequences of your sincere endeavours. The art of transformation to a better state of being is in finding the technique that resonates with you, even if it becomes an amalgam by combining different elements from different sources, if you know how to do that without diluting the purity of any particular practice. It may also be in doing nothing and just observing, and practising Mindfulness. Whatever the technique, modality, the object is to persevere in joy, maintaining a constant regular practice that can only help you in the process of altering your previously established limiting beliefs about yourself and the world, including learned patterns of behaviour that may be deeply entrenched in your subconscious mind. The more you practice the modality, the better the results. I have found from my own personal experience, that as you practice that which supports, facilitates and accelerates personal growth by healing inner wounds, resolving inner issues, and releasing unwanted programming, the process gets progressively easier. Then, you begin to feel more balanced and in tune with yourself, and the urgency of positive change becomes a gentle process, and becomes much more gentle as you progress.

Repetitions of affirmations can go into the hundreds and thousands per day, if you so desire to practice this form of healing. Years ago, when I wanted to go to hypnotherapy school, and I did not have the money at the time, I was, nevertheless, inspired by various exponents of the use of Mantras/Affirmations, and I committed myself to a 40 day treatment of Indian Mantra repetition for prosperity, and the removal of obstacles. I practiced each day, after work, when I would walk around a large block, repeating as I walked, hundreds of times, thousands of times, and which I did for a full 40 days. The money came and I went to hypnotherapy school. Was it because of the mantras? I cannot really say for sure, but I believe in the usage of affirmations, invocations, mantras and prayers very strongly. I did receive the money in various ways that had not been known to me previously, and some of which came to me in miraculous ways.

As I began writing this book, and others, in the self-help field, I realized that I was primarily writing for myself, even though, I hope others will profit from my story, perceptions, experiences and recommendations. I would like to think that my life experiences, and the resultant knowledge and wisdom I gained may inspire, motivate and uplift someone sufficiently to feel kindly towards themselves and the life path they walk. I write this because there is no right or wrong! There is only a different perspective, perception, and understanding. When I was studying to become a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi told me, “Knowledge is Structured in Consciousness,” And this simple, yet profound concept tells me that my understanding is predicated upon my ability to perceive and to understand, in this now moment. As our perception and understanding change, so also, does our knowledge change. In other words, nothing is what it appears to be at first glance, and I, therefore, ask you to keep an open mind and heart, as you navigate all the ups and downs of your life.

I have been told by some people that they have never changed, and I cannot think of anything more disquieting, than spending 80 years or so in a human body, living a life, without any change, and by that, I mean a change for the better, an improvement. If someone does not change, or feels that he or she has not changed, what, I ask, have they learned? A person cannot learn something about life and not change, and a person who does not changed has not learned anything, and a person who has not learned anything has wasted an opportunity to live a more fulfilling life. It seems to me that life moves constantly, as it evolves into something greater, something more than it was previously.

I wish to demonstrate, in the best way I can, a way of thinking, acting and feeling that may indicate an avenue for consideration, which may also lead you to greater peace and joy in a balanced way of living. Have I achieved that? In all honesty, when I began writing my books about eleven years ago I did not know, other than I was making good progress along this, my chosen path, being much happier than I used to be. However, in the years, since I met Avigail (in 2011), my love and muse, and who is now my wife, I have noticed how happy and content I am, and that I am at peace with myself. This tells me I have come a long way in 75 years. It would, therefore, seem to me that Avigail is mirroring back to me what I have been able to accomplish along my path, as a result of my life journey, in addition to being able to attract such a person into my life. This reminds me of the book I wrote, The Divine Purpose of Relationships, which is quite helpful in understanding and utilising that Divine Purpose for the mutual benefit of all with whom you relate.

Many of us have heard from others what to do and be, but little is said about how to achieve it. I trust the books I have written will present you with valuable ‘tools’ for your self-development/self-discovery / Self-Mastery tool chest, which may help you achieve the positive results of your choices.

The process of physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual evolution dictates that we learn as we live, and to do, and that it is important to know who one is. Of course, I am not my body, neither am I any of my beliefs or patterns of behaviour. In fact, I am not what I thought I was, or, I am equally NOT what others think I am, because I am more, much more than what I perceive with my physical eyes, and much, much more than what others may or may not perceive in me. In fact, I am not even my personality or character, because they are both learned. The real ‘me’ is hidden behind the mask I adopted and show the world, and this mask is the means by which I am able to engage in worldly activities. I feel this truth is the same for all of us who are not yet enlightened, or who have not yet Discovered our true identity, each as a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience. As we achieve the ability to Master that which we are, as individuals, we begin another process that will enable us to ‘Be in this world, but NOT of it.’ This, then does open up huge potential, as we are able to be less influenced and limited by what transpires in this three dimensional, paradoxical realm of physical form. This is when we begin to perceive who we really are, as we Discover our true and authentic Selves, and we become the Master of such new-found Self. Being our own Master means that we march to the beat of our own drum, and we chart our own course through life.

When I observe others, without judging them, I can learn to appreciate how we are all interconnected. How is that demonstrated? Well, science has now acknowledged that the Unified Field, the Matrix, together with new revelations of the Entanglement Theory, describe a field of energy that links us all together. Everything that happens to me, on a subtle level, happens to everyone else, and vice versa. If you listen to the scientists (and scientifically orientated people who relate quantum physics to metaphysics) like Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, John Samuel Hagelin, David Wilcock, David Hawkins, Richard Hoagland, and many others you will hear about all the particle experiments that have been done to prove this unified theory. So, if I want positive change in the world, all I have to do is be that change, embody that change, and the rest will happen by itself, according to the law of critical mass. I hope that many will be sufficiently inspired to be that positive change, if they are not already. I use the word “be” rather than do, because I look upon humanity as “Human Beings,” not Human Doings,” and in our learned behaviour of doing, we seem to have forgotten how to just Be.

Self-Discovery is therefore learning who you really are, and Self-Mastery is when we allow ourselves to be the Master of our own ship, which will take us through this life adventure, and on to another.

During this incredible time, many more people are witnessing how humanity has been controlled, used and abused by those relatively few who assumed control over human beings, and the human beings allowed that to happen, and which has been the status quo for many centuries, perhaps even thousands of years. Now, as we have now entered the Aquarian Age, we are to prepare for huge, and positive changes, that will set the stage for humans to begin rebuilding what was trashed by those who had a nefarious agenda, and which is in the process of coming to its ignominious end. This is the greatest of all times and circumstances for each one of us to Self-Discover, and to be The Master of what you do Discover deep within our individual Selves.

I urge everyone to join the wave of positive energy that is sweeping planet Earth, heralding this great change, so that, together, we can build a Golden Age for all life forms on this planet, including our Great Mother, Planet Earth, herself.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please email him on anthonyaltmanbooks@gmail.com.