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Residual Fear and Self-Doubt

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Ann PeckhamI am aware of how much residual fear and self-doubt  still haunts me in the dark recesses of my mind. I can instantly tell by the tightening in my solar plexus which I know blocks the full flow of Source Energy, which means that I have the power to release it. I teach others through my Intuitive Coaching how to constantly release the fear and the knot, and yet am I like Atkins inasmuch as I can give guidance but am I less able to take my own guidance? That is the self-doubt again- what is it about me that falls back into the not-being-good-enough default sometimes?

I know what it is!  It is to remind me that most, if not all, human beings sway in and out of that state to a greater or lesser degree all of the time. This means that I am connected and aware of the human condition, which is vitally important for me to genuinely empathize and offer wisdom from a position of knowledge and wisdom.

I have been through such a lot of un-doing and have taken so many steps towards creating a new and better life for myself, and yet there is still a residual weight that tells me that I am not good enough.

What am I comparing myself with?

Why am I comparing myself?

I see so many “successful” people all around me nowadays, and yet I am aware that on many levels they have no knowledge of the things I now have as second nature.

Yet although I have improved on multiple levels I do not regard myself as an expert in any of them, and yet I compare myself with those who have focused on just one area.

How can I change that perception?

Do I need to be an “expert” in anything to make a positive difference in the lives of many? No

Is it better not to be an expert so as to be better able to get closer to those who need the benefit of my experience? Yes

Is it fantastic that I have a really broad experience of continuously improving myself? Yes!

I wonder how many of us dip in and out of thoughts similar to these, hidden deep within our psyche. Or are they worse than these? Do they contain thoughts that it might be too late to do anything about the slippery slope you find yourself on, sliding into what are commonly referred to as “Age Related Illness”.

It’s never too late to take a step in a new direction and this is the most important time in the whole of the history of humanity to choose to do that.

One of the most important steps you can take is to meditate every day for at least 10 minutes. It is so vital to have those minutes to centre yourself and reconnect with Source Energy.

We have tried to be totally independent and self-sufficient and have done a pretty good job of it, but eventually the stress of it gets too much. Taking 10 minutes to meditate seems like too much effort to some people who feel that they have too much to do to take time out. But these are the most important and most beneficial minutes of the day. If you can manage to take 20 minutes it is better and 30 is ideal. But starting with 10 minutes is doable for everyone.

If you find that your mind is too active to sit quietly for those minutes I suggest accessing some excellent guided meditations. These are channelled by Sanaya Roman and start off at only 3-4 minutes.

You are a very important part of the solution, otherwise you would not have won your place on this planet at this time, so it is time to finally fully awaken to that fact and live it as your truth all day, every day!

Love and light




As a Raw Food Coach/Chef/Trainer I am experienced at enabling others to easily start the transformation to become conscious of healthier eating. People discover that adjusting their lifestyle can be both fun and easy and the outcome is often more energy and a greater capacity to self-heal. I am passionately involved with a movement to bring Non-GMO, Organic, Raw Vegan, wholefood supplements to the whole of my network and on into all of theirs too, so that others can benefit from having easy access to the healthiest foods in the easiest format.

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