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Reflections on the Year of the Pandemic

This week marks exactly twelve months since the UK went into its first full lockdown as the enormity of the Coronavirus pandemic began to be known. It has been a tumultuous year for my children and me. And it ain’t over yet!

We strode into the lockdown full of positive intentions, determined not to break down as our emotions ran wild. I listened to the national news all day, every day, and eventually I had to force myself to walk away and switch off the radio. It became too much, and I needed a break. My children needed me to be present.Fortunately, the weather improved at the end of March and we managed to set up the paddling pool in the garden and enjoy some fun in the sun. Then we decided to continue with our home renovation. I had stripped away old wallpaper in our living/dining room, and my children wanted to help repaint the walls. That kept us busy during the long school days at home with no clear schedule or plan of action. We had fun painting, we built dens out of cardboard boxes, we had impromptu discos and parties, and we kept smiling as much as possible.

Lockdown was long and hard, but we came through it. We are now in another lockdown, our third one, although it feels pretty much continuous for the past year. Our lives have changed since the pandemic began.While we have been fortunate to avoid the virus and our immediate family and friends were not affected, we know people who have lost loved ones and remain in mourning. My marriage finally broke down, the pandemic being the last straw in an already shaky situation. Despite the emotional upheaval, the mental strain, and the fact that we miss not being with our family and friends like we used to, my children and I are still happy. We are healthy, we are grateful to have a safe home, and we know that this will get better very soon.



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